Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Taliban Say: “A Vote for the PvdA is a Vote for Jihad!”

The formation of the new Dutch government is still in limbo, but if the Taliban have any say, the PvdA will be included in the coalition. The Socialists are regarded as friends of the Islamic radicals, and a Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan is not shy about saying so.

Here’s the latest from today’s Elsevier, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The Taliban hopes the Labour Party will govern again

by Marlou Visser

TalibanThe Taliban thanks the PvdA [Labour Party, Socialists] for the upcoming departure of Dutch troops form Uruzgan. The radical Islamic terrorist organization says it hopes the PvdA will again become part of the Dutch government so that there will be a lasting friendly policy “toward Afghanistan”.

This was said by Qari Yusuf Ahmadii, the spokesman for the Taliban in southern and western Afghanistan in an exclusive interview with Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

The Taliban already had congratulated the Netherlands earlier in a telephone interview with Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad for the intended departure from Afghanistan. “The Dutch have said to themselves: we will not benefit here; our goals are not in this country, so why should we sacrifice ourselves?” Ahmadii said then.

This weekend the roughly two thousand Dutch troops will withdraw from the Afghan province of Uruzgan. Their task will be taken over by Americans, Australians, and NATO troops from Singapore.

Recently it was made public that the entire Afghan operation [of the Dutch], militarily and in terms of development, cost the Dutch €2 billion.
- - - - - - - - -
The new government may decide whether it will accede to the request by NATO for the Dutch to send police trainers to Afghanistan. However, with a right-wing government it will also be uncertain whether the Netherlands will comply with this request. The Party for Freedom is opposed to the military mission.

NATO will probably request the new Dutch government to allow the Air Force to remain a while longer in Afghanistan, as Dutch newspapers report.

Photo caption: “Congratulations”

“We still remember well the day the Dutch government resigned,” says Ahmadii, who states that the Taliban keep a sharp eye on the international media over the Internet. The spokesman also promises that there will never be peace in Afghanistan as long as foreign troops are present in the country. “The resistance will only become stronger.”


Fjordman said...

We need to define a serious strategy for how to beat the Left. I don't like boxing very much and I have watched exactly one full match in my life, but sometimes life is like a boxing match. If there are two people in the ring and one of them just stays in his corner hiding because he's afraid the other guy might throw a punch at him then he's already lost. You need to go on the offensive sometimes.

There is much philosophy behind Oriental fighting techniques and martial arts. For example, in Japanese judo there is the prominent idea that you can use the sheer size and strength of the enemy against him. The bigger he is, the harder he falls. We should use that principle against the Left. Yes, the West today is indeed dominated by Leftist ideas, but that also means that we will know who to blame when things collapse, doesn't it? Leftists are responsible for the majority of our current problems. It's time they faced the blame they deserve for this. Leftists are behind perhaps 70% of our problems, and Leftist ideas, some of them now adopted by alleged "conservatives", for maybe 85%. I reserve a little bit of the blame for ideas such as free trade.

The best weapon we have is the sheer arrogance of our enemies. I've been saying this for years. Yes, they have a few good cards, but they are constantly overplaying their hand. I'm almost certain there will be a global financial collapse within 6 months to 6 years. I think a lot of people have concluded by now that if Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel and George W. Bush are the best "conservative" candidates we can get elected, then merely voting is no longer enough to solve our problems.

Back to the Left: One of their weakest spots is their claim to being "rational and scientific." But there is an ongoing paradigm shift in evolutionary biology right now where "accelerated recent human evolution" has become the norm, and the notion that all human beings are more or less the same genetically has been utterly disproved. This means, in effect, that the entire Leftist Globalist Class throughout the West has lied to us for generations. It's the biggest anti-scientific fraud in history. Galileo vs. the Inquisition was small potatoes by comparison. Our elites have been caught with their pants down and are practically begging us to kick their collective behinds.

Anonymous said...

The leftist attack on the West began with the philosophical presuppositions that united all the cultures in Western culture. God, in other words. To reverse it, requires the same starting point on our part.

