Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Second Renaissance

Takuan Seiyo has published Part 16 of “From Meccania To Atlantis” at the Brussels Journal. The new installment is entitled “Exodus 1: Reality for Radicals”. Some excerpts are below:

The strategic goal of Exodus is, quite simply, to save from destruction Western Civilization and those parts of its original carrier peoples that feel allegiance to that civilization. One might call it Conservatism, in the true meaning of the world. But to go beyond mere survival, beyond the reactive work of conservation, one must aim to regenerate Western Civilization. To do so, it is necessary not only to beat back the Pod Invaders from Outer Space who have captured and derailed it, but also to consider where that civilization has taken wrong turns unbidden by its enemies, and to avoid repeating those errors. For a Renaissance to occur, Conservatives had better abandon the futile hope of recrossing the river back to the right bank in the spot where the West once crossed it to the left one. After all, a founding father of this civilization, Heraclitus, stated that you can’t step into the same river twice.

To withstand the crushing power of Leviathan and of the brain-altered majority of its population, and to do the building work of Renaissance, it is mandatory to engage in community organizing. But before one checks out Alinsky from the library or calls the charismatic Alinsky-method star trainer B.H. Obama for guidance, one must realize that we don’t have a community. There is nothing to organize.

The Left has communities. Alinsky and Obama were not organizing a countrywide socialist party. They were organizing the South Side of Chicago, where the preacher Jeremiah Wright also was organizing the 8500 members of his congregation along his particular hate-whitey memes. The New York Jewish Left pulling much of America’s intellectual wagon concentrates in Manhattan’s West side. Europe’s toxic imams preside over toxic congregations, not merely seditionist websites.
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Every Western city worthy of that appellation has at least one major quarter where every other building shelters either a socialist organization or a social venue for socialists. Street signs are peppered with code words like Alliance, Coalition, Foundation, Project and Community — for the word “community” itself has become a fighting word of the Left. In that part of town, the bookstores have a particularly rich inventory of Loon publications, the coffee houses sell Fair-Trade coffee, and the organic co-ops post on community bulletin boards notices of upcoming meetings evolving around Peace, Justice, Change, Diversity, Community Building, Equity, Racism, White Privilege, Heteronormativity and so on. Che Guevara T-shirts, dreadlocks, tattoos, body piercings, skinny young men and massive butch lesbians abound, and any Black visible is surrounded by an adoring coterie of Whites. That’s community.

Except at the lowest socio-economic and culturally arid end, Western men and women who still retain their own minds free of Snatcher programming, who abhor living in the Snatchers’ Parallel Universe headed for meltdown, have nothing of the sort. For community is a place where people live and create who feel kinship with each other based on shared values, loyalties and ideas, shared economic and political interests, shared common culture and shared love of the place. Community has physical, not virtual, networks. Its members bump into each other on the street and at the grocer’s, its children go to the same schools, its dads volunteer at the same fire patrol, and its moms drop by each other’s house for mutual support.

The West’s first Renaissance had its Venice, Genoa and Milan, Bruges, Antwerp and Amsterdam, Bremen, Mainz and Danzig, Paris and London. For a second Renaissance to occur, it must have a purchase in some identifiable communities too.

Read the rest at the Brussels Journal.

Hat tip: Fjordman.


Henrik R Clausen said...

I have a differing opinion as to which renaissance was the First :)

Augusto Sousa said...

I've read your post. Very interesting. Who ever wrote it, my thoughts are with you. Sounds as that is where I escaped from and experienced the divisions, seperations and distinctions of communities, and families. How it is flared when the city lights are turned on and everyone has gone home hundred kilometers away to their little homes that look all alike distinguished for miles. Like the city of factories, the city of small factories, the city of middle class, higher, etc. The city of tall buildings, You can see the empty space from far away, what a concentration of empty wasted space. But for the others to be caught outside they are controled and caought like fishes by a fisherman to just to die of loneliness. They feed to you the great community or churchs food banks and the helping but only because they get paid and receive government money for each one they catch or make. Would they do it otherwise? That is the perfect world? Their brains apart from their hearts are smarter they say, but make the homeless? The perfect robots to follow waking up at the same time, taking the buse, the highway at the same time, arriving at the great empty city at the same time, having coffee at the same time. Then over and over again and at the same time they will fall that their homes are empty when their away at the big empty city, with their big empty Lincoln or HUMER, that is only good for climbimg sidewalks or to be on the highway stopped as all the others are also going in that strait highways without any curves and trees, history, to the parking spot in heaven.

Augusto Sousa said...

Ok! I was loosing it a little with that first commnet? It is the connection of my hands and mind and why I just wrote on.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

While conservatives were shaking the top of the fruit tree they negated to place a guard on the ground this allowed the discordians and neoliberals to ransom the fruit and hold the territory.

