Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Simple SimonI returned very early this morning from Switzerland, where over the weekend it was my privilege to attend Counterjihad Zurich 2010, the latest in a series of summits of European anti-Islamization activists. I’ve spent all day today trying to catch up with the hundreds of emails that came while I was gone, with only partial success. It will take me a couple of days to get back on track.

The Zurich meeting was a great success, and I’ll be writing more about it later on, after I compile my materials. Many thanks to the benefactors whose donations made my trip possible — you all know who you are.

But right now I’d like to digress for a moment about airport security.

I flew out of Dulles last Wednesday, and the security process there was pure living hell. First there was an endless line just to get to the checkpoint where the TSA guy looks at your passport and boarding pass. Then there was another line — this one snaking back and forth through what seemed like miles of elastic tape barriers — that eventually divided up into several streams to go through the X-ray machines and the metal detectors. Shoes off, coat off, laptop out, liquids into the little bag, go through the Mystical Arch of Examination — and if you’re lucky, they don’t select you for some of that Extra Scrutiny.

After that, if you have time, you can get sozzled in the bar at eight bucks a beer while you’re waiting to board.

Coming home yesterday I had to repeat the same procedure in Zurich, although it was less strenuous there. Unfortunately, however, I had to change planes in Philadelphia (a five-hour layover), and Philly is a point-of-entry. That meant I had to go through passport control (an endless line), and then reclaim my luggage. Next came customs (an endless line), and then I had to re-check my suitcase. And then — here’s the killer — I had to go through security again. A long line down a winding corridor to the checkpoint with the grumpy TSA guy, then the inevitable snake back and forth to the X-ray machines. Shoes off, etc., etc. Once more with feeling.

OK, you all know the drill; this was just business as usual.

But — and here’s the kicker — everywhere I went there were Muslims working the security. Muslimas in hijab checking boarding passes. Muslims at the X-ray machines. Muslims wanding people. And in Philly I saw a Muslim guy doing the security screening on an entire family of Muslim travelers — women and girls in hijab, Dad in his little beanie, kids straggling along.

The Ranting ManAnd I’ve got to tell you: it bothered me.

We are less safe after all this folderol because we’re letting people who could well be our enemies screen people who could well be our enemies. Which, needless to say, is insane.

I’d be willing to put up with all this — even the Muslims wanding Muslims — if, everywhere those endless lines snake back and forth, signs were posted that read:
- - - - - - - - -

Washington Dulles International Airport apologizes for any inconvenience caused by our rigorous security screening procedures.

We are anxious to emphasize that we instituted all these extra precautions because Muslim terrorists frequently try to blow up airplanes.

There is no other reason why we subject our customers to these indignities.


Now that would be truth in advertising.

The argument that liberals often put forth when confronted with the above goes something like this: “But what about Timothy McVeigh? And what about the Christians who shoot abortion doctors? They’re terrorists, too!”

Yes, they are. But I’ve got some news for the Moral Equivalence Crowd: Timothy McVeigh had no effect whatsoever on airport security. Not one airport revised its screening procedures because some wacko offed an abortion doctor.

Muslim terrorists, and nothing else, created the current airport nightmare. Especially Mohammed Atta and the Gang of Nineteen: they created the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. They made us stand in endless lines and say “yessir” to all those grumpy uniformed guys at the screening desks.

We take off our shoes and strip to our skivvies because Muslims like to blow up airplanes.

There’s no other reason, and we need to remember that.


Anonymous said...

The observation of the absurdity of having Muslims run security, which is not limited to the US, combined with the numbers one sees, e.g. hijabd muslimahs, associated with airside activity at airports, e.g. baggage loading, is doubly troubling. Not only does it highlight that the security process is all a sham so as to kid travellers that something is being done about the threat but it actually enhances the threat by setting up a culture whereby an inside job will see explosive materials loaded on board through non-passenger means. Hence the folly of refusing to name the enemy, for then he must be faced.

Spotsworth said...

I've had the same experience. I'm Jewish and recognize Farsi being spoken having traveled all over. When I lived in Seattle, SeaTac airport had lots of Muslim staff.

At SFO, one of my business stopovers, the same Pakistani Muslim woman called me out for extra search every time. She did wink at me each time, but it seems more and more airports are loaded with Muslims.

