Saturday, July 17, 2010

Final Updates from Dudley

Final update 2:54am BST: This post has been updated with what will probably be the final revisions (at least for tonight) of the report on today’s EDL demo in Dudley — see the original post.

At the time of this writing there is still no confirmation of a death. This may just be a rumor; we don’t know.

I’m told that the new information pasted below has been published at public venues, presumably mostly at the Facebook group.

First, from an EDL leader:

We believe hundreds of supporters were turned away so they never even got to Dudley. Some EDL were brought through Muslim areas by the police and then abandoned. Others were just left to wander and get picked off.

There was a delay in setting up the stage/loudspeakers, so the crowd got restless, but things then seemed to go to plan. After the demo the real problems began; there were more delays in allowing the EDL to disperse, with some being herded onto coaches and others told to walk back to a muster point that the police had brought them to by coach.

A lot of those brought in from a muster point that weren’t taken back by the police got lost, and we still have at least one member missing that I know of. His wife is very concerned.

A report from a witness at the demo:

EDL demo Dudley July 17, 2010 #5This person was struck in the face by an officer’s cosh repeatedly, and knocked unconscious.

Six people dragged him away from the crown; the old bill [police] didn’t care after my pleading. Then he was being dragged to first-aiders and the blood was uncontrollable, and it looked like he was in serious trouble, so I ran to the nearest officer, tapped him on the back and screamed, “Please help him, please!”

Him and his officer next to him threw me down the road.

Vlad has more, including a photo of a guy on the ground with a bloodied head. This seems to be the story of that casualty:

I treated this kid with my shell dressing. There was a lot of blood. Roberta and myself approached the police and requested to see the chief sup or another high-ranking officer. We were told to f*** off or words to that effect. They fobbed us off.

We requested to see the baton of the copper we believed did it. He hid it from sight, and was rather rude to us. They behaved with the uttermost disgrace, and showed us their true colours.

Today, God f*** the British bobby.

Another brief report:

We were retreating. I had all the EDL members behind the barrier that we had surrounding the stage. The police then kicked it down and charged with dogs. I saw a young girl, maybe sixteen years old, savaged by a police dog.

And a more lengthy account of being abandoned in hostile culturally enriched territory:

I went to the Harrier pub with two lads l know and trust. We got split up and two of us got on a POLICE coach and were taken to demo site.

We were PROMISED by the police that we would be taken by coach back to the pick up point. The demo was a shambles with constant attacks on the barriers and the police.

When the demonstrators dispersed we were told to wait for another POLICE coach to take us back, so we waited, and waited, and waited. Then we were told to make our own way to the bus station and wait for a bus.


So we did — we walked all the way to the bus station to be met by 300+ Asians, all prepared for battle.

So we retreated all the way back up the high street, just three of us with no idea of where we were, not a clue. I called the guy who gave us a lift to the Harrier, he’d had fun too. He never made the demo, as he and 300 others had been given the runaround by the police. He’d only just made it back to the pub after a few violent encounters. He agreed to drive over and pick us up…

By this time we had been attacked by 35+ Muslim youths ( 11+ to 1, good odds, eh?). We retreated to the nearest police we could see, who just couldn’t care less!

They forced us down the road to another Muslim gang, while loads more came up another road at us. Things by this time looked very bleak, and we all knew we were in danger of our lives.

We went back to the police and were being treated very aggressively when our lift turned up. We got out of there by the skin of our teeth. Then we went back to the Harrier and heard the sad news that someone had been killed.

I’m surprised the body count is only one so far.

I’m at home now, realising how close the three of us came to being butchered, four including our saviour. That man deserves a lot of respect knowingly going into a very dangerous place to rescue us. Thanks from all of us, mate.

West Midlands Police, HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!

You put my arse out on a line, and I’ll never forgive you for that!

Stick with your Muslim friends.

That’s my account of today.

Update 9:47pm BST from Source 10, who was at the demo:

Some EDL people went putting in windows. I tried to assist the stewards when some EDL people were trying to get through the fencing like last time.

Eight coaches were not allowed through to the demo site, including most of the leadership.

West Midlands Police are sharia enforcers.

There are definitely people in intensive care after getting hit by the car. It sounds like some EDL people were deliberately mown down by a Muslim. But I cannot confirm that; I did not see it.

I suspect there might be trouble in Dudley tonight.

Update 9:23pm BST: Some excellent photos of the Dudley event are available here.

This image has been removed at the request of the copyright holder, gnasheruk.

There are two images of bloodied demonstrators, but neither man seems to have any serious injuries:

This image has been removed at the request of the copyright holder, gnasheruk.

