Saturday, July 31, 2010

Geert Wilders is “Very Pleased”

As we reported a few hours ago, the VVD, the CDA, and the PVV have reached an agreement on the formation of a minority right-wing government in the Netherlands. It will consist of the CDA and the VVD, and be supported by the PVV.

Further details may be found at the PVV website. Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation:

Declaration PVV, VVD, CDA

Wilders ‘very pleased’ with the right minority government (from

Friday, July 30, 2010 00:00

The three parties VVD, PVV, and CDA disagree about the nature and character of Islam. The dividing line is in the characterization of the Islam as either a religion or a (political) ideology.

Parties accept each other’s different views on this subject and will also act on this based on their own views.

However, there is much that binds the parties: making the Netherlands stronger, safer, and more prosperous is the common goal and starting point.
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Therefore — accepting each other’s differences of opinion and fully assigning to one another the freedom of expression with regard to the differences of opinion — it is agreed that the PVV will support elements of the yet-to-be-negotiated government agreement from a position of support. The VVD and CDA will on their part honor the wishes of the PVV in the support agreement to be settled.

In any case the, such support agreement arrangements should settle the details of the measures for budget cuts and firm agreements on immigration, integration and asylum, safety, and better care for the elderly, whereby it is clear that for the PVV the willingness to support the budget cuts is linked to the content of the agreements to be settled in the fields of immigration, integration and asylum, safety and elderly care.

Mark Rutte [VVD]
Geert Wilders [PVV]
Maxime Verhagen [CDA]

The Hague, July 30, 2010


Steve said...

And what will they do about the murder of the elderly, the sickly and the very young? A Netherlands worth saving would not do such things.

Henrik R Clausen said...

This is good and sensible. We had a similar government in Denmark for 9 years, which worked wonders for immigration policy and confronting Islam.

As for proving Islam to be a religion, not a political system, that would be an interesting task left for VVD & CDA to solve. For now, Wilders seems to be free to assault the political aspects of Islam, which are manyfold.

Juniper in the Desert said...

This is off topic but I just tried to click on a Yid with Lid blogpost and my computer warned of malware!!

jwenting said...

it won't last. The left wing of the CDA and VVD wil band together with the fractioned socialists of the PvdA, SP, and GL to cause the cabinet to fall in short order.
Which will of course be blamed by the press and the entire left on the PVV.

And of course come october Wilders himself will be convicted of hate speech against Muslims and thrown in prison, probably leading to his party being outlawed as a criminal organisation and having to abandon their seats in parliament.
That's preordained, all the left has to really do is stretch out the formation talks until that day and the recount of votes will give them a cushy majority.

Henrik R Clausen said...

It won't last.

It has the potential to last, if PVV does the heavy lifting and provides 'Easy Reader' documentation for what needs to be done concerning Islam. Then the government proper will need to listen and take action. It has worked - to various degrees, admittedly - in Denmark for 9 years. One of the best results is that Denmark is now a free country for public debate, in contrast with, say, Sweden or Britain.

It's time for Dutch politicians to take real responsibility. The chance is there, now.

EscapeVelocity said...

While I certainly understand the pessimism, its important to maintain some optimistic rhetoric, to attract others to your movement...when things move in your favor.

I agree with Henrik, the coalition in Denmark has reflected positive moves, though imperfect.

This should be the model across Europe. Similar to Israels Center Right and Nationalists government coalition.