I agree with the possibility of an inside job being easier. Never forget they are all compelled to do jihad regardless of any other cultural factor.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

As for Christians shooting abortion doctors, Glen from The Religion of Peace had the following to write in his latest "Dhimwit of the Month" feature, and it truly should shut the hell up of the tu-quoque crowd:

In the 37 years since Roe V. Wade, there have been 8 persons murdered by anti-abortionists . This isn't even comparable to the number of folks struck by lightning or killed in their own bathtubs each year. It's more like the number of people struck by lightening while sitting in their bathtub watching Gigli.

By contrast, TheReligionofPeace.com has documented over 83,000 persons murdered by Islamic terrorists in just the last 8.5 years. In other words, more than three times as many people are killed in the name of Allah each day than have been killed in the cause of stopping abortion in the last four decades.

pacificwaters said...

The only thing I disagree with is who created Homeland Security and the TSA. The TWC 19 may have created the environment but our fearless leader, "islam means peace" Bush did that. Something big is going to happen soon and the zero administration won't let it go to waste.

Profitsbeard said...

Baron B.,

You have my sympathies.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Baron.

Security at Roissy, the main Paris airport, is also significantly staffed by muslims.

Roissy is smack in the middle of an overwhelmingly muslim area. As a big airport, it's a major employer in the neighbourhood. As an international airport, it also has screening procedures in place. You're not supposed to be hired to handle luggage in restricted areas, for instance, if you have a criminal past.

However, many -- or is it most ? -- young muslim males in the area do have a criminal record.

It has been part of the political agenda of the Left to argue that this shows a lack of justice and a willingness to discriminate against people of immigrant background.

See, young muslim men suffer more from unemployment than the general population. This is a proof of racism.

Therefore, the Left has campaigned for the threshold to be lowered as far as the criminal record of candidates for jobs at Roissy airport is concerned. Some sort of amnesty was in order.

It has succeeded in convincing the media (if not the people) that a bit a shop-lifting, police-stoning, car-becueing and drug-dealing in one's youth is no big deal. Kids will be kids, etc. You've also been a naughty boy at times when you were young, haven't you ?

I do not have any specific information on the outcome, but I wouldn't be surprised if the screening standards for sensitive jobs at Roissy had indeed been quietly lowered. With nobody in officialdom shouting about it from the rooftops.

All in the name of the "fight against racism".

Do you feel better now, flying in and out of Paris ?

Zenster said...

Some simple cocktail napkin math:

~1.5 Million passengers per day on US carriers

Between 1 and 3 hours pre-boarding wait = ~3M Hours

3 Million hours X min. wage (~$10 / hr.) = $30M

Factor: Most fliers earn much more than minimum wage

3M Hours X $18.26/hr = ~$54 million

That’s OVER $54 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY of lost productivity in the USA alone. Now multiply that by 365 days per year:

~$54.8M X 365 Days = $20,000,000,000


Now, multiply that on a global scale.

Then, calculate that there are some 50 security personnel per actual terrorist.

Now, add in all of the TSA overhead in every single nation’s government (~200X)

For fun, let's include the cost of all that inspection equipment and ancillary infrastructure plus its yearly upkeep.

We now have a total that easily approaches ONE TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR.

All because a select few nations have chosen to dedicate themselves to jihad.

Cost of pulverizing the governments of these select few nations and disabling their terrorist apparatus? Remember:

No boots on the ground
No invasion
No interim governments
No foreign aid
No embargoes or Food for Palaces™ programs

Just smash these nations pour encourager les autres.

By comparison, we have already spent one trillion dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to what end? They both have shari’a law and continue to make deals that are not of any real direct benefit to the nations who spent so much blood and treasure to intervene.

A few paltry billions of dollars could see all of these terrorist sponsoring nations crushed and, where necessary (e.g., Saudi Arabia), brought back online due to Western interests.

The betrayal by our political leadership goes light years beyond mere cultural treason. They are squandering our very financial lifeblood in their callow refusal to take action against Islamic jihad.

Think what that ONE TRILLION DOLLARS EACH YEAR could do:

Fight disease
End famine
Solve illiteracy

Instead, as Jedilson Bonfim capably noted, almost 10,000 human beings perish each year due to terrorism. (If you add in all of the “honor killings”, shari’a executions and other hidden Islamic slaughter to that 8.5K/Year number provided by TheReligionofPeace.com, it easily hits 10K.) Now, factor in places like Darfur.

