Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Mosque at Ground Zero

Many thanks to the Center for Security Policy for producing this excellent ad opposing Imam Rauf’s proposed mosque adjacent to Ground Zero:

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Zenster said...

Outstanding clip. They do not play up the fear factor and, instead, demonstrate Islam's historical pattern of erecting mosques on the sites of prior Muslim conquests.

It is vital for Americans to begin appreciating how every single square foot of land ceded to Muslim interests becomes part of dar al-Islam … FOREVER.

I wonder if Muslims even will pause to consider how this blatant affront to American sensibilities is gradually desensitizing more and more people to the point where opposition will fade when Israel wants to tear down al-Aqsa as part of restoring the Temple Mount.

Clearly, Muslims are never content with what they already have. It is their constant avarice and predation upon every other culture that will eventually see dar al-harb galvanized in what likely will be a unanimous response.

All that remains to be seen is just how long it is before that response is made. The longer our world takes before making its reply to Islam, the more drastic that reaction will be.

This is where the Muslim strategy of low intensity warfare eventually will work against them. The 9-11 atrocity has yet be answered with any sort of viscerally satisfying retaliation. So it is around the world as Islam attempts to inflict the death of a thousand paper cuts. The anger builds in such tiny increments that the dam of resentment somehow still holds in ways it normally might not manage to were it placed under the stress of much more horrific atrocities.

At some point, there will accumulate enough rancor and animosity whereby few people, if anyone at all, will object to even the most terrible forms of retaliation.

There is an old saying that Islam can choose to disregard at its own peril.


Unlike in previous eras, the advent of modern communications and improved historical record keeping has allowed for a better tally to be kept regarding Islam's incessant antagonism of the non-Muslim world.

As that toll continues to mount, so does the scope of any forthcoming rebuke. Little more is required for that retort to assume catastrophic dimensions on Islam's part. By their deafening silence and tacit support for global terrorism Muslims have continuously eroded whatever sympathy for them the world might once have had.

Much like one's virginity, once that sympathy has been lost, it is usually impossible to reacquire. Islam will quite likely discover this much too late for it to do Muslims any good.

Prospero said...

Zenster is spot on. You only have to listen to the civil rights attorneys to see that the Muslims will defeat us via our capitulation to fairness before fact. The Cordoba initiative is aided and abetted in appearing benign through the idiocy of those who accept the sheep's clothing.
Oddly, Gingrich made a decent point re: the mosque.(paraphrasing) He said we'll let the mosque be built at Ground Zero when Christian churches and Synagogues are built in Saudi Arabia.

1389 said...

Betzva, you are underlining the point I made in this post:

The moral high ground means capitulation to evil