Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time Delay

Lulu on the laptopDuring the last twenty-four hours or so Dymphna has developed a nasty case of gastritis. The pain got so bad this afternoon that I took her to the clinic so the doctor on duty could look her over.

The doc recommended an intense course of Prilosec as well as certain dietary restrictions, hoping to get her past the worst of it over the next few days. She also gave Dymphna a shot to relieve some of the pain.

My better half is resting right now. She says she hopes to return to duty tomorrow. In the meantime, our production of thank-you notes for our generous donors will be delayed a bit. I’ll take up some of the slack, but if you don’t hear from either of us right away, this is the reason.

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One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Hey, what is our sweet little Zoe doing sitting on your computer??

Oh, but of course it must be another kitty, since Zoe is actually right here next to me, about 24 inches to my right, sleeping on top of the printer as I am typing this. There is a lamp between the flat screen and the printer. This lamp has a halogen bulb and puts out a lot of waste heat. Zoe seems to like the warm rays.

What is your kitty's name?

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Gastritis, you say? ..... Nasty stuff!

I extend my sympathies. I have had esophageal reflux for years and have become accustomed to a wide variety of oddball aches and pains, and I've had to take Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, etc.

But (as you've seen) gastritis usually comes on rapidly. Something you ate? Tsk ,tsk. You should really avoid the local Illegal Alien Taco Bar. Or perhaps you've been eating too much Halal meat lately??

Baron Bodissey said...

That's Lulu, ten years old this summer. She's devoted to Dymphna, and doesn't think much of anyone else, especially if they're men!

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

My goodnes, Baron! You startled me greatly with the promptness of your reply! I see then, that you are a night-owl like me.

I hope Dymphna is feeling better, and my compliments to Lulu. She would probably like me if she and I sat down for a chat. I did not used to like kittys, probably because I did not understand them. But after a good deal of carefull observation I lernd to spiik der lang wage.

1389 said...

My cat looks like that, except he's a male.

Dymphna, if you have recurrent stomach problems, have you been checked for various types of gastrointestinal infections, including giardia?

Doctors often don't realize how common such maladies actually are, and they can cause extreme pain in the belly without revealing any clear signs of where the problem actually is coming from.

Dymphna said...

@ One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left:

Lulu is a scaredy cat. Our vet says that this "fear gene" is inherited through the paternal line only. I give her klonopin to keep her calm enough to come in and eat. She lives for summer and the out of doors. I sure could do without some of her presents, though.
1389-- That's a good line of investigation to follow. My h. pylori was cleared up a long time ago but that doesn't mean the aftermath wouldn't make one more susceptible to such things. I get these about once a year or so, for no reason I can determine. The gastroenterologist I was referred to just shrugged.

But I'll bet my family doctor will be interested in this idea...