Thursday, July 22, 2010

Geert Wilders is Coming to Berlin

As reported last week, Geert Wilders has announced the formation of the International Freedom Alliance, which will be launched in several countries during the next few months. One of the stops on his itinerary will be in Berlin on October 2.

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Needless to say, establishment apparatchiks and the German MSM are aghast at the Islamophobic Mr. Wilders, and the usual descriptives of The Blond are beginning to clog the arteries of German press reports.

The following report from Politically Incorrect will serve as a journalistic anti-coagulant. Many thanks to JLH for translating it from the German:

Springer Publishing on Wilders Visit to Berlin

Geert Wilders recently formed the International Freedom Alliance (PI reported). Besides France, the UK, the USA, and Canada, this alliance also aims at Germany. Therefore, he will give a speech in Berlin on October 2, 2010, at the invitation of René Stadtkewitz, a member of the Berlin house of representatives. The journalist Hilburg Bruns picks up on this announcement in the print edition of Berlin Bild without naming the source, and shows her potential for defamation. Nonetheless interesting is what Stadtkewitz says to the slick magazine about the possible founding of a new party.

Bild claims that Wilders wants to ban the Koran as a fascist book. Actually, Wilders says that whoever bans “Mein Kampf” should be consistent and also ban the Koran. Naturally, the article cannot omit the fact that Wilders was refused entry by London. The article “forgets” to inform the reader that the entry ban was long ago rejected by a British court as illegal. Now the Bild reader can form his opinion fact-free.

Bruns also alleges that Geert Wilders is not welcome in Turkey. Anyone who is unwelcome in this model rule-of-the-law country must naturally be controversial. That is where Angela Merkel and Ruprecht Polenz, who wants to see Turkey as an EU member as soon as possible, are praised. They are also not controversial. In the opinion of the MSM, someone who does not transform the will of the people, but heeds it, is controversial. He is dangerous, for he is a populist.
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The member of the national board of the citizen movement Pax Europa (BPE). René Stadtkewitz, is also driven into a dangerous corner by opinion-weighted descriptions — the corner of the “controversial” politician. Bild seems to have become so accustomed to the colorless figures who bring along everything except a mind of their own that this awakens the suspicion of the Springer Publications magazine. The outrage that accompanies the description of Stadtkewitz is palpable.

The man from Pankow (Stadtkewitz) is a controversial politician. Stadtkewitz fought against the building of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Pankow.

He is vice-chair in Germany of the Islam-critical citizens’ movement Pax Europa.

At a rally, Stadtkewitz described Islam as “not able to integrate into Europe.”

It is possible that Hilburg Bruns is not aware that a fair portion of her readership does not find this description to be negative. Or if she is? Are articles with half- truths that make up a whole lie necessary because of that? Is there no other way to hold the readers to the politically correct line?

Could the slick magazine really believe that its readers — despite daily proof to the contrary — assume that Islam is capable of integration? But at least this quality journalist puts the right question to Stadtkewitz, namely, what his plans are for the 2011 election to the Berlin house of representatives. Stadtkewitz to Bild: “There is elbow room, possibilities. I am still evaluating.” This could get interesting. But before we allow the slick magazine — obviously clueless — to talk about Wilders, we should listen to what Wafa Sultan, as a born Muslim, says about Islam integrating into the Western world and about Geert Wilders: [see link for video]

Wafa Sultan agrees 100% with Geert Wilders, who is designated as a “scandal politician” by the slick magazine. Consequently, Wafa Sultan is a rightist radical. Welcome to the free West, Wafa Sultan. To a world in which the citizens do not allow themselves to be told what to think. It is appropriate for this freedom, together with people like Wafa Sultan, to defend René Stadtkewitz and Geert Wilders.