Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Freedom Alliance

It seems that Geert Wilders and the Alliance to STOP Sharia are on the same wavelength. Mr. Wilders — the “maverick”, as the AP calls him — is launching a new international initiative:

Wilders to launch international anti-Islam group

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Maverick Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders says he is launching an international “freedom alliance” to spread his anti-Islam message across the West.

He told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday he will launch the international movement late this year, initially in five countries: the United States, Canada, Britain, France and Germany.

Wilders, who calls Islam a “fascist” religion and wants an end to immigration from Muslim nations to the West, has seen his support in the Netherlands soar in recent years.

His Freedom Party won the biggest gains in a national election last month, coming third with 24 seats, up from the nine his party held in the last parliament.

Wilders is due to stand trial in October on hate speech charges.

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Louie said...

Mr. Wilders has my total support as always. Good to see his message spreading! Luigi

Prospero said...

Let this stand as a lesson to the temporal, political powers as the House of Oranje, that there out those of this world who seek to preserve freedom, regardless of personal risk and false accusation. The ancien regime of Oranje seeks to pacify through PC. Bon Chance mes amies, tyrants are not ever pacified.
Bless Wilders and all who stand in defense of the Judeo-Christian ethic of free will and self determination.