There’s nothing yet to confirm the most alarming reports.

Update 9:02pm BST: Here’s another report (6.00pm BST) from the West Midlands Police. They acknowledge the accident and injuries, but say they are not life-threatening:

A man has come forward to police after six people were injured in a road traffic collision close to the scene of today’s EDL protest in Dudley.

The man came forward to West Midlands Police following the incident in King Street, Dudley at around 4pm today.

Police have appealed for witnesses to the incident but at this stage there is nothing to suggest the collision was deliberate.

A force spokesman said: “We are in the very early stages of the investigation but initial witness accounts suggest a family car was caught up in a small pocket of protesters.

“Whilst trying to work its way clear the car collided with some of the protesters as they left the protest area.”

The injured, none of whom have suffered life threatening injuries, were men and women ranging from 16-years-old to 45.

Total number of arrests is now 20.

More photos coming soon.

Update 8:23pm BST: This is the first video I’ve seen. Hard to tell much from it, but here it is (hat tip Van Grungy):

- - - - - - - - -
Update 6:57pm BST: There are a few photos from (not very recent) reports in Stourbridge News and Halesowen News.

EDL demo Dudley July 17, 2010 #2

EDL demo Dudley July 17, 2010 #1

Update 6:42pm BST, Source 1:

I’ve just spoken to [a source]. He, as I mentioned, is in a pub outside Dudley. A number of guys who came with him from [elsewhere] have decided not to return home now but to join up with others and return to Dudley to confront the police and the Muslims.

The news is that the Muslims have now taken over Dudley railway station, preventing people from leaving town.

There is anger that the West Midlands Police have obstructed all the negotiations to set up this demonstration, have caged the EDL attendees like animals, have stood by while they were attacked by Muslims, and joined in on the beatings. This is the police force who investigated the film crew from Channel 4 who made “Undercover Mosque”.

Update 5:45pm BST, Source 1:

Just heard that an EDL coach driver has been attaked with a machete.

Update 5:33pm BST, multiple sources:

People lying in road after being run over, blood everywhere.

We have eyewitness accounts coming in of Muslims using cars to drive down English protesters in Dudley. One report of an incident where 4 people were driven into, left them seriously injured and one woman dead. We are waiting for confirmation of this incident and an air ambulance has landed to assist the injured.

Just got back. There needs to be an offical complaint made to police. Coaches to Dudley port weren’t allowed to run, and we were made to walk through the Muslim area. One girl attacked by police dog. Others stabbed and lying in blood. Police battened EDL and did nothing about the Muslims. It’s a disgrace. Can also confirm someone got run over. People need to open their eyes, and it seems like we are being singled out. It’s a disgrace!

Casualties from collision in King St taken to hospital after treatment at scene. Witnesses should contact West Midlands Police.

West Midlands Police report, 5.15pm, confirming King Street incident:

Police are investigating a road traffic collision in which at least four people were injured close to the scene of today’s Dudley protest.

The incident happened as EDL protesters began to disperse from the Stafford Street protest area.

Paramedics were called to the scene in King Street following the collision at around 4pm.

The force’s specialist Collison Investigation Team is carrying out a reconstruction of the incident.

Chief Supt Tom Coughlan said: “At this stage our priority is the safety of the injured people. A full investigation is already underway.

“The accident happened in an area of town away from the main protest area where there were no traffic controls in place.”

In a separate incident outside the Three Crowns pub on High Street two people needed treatment for head injuries and one for a leg wound following a disorder.

Earlier police were working hard to contain small groups of protesters who broke out of the EDL protest area.

Officers are investigating reports of criminal damage to windows and cars in the area.

Twelve people have been arrested for offences including possession of an offensive weapon and disorder.

Police are still working to disperse small pockets of protesters and groups opposed to the EDL at 5pm, but many have now dispersed on coaches and no one remains at the protest site.

Note: The report of an EDL demonstrator being killed is still just a rumor.

Still no word of video or photos.

Source 8:

Me dad says the police are using tasers.

Source 9:

Just spoke to sum lads from up north. They say a young child around 10 has been hurt by police

EDL facebook talks about police using tasers. This is untrue.

[Reply:] Yes they are, my pal just got done by a West Midlands Police scum!

Source 1 again:

[An EDL member] has just been told that a white man has been knocked down and killed and the police are doing nothing but kick the crap out of the EDL supporters.


spackle said...

If even half of this is true it is a regular bloodbath!

Jewel said...

