Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Delay, Again

Lulu on the laptopDymphna is under the weather tonight from her gastritis, so her thank-you notes for our fundraiser have been delayed once again.

She has been improving slowly over the last few days, but today she had to go to the dentist, and the trip to town wore her out. She’s been laid up this evening, reading the OIC’s Islamophobia report (yes, she really has been doing that) to keep her mind off the pain.

She says to tell you that she hopes to be back on the job tomorrow. And we both want to thank everyone who sent in donations on our final day. I happened to notice that we had a donor from the British Virgin Islands, and another from the Faeroe Islands, a first for each location.

They’re kind of opposites, aren’t they?

I’ve always wanted to visit both Iceland and the Faeroes. There’s something that appeals to me about those uncompromising windswept bleak northern islands populated with the descendants of Vikings…

Among the donation notices I also saw Ontario, Indiana, Norway, California, New Jersey, Tyneside (England), and one from just a few miles away from us here in Central Virginia, right in our own backyard.

More later.

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Jewel said...

The fact that she and you are doing this at all is amazing to me. Your hard work has been important to us all, and I thank YOU for doing it.