This was political arrogance and ignorance on the part of conservatives. While at the top of the tree they could only shout abuse at salt of the earth conservatives coming to their rescue. They failed to recognise those values, unrefined and ill-articulated non the less they were conservative.

Sean O'Brian said...

"Reality is what is. We have known for a hundred thousand years what is."

When Bill Clinton famously said "That depends on what the defintion of is is" that was a turning point for the culture at large, a clear marker that we no longer knew what is was.

Relativism reigns supreme. Those of us who still have a working definition of is are displaying our pomophobia.

dienw said...

Since, for some reason, The Brussels Journal's comments were off, I'll comment here, continuing Takuan Seiyo's metaphor:

The mammals were impaled upon the spike coral as a result of following the song of the sirens perched upon the portions of the coral reef jutting above the waves; and yet, when the mammals attempted to flee the reef, they sang an older song of the sirens thinking it the truth and were impaled further.

One must not sing older sirens' songs in order to escape today's siren songs. The lie of yesterday will not free you from the lie of today.

Zenster said...

Sean O'Brian: When Bill Clinton famously said "That depends on what the defintion of is is" that was a turning point for the culture at large, a clear marker that we no longer knew what is was.

That Clinton's condescending legal sophistry did not get him laughed out of court ended up lowering the bar (in both senses), in ways that our legal and political systems have yet to recover from.

Zenster said...

… Bill Gates created a $1-billion scholarship fund restricted to nonwhites…

This alone should motivate American society to use open source software. Gates made his fortune off of well-educated White Americans. To then direct his profits towards something that utterly excludes those who made him wealthy is racial treason, especially in view of the fact that Gates is White.

Reality, however, is racist, if only in statistical approximations. It is here [LAPD’s most wanted list] and it’s everywhere, except it’s taboo.

One must scroll way down to #76 before finding an obviously Pale Male™ (i.e., White guy), named Steve Farlow on the LAPD most wanted list. His predecessors have distinctly ethnic sounding names that don’t rhyme with Smith, Lowenthal or Hoskins.

It’s all a vivid combination of tactics to weaken, burden and deplete the large prey so that the Looters Coalition be able to close in for the final feast.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the “large prey” is the wealthy or rich. The Looters Coalition’s ranks are filled with the ultra-rich. It’s America’s Middle Class that these Vampire Elite™ are draining of every last drop of blood. The ultra-rich hide behind their multi-national offshore corporate shields as they heedlessly squeeze dry the nation that first brought them their original markets and wealth.

This nationless cartel of über-rich carrion feeders think nothing of scavenging the retirement accounts of their own employees, much less those of the hapless Middle Class. They are every bit without allegiance to their countries of origin in the same way that terrorists are stateless actors against host countries that have so generously sheltered them from their own tyrannous countries of birth.

As a result, pizza delivery ranks as the fifth most dangerous job in the United States.

For those who have any doubts, here are the Bureau of Labor statistics: (survey of occupations with minimum 30 fatalities and 45,000 workers in 2002

Occupation followed by Fatalities per 100,000

Timber cutters − 117.8
Fishers − 71.1
Pilots and navigators − 69.8
Structural metal workers − 58.2
Drivers-sales workers − 37.9
Roofers − 37
Electrical power installers − 32.5
Farm occupations − 28
Construction laborers − 27.7
Truck drivers − 25

Note how “Drivers-sales workers” rank right after high-rise construction labor, (i.e., “Structural metal workers”) for on-the-job risk? The dangers involved in delivering pizza are right behind riveting girders 20 stories up? Guess who gets paid 10X more than the other? What’s wrong with this picture?

Zenster said...

In other words, better for many innocent people to die than for Reality to be acknowledged.

Isn’t that America’s working slogan for its Global War on Terrorism?

This is not simply “liberal ideology.” It’s institutionalized, 2nd degree mass murder. And all Western institutions operate based on the same principle.

Only if you can call treason a “principle”.

Americans who champion life, liberty, and limited government are not just the loyal opposition; they are deemed potential terrorists, and are derided with considerably more intensity than the actual terrorists.

This is moral inversion writ large. Allegiance to the government has become treason and all of us have entered a period of reality inversion that the Hindus call kaliyuga

… our current age, known as Kali- yuga, is one of spiritual darkness, violence and hypocrisy.

Except at the lowest socio-economic and culturally arid end, Western men and women who still retain their own minds free of Snatcher programming, who abhor living in the Snatchers’ Parallel Universe headed for meltdown, have nothing of the sort.

Sadly, there is much truth to this observation. To date, America's honestly conservative faction finds its largest community on the Internet and the cyberworld does not a real community make. It is time for a reinvention of the 1960s “back to the land” movement whereby real patriots begin forming physical support networks and, eventually, actual communities. The Internet is a splendid start, but at day’s end it is just that, only a start.

Note: These comments are based on the entire article.