This is just heartbreaking, everyone. Whenever I hear that it is just a tiny minority of extremists, I think: It only takes a tiny minority of one man to blow up a bus, or run over people eating at a sidewalk cafe. I wish these people who keep chanting 'tiny minority of extremists' and be quiet.

Unknown said...

spackle "If even half of this is true it is a regular bloodbath!" Well that is lucky because not even half of it is true. No Tasers. No Muslims driving vans into protestors. No coach driver attacked with machete. No 10 year olds being hurt by police, just residents cars and windows smashed by yobs throwing rocks.

Van Grungy said...

Isn't that Jon the Jihad Watch troll?

Unknown said...

Van Grungy said...

Isn't that Jon the Jihad Watch troll?


But if you want some accurate information rather than wild rumour

Van Grungy said...


You might as well be telling me to get the REAL story from the Dearborn police...

Henrik R Clausen said...

Jon, your trust in the authorities is charming. Reminds me of the good old days, when British police was the finest and kindest in Europe.

Don't let actual evidence disturb you, dream on...

commoncents said...

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

Unknown said...

If you want to believe that the WMP are running round tasering protesters, attacking children, whilst muslims drive cars into protestors and machete coach drivers then be my guest, but WMP, jounalist, photographers, etc say it never happened. I am inclinced to beleive those who don't have an ideological axe to grind.

Anonymous said...

These updates are not entirely accurate. Reports coming back from lads who were at the demo indicate that no bus driver was attacked, let alone with a machete. Muslims running people over is a load of cobblers to. Nobody has died, although several were hurt in an RTA which had nothing to do with Muslims or the police. And according to one eyewitness, the police acted with (uncharacteristic) restraint.

If any of you are members of the EDL main forum, some of the lads back from Dudley early are posting more accurate reports there.

Van Grungy said...

Jon the naive... scroll past...

Unknown said...

Van Grungy, Call me naive if you like, I do happen to trust the reports I get from Chief Inspector Matt Markham of WMP. I am just pointing out that the updates here are not accurate.

As confirmed by tilmeeth

Van Grungy said...

Seems the only way to correct England is to expel the followers of muhammad from England, and expel the islam loving royals as well.

It seems to me that the Royals love islam because muslims are akin to the Normans of old. A self segregating population that lives like they own the non-muslims. Raping, Assaulting, Murdering, Sucking money away from England as a whole... Muslims are the neo-Normans...

Van Grungy said...

What's going on in this video? it looks like the EDL are being kettled in, and at the end of the video, who are the people on the small hill? I believe they are Muzzies or UAF throwing objects at the EDL, and the Police seem to respond.

From the EDL Forum

Zenster said...

Jewel: Whenever I hear that it is just a tiny minority of extremists, I think: It only takes a tiny minority of one man to blow up a bus, or run over people eating at a sidewalk cafe.

Your point is understood but may be missing the mark. There remains the matter of how Islam’s purposeful decentralization allows Muslims to deflect responsibility for its intrinsically violent doctrine. They may claim it is only one misguided individual but the jihadist mentality does not spring fully grown from an ideological vacuum. This attempt by Muslims to exempt themselves of any blame is given even more undue credibility by the media and government screeching about “lone wolves” and “isolated incidents”.

In truth, no Muslim terrorist acts alone and none of these “incidents” are “isolated”. Islamic terrorism could not exist without the ummah’s active participation. Be it the financing through zakat, without which terrorist funding could not be so easily laundered, or salat, the obligatory multiple daily indoctrination "prayer" sessions required by shari’a law, terrorism is wholly dependent upon a vast group effort by Muslims among whom jihadists swim like fish in the sea.

If the ummah chose to reject jihad and terrorism, it could be extinguished in a stroke. Clearly, they do not and all Muslims share a degree of guilt for global terrorism. Should anyone think that this represents collective blame, bear in mind that Islamic dhimmitude and jihadist terrorism both exemplify collective punishment par excellence. We in the West cannot be expected to accept our wholesale slaughter while refraining from engaging in similarly indiscriminate retribution.

Muslims have yet to demonstrate any significant rejection of global terrorism, much less take an active role in purging their own ranks of violent jihadist scum. Islam’s abject failure to clean its own house in no way obliges the West to perform this onerous task for them. All we must do is assure the survival of our culture and indigenous populations. If Islam cannot bring itself to put an end to global terrorism, then the world must put an end to Islam.

There are no other options.

Zenster said...

Van Grungy: It seems to me that the Royals love islam because muslims are akin to the Normans of old. A self segregating population that lives like they own the non-muslims.

An intriguing comparison. Worthy of a very useful essay that could be posted hereabouts, I might add.

Homophobic Horse said...