I another comment, I will rough out similar calculations as to the expectable death toll should a global caliphate be installed.


All down the rat hole of Islamic terrorism. All because some parasitic, genocidal fanatics think that they know what’s good for us. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO CANNOT EVEN BUILD A CAR WANTING TO RULE THE WORLD. Can this be any more clear?

Zenster said...

Here is a set of cocktail napkin calculations to show what a global caliphate would bring:

1.) Extermination of all Jews:
Some 13.5 MILLION people, world-wide would most likely die at the hands of their Muslim oppressors.

2.) Extermination of all homosexuals
I'm going to use what is called a "wildly exaggerated figure" for the sake of including the bisexual and transgender community plus other deviants who would all be put to death. Thusly, some 10% of the world's population or 600 MILLION people would fall into this category.

The remaining factors that follow are much more difficult to quantify.

3.) Armed resistance to Muslim encroachment:
I think it's safe to say that nearly everyone here at Gates of Vienna would perish fighting a Muslim attempt to overrun America. World wide, the numbers would most likely exceed that of the Jews. We'll place it at a meager 100 MILLION.

4.) Women denied access to medical care:
This is a huge number because under Islamic law women would only be able to be seen by female doctors—an exceedingly small fraction of this world's medical practitioners. I’ll use the figure for global female cancer deaths as an example of how reduced early intervention will escalate avoidable deaths, especially among women. That figure will be more than 3 MILLION per year.

5.) Execution of political prisoners:
Toss in another 10 MILLION.

6.) Execution of those who refuse to convert:
I’m going to use the world’s population of Catholics as a figure representing those who would adamantly refuse to convert or cooperate and be put to death. While the number would likely be much higher, this figure would approach over 1 BILLION.

We now have a total of 1.726 BILLION people who would die within the first year of Islam establishing its global caliphate. Millions more would die each year due to Islam’s heavy-handed shari’a law and its demands for capital punishment. Women would keep dying in droves due to the unavailability of female doctors. Emerging homosexuals would be killed as with many other deviants, be they political, religious or otherwise.

Do the math. The global caliphate would rise upon dead bodies numbering greater than this world’s entire Muslim population. My Iranian friend Ray agrees with me that the number who would perish would be closer to HALF this world’s population but that is far more speculative than the conservative numbers I’ve posted above.

So, the question remains:


I’ve stated before that if Muslims cannot abandon their quest for a global caliphate, then I would just as soon see all of them perish rather than the larger numbers who would ultimately die by Islam’s brutal hand. The numbers — approximate as they might be — do not lie.

Anonymous said...


Its worse than that. You should check out Bruce Schneier. He persuasively argues that all this is security theatre and cannot stop determined smart jihadis. They could literally pack up all the junk procedure and we would be no less safe.
The procedure is selling the FEELING of safety. It is truly a post-modern institution - TSA.

Baron Bodissey said...

contemplationist --

I know that. The Lap Bomber and the Shoe Bomber were only stopped by alert citizens and dumb luck. The jihad is always planning the next method of attack, while the TSA is busy trying to stop previous methods, which are unlikely to ever be used again.

The whole thing is a farce, and would be hilarious if it didn't cost us billions and billions of dollars.

Scythianeedle said...

The Politicians and the Media (who have the convincing delusion that makes them style selves as "journalists") have betrayed their own culture. Either they are abjectly craven in thinking they will be spared from the Jihadi sword because they turned in their friends, or they are already bought off.

Either way, if they think that they will be rewarded, they are idiots.

JoanofArc said...

FWIW, I ALWAYS state very loudly, while passing through airport security, that we owe it all to just nineteen people, and have done so since the stringent regs and procedures were imposed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment, Joan of Arc. May I ask what are the reactions and consequences, if any ? Back where I live, you'd probably get arrested and charged for that.

Beach Girl said...

I've always known the TSA was a bad idea aside from herding us like cattle - oh, that's what we are. And we get used to being told which line to stand in: the one that goes to the right or the one that goes to the showers. Sorry but I don't think we'll ever wake up until perhaps martial law is enforced and the TSA boys and girls don their paramilitary gear and wave their green flags...