Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/20/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/20/2010A group of some 8,500 Chinese immigrants mounted a demonstration in the suburbs of Paris to protest the repeated attacks on them by “youths”, who pick Orientals as their preferred targets. Near the end of the demonstration an attack by some of those very “