Your almost wasting your time explaining to them Zenster, after all to get an idea of the mentality we're dealing one must only consider the catagorically insane failed prosecution of the makers of Undercover Mosque. The essence of political correctness is "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", amen.

Dymphna said...

A homophobic Horse--

This police department truly has a poor track record as "keepers of the peace". Based on their previous, proven behavior -- all on the record -- they are "the keepers for the Religion of Peace".

People will believe whatever their fearfulness can permit them to admit. When the fear is too high, they complain about anyone else who points to a problem.

Perhaps such a reaction is the normal ("normal" as in "to-be-expected) result of having been under scrutiny and observation by the state since they were in short pants.

This tends to make you want to be a good boy. Not make any waves, thereby hoping you can magically escape the damage all around you. Lucky for these folks they weren't on the bus on 7/7, hmmm?

Oh, wait...those people on the bus were probably a load of troublemakers. Of course, that's it!

It's fascinating to watch people play "Righteous Ostrich".

Zenster said...

Homophobic Horse: You're almost wasting your time explaining to them Zenster…

I certainly would be if my efforts were directed at convincing jihadists regarding the error of their terrorist ways. However, I make no such ill-intended pretense.

My endeavors are directed towards those like Jewel who, through no particular fault, may not have a complete understanding of why it is that "a tiny minority" of violent Muslims is such a misnomer.

Even a very conservative estimate that only 10% of Muslims are pro-terrorism leaves us with an astounding 16,000,000 supporters of global jihad.

There is no way on earth to use the word "tiny" in describing such a number.

… after all to get an idea of the mentality we're dealing one must only consider the catagorically insane failed prosecution of the makers of Undercover Mosque.

Agreed. That one television show should have set off alarm bells throughout the United Kingdom and any attempt at hushing it up needed to have been met with public protests of a sort that nobody − not the government, press, radio or television − could afford to ignore without simultaneously imperiling their voter, advertising and viewer base all at once.

The essence of political correctness is "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", amen.

Worse yet is how Obama embodies this suicidal Politically Correct mindset almost more than the Brits. A few more successful terrorist attackes in either country risks sparking violent counter-protests against this sort of unbridled lunacy.

The gated communities that our Vampire Elite™ shelter behind will be of little use once their own security guards begin to lose loved ones in terrorist attacks.

We already have seen this "reach down" by terrorism into the ranks of law enforcement and emergency service providers in both America and Britain. As first responders who are soonest in harm's way, they will not tolerate for long a policy that purposefully places them at risk for no other reason than to enforce a Multicultural agenda that abrogates the Social Contract at its most basic levels.

Van Grungy said...

Correction, 10% of 1.6 billion is 160 million.

And that would be a conservative number considering the percentage of jihad hungry muslims are far far higher among the 160 million muslims in Europe now...

btw.. Don't forget the silencing of the documentary "Edge of the City". I can't even find a leak of this vid on the net.

EscapeVelocity said...

The longer Europe waits to repatriate Muslims, the nastier its going to well as more difficult to do what is necessary.

For everybodies sake (including European Muslims) its time for them to be ushered back to Dar al Islam.

Zenster said...

Van Grungy: Correction, 10% of 1.6 billion is 160 million.

Thank you for the correction as it only serves to strengthen my case. And, yes, 10% is a very conservative number seeing as how a routine 20% or more being polled among Muslims come out in favor of using terrorism.

Dymphna said...

@Escape Velocity:

No one will be repatriated. This was a deliberate massive onslaught by politicians to change the make-up of Britain and to ensure their own political control.

We have a similar, though not yet as intense situation here. The Dems do this kind of manipulation in two ways: they gerrymander voting districts where possible to make majority black districts and thus enable a more "diverse" political presence in Washington.

This way, we end up withe people like Sheila Jackson making our laws when the poor woman thinks that Vietnam is two countries. While the situation "isn't perfect" she says, "they need to learn to get along with one another"....honest. She really does think there are TWO Vietnams.

Then there is massive unchecked immigration, which Obama has stated he intends to make legitimate, despite the social and cultural costs. Those are not costs which he or his family will ever have to bear.

It's about who votes and for WHOM they vote. It's about "getting out the vote" via ACORN's electoral corruption. It's about "getting in the face" of those who disagree with you (Obama's recommendation).

This is a world-wide problem and ain't nobody going nowhere.

Besides, what do you think the purpose of those no go zones is? Those territories are part of the Ummah. They got your Dar al Islam right where they stand. No need to go "back" anywhere. Especially since some of them have been where they are for generations.

Zenster said...