We can't begin to defeat the left until we overturn the basic spiritual premises of Marxism. And that, I'm afraid, is going to cause what a rift in our united front.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sometimes the best way to defeat an opponent is to give him what he wants. In big doses.

I say this considering what Fjordmann wrote above, regarding the quality of present conservative candidates.

Revolutionaries never know what to do when the revolution is over. Maybe that's where we need to look for victory. Look at the lessons of recent history.

Fjordman said...

The boxing analogy I used above is imperfect. I admit that. If you're doing some kind of sport then you are in it to win, but if you lose you will normally only lose some money or fame. In the case of boxing and a few other sports you might get injured in the process, but rarely fatally so. What white Westerners are dealing with today isn't a game, and it's no longer about market shares or BNP. What we're dealing with is increasingly becoming a matter of survival for our people.

In football there is, at least officially, the ideal of "fair play," but this is because modern football was developed in parliamentary Britain, a nation that used to have a good civil society and a belief in public honesty and decency. There is little reason to believe that if the Mongols or the Aztecs had invented football then they would have had the same notion of "fair play." As a matter of fact, Mesoamericans did have a ball game involving a rubber ball, but losing normally implied dying.

Imagine if you had a group of British players who believed they were involved in a "gentleman's sport" up against a group of Aztec thugs. How would that game play out? The British would obviously lose because the two teams would be playing according to radically different rules, and also with radically different goals.

Well-meaning conservatives who "debate" with Leftists often believe in a gentleman's agreement where they calmly present reasoned arguments, and let the opponent voice his own. Leftists, on the other hand, will lie, cheat, use all kinds of bullying and hit below the belt to achieve what they want, and they will feel no moral qualms whatsoever about doing so. Honesty and fair play are bourgeois superstitions. Until we realize this we cannot win.

Fjordman said...

We need to fight fire with fire. I am not against borrowing tactical ideas from our enemies as long as we don't also borrow their end goals. Even Muslims and extreme Leftists can have admirable qualities such as the ability to organize, to always know exactly what they want to achieve and to push on relentlessly and exploit every loophole they can find. They are also evil. We are not.

In the chapter I contributed to the Norwegian book Selvmordsparadigmet ("The Suicide Paradigm") I noticed the futility of trying to "prove that you are not a racist." The racism card is anti-scientific nonsense, exclusively designed to keep whites off-balance and always on the defensive. As soon as you accept that you have to "prove that you are not a racist" your enemies will have you by the balls. You will forever be doomed to run around in circles like a whipped dog while they constantly move the goal posts and laugh at you as you chase after them. It's like trying to play a game with a five-year-old who keeps changing the rules all the time to make sure he wins. You cannot allow your opponent to set the rules.

You will look like a boxer who stands in his corner, hiding and sulking because his big and mean Leftist opponent might throw a punch at him and it hurts so much. In that case you are destined to lose, and the crowd will rightly despise you. What should you do instead? Just when your opponent feels confident that he has you cornered you should take a step aside and sucker punch him smack in the face. He will suddenly be off-balance and the game will have changed course. You should go on the offensive and make sure it stays that way. Never ever give in or show any signs of weakness or doubt. Keep on pushing and attacking, relentlessly and mercilessly, because that's what your opponent intends to do to you.

Once you do this you will notice that the crowd will start cheering for you. That's because you now look like a winner and the crowd loves a winner. You should always keep in mind that you come from the civilization that split the atom and lifted mankind to the stars. You can take anything he can throw at you. Besides, he may be fighting for sports or for some silly ideas, but you are fighting for a future where your children can live in dignity among their own kind. Go for total victory and technical knockout. Settle for nothing less, because your children deserve nothing less.

urah2222 said...

Fjordman -

In the words of the Still Wonderfully Alive BARRY FARBER -

"Kick 'Em Again - They're Still Wiggling." That is ALL and Quite Enough for now. - Dr. Shalit

EscapeVelocity said...

Borrow a strength of your Islamic enemy, muscular Christianity. That can defeat the Left and Islam.

But alas...