Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reflagging the Mairie

As reported in last night’s news feed, over the weekend the French flag at the town hall in the city of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges was burned and replaced with an Algerian one. Vlad Tepes managed to find a news video about the story, and has subtitled it in English:

The original news article is below:
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An Algerian Flag on a French Town Hall

The French flag hanging on the front of the town hall of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val de Marne) was burnt in the night from Sunday to Monday and replaced by an Algerian flag, police said.

The facts were discovered Monday morning at the opening of the hall. The council said he had immediately lodged a complaint. On Sunday, Slovenia has defeated Algeria in the World Cup football match (1-0) in his first match in Group C.

In early June, Justice Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, seized the State Council of a draft decree punishing a fine of 1500 euros the contempt of the French flag. The draft decree provides for a contravention of the fifth degree, punishable by a fine of 1500 euros, which will punish on the one hand the fact of degrading or indecent use of the tricolor flag in a public place or open to the public, and, secondly, to disseminate by any means the representation of these facts’ stated Arthur Dreyfuss, deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Justice. ‘The element of intent will be included in the decree in question’ to be taken into account in the sanction, he added.


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This flag thing has been going on for some time now. In Toulouse, a while ago, the French flag was taken down from the city hall and replaced with the Algerian flag.

In another incident, Muslims in the South assaulted a wedding party of Frenchmen who were waving French flags from their cars. The flag-wavers were soldiers in full uniform. A fight erupted.

This incident was all the more significant since Algerians have taken to stage loud wedding parties, with luxury cars and much flag-waving of their own. The flags are Algerian, of course.

The message is very clear. There's a civil war going on. Some people say what is happening now is exactly how the war in Algeria started. Except it is now happening on French territory.