Dymphna: Then there is massive unchecked immigration, which Obama has stated he intends to make legitimate, despite the social and cultural costs. Those are not costs which he or his family will ever have to bear.

That might change. Carried far enough, his betrayal of America could result in something much less pleasant than just being a one-term president. Obama's brand of treason may just as easily end up seeing him answer in open court on charges of malfeasance of office and even that could still be less than appropriate consequences for his sort of anti-Americanism.

Obama is narrowly, and most likely knowingly, skirting the edge of precipitating crimes against humanity as he invites, with his abject appeasement of Islam, far more devastating terrorist attacks upon America and the global community.

Zenster said...

Dymphna: Besides, what do you think the purpose of those no go zones is? Those territories are part of the Ummah. They got your Dar al Islam right where they stand.

Again, as others here have noted, with not a lot of effort those areas could be returned to a state all too similar to much of dar al-Islam. A severed electrical main here, a downed cell phone tower or telephone pole there, a few broken water mains and those "no-go zones" could rapidly become as uninhabitable for Muslims as they are for us infidels.

Should such a lamentable thing happen, I might − with some considerable effort − even manage to squeeze out a tear.

Zenster said...

Today, God f*** the British bobby.

As is so often the case with those who refuse to learn from history, it might behoove Britain's constabulary to recall what sort of fate typically awaited the quislings of World War II.

Anonymous said...

A deliberate hit and run is a "collision"? I hate passive voice.

Anonymous said... Six pedestrians injured after being hit by car in Dudley
Six pedestrians were injured, three of them seriously, when they were struck by a car in Dudley.

Paramedics were called to the junction of King Street and Stafford Street, Dudley just after 4pm today.

Three men, aged 42, 37 and 32 suffered head injuries. The 37-year-old also broke his leg.

Three others, including a girl aged 16 whose leg was broken, also needed hospital treatment.

An 18-year-old man suffered a foot injury and a 19-year-old man has a suspected broken leg, the West Midlands Ambulance Service said.

Unknown said...

The "Rise of Islam" banner image and the "two injured men" images are mine and are copyrighted. You do NOT have permission to use them. Please remove them.

Zenster said...

gnasheruk: The "Rise of Islam" banner image and the "two injured men" images are mine and are copyrighted. You do NOT have permission to use them. Please remove them.

Speaking strictly for myself and not in any way for Gates of Vienna; In light of how this forum is so far south of "non-profit" as to be tragic, is there any way that you could possibly bring yourself to permit a one time no-fee use in this article? Or will that break the bank for your image copyright revenue stream?

The counter-jihad movement needs every bit of solidarity it can get and near-meaningless enforcement of publishing privileges like those that you are asserting really do more harm than good in this particular instance, especially so in the case of this important forum.

Then again, all of this presumes that you even have the true copyright on these images and are not some scum bag Islamic troll seeking to inhibit useful coverage of the Dudley Donnybrook™.

The Observer said...

Maybe the solution to the problems in the French banlieus and other no-go areas in Europe is to adopt Brazilian style elite police units ala ‘BOPE’ that are specially trained to enter these areas with blazing guns and eliminate the troublemakers, just like BOPE eliminate drug dealers in the notorious favelas in Rio de Janeiro and other elite police units clean up other crime ridden favelas in other Brazilian cities?

That might not be an unlikely scenario in Europe in a couple of decades.

Svartwulf said...

I think we can all agree that right now, reports are confusing and may not be accurate. Hopefully Time will tell us. That said, I'm more likely to side with the people there on the ground rather than the Police who seem to be clearly spinning their legal speak in regards to what's happening. I can't claim to know anything about the British Situation, but I've read the cops in that area are far from EDL friendly.

Still, what it honestly comes down to at this point isn't so much what is True as the Perception of Truth. Even if all the reports of brutality are false (which I highly doubt) these same reports will start working their way through the "oppressed" population of British Citizens. It will Polarize them, and spur many to action that have been sitting on the side lines. I imagine though, that in the next few days we may see more images of these attacks as people get to their homes and have time to upload them and their stories. To be honest, I haven't heard a report here that defies credulity, as it all seems to be pretty standard police tactics when it comes to dealing with an "Enemy" (from the Police/muslim perspective) Mob.

I say keep the updates flowing.

Counter-Jihadist said...

EDL, your country is lost. Do not be surprised at the behavior of the police. It is no longer their job to merely enforce the law, it is to suppress as brutally as possible the inevitable UPRISING of the likes of the English Defense League.

Take heart and march forward. You are the vanguard of millions of disgruntled EUropeans from whom their cultures and national identities have been stripped. Your cause is just.