Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/16/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/16/2010A French flag that hung on the town hall in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges was burned over the weekend and replaced with an Algerian flag. It is not yet known whether the crime was in any way connected with the defeat of Algeria by Slovenia in Sunday’s World Cup match.

In other news, a pro-Palestinian organization in Turkey says it will launch another six-ship “aid” flotilla next month to try to break the Gaza blockade. Meanwhile, an opinion poll has discovered that two out of three Tunisians are absolutely indifferent to environmental problems, and have no intention of taking any action to alleviate them.

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The Sentinel said...

Hey there GoV.

Don’t know if you saw this latest disgusting provocation of Muslims screaming abuse at a British Army homecoming parade in Barking?

The EDL did a good job countering it; its just a shame the police couldn’t shame the same bravery when the Muslims chased then down the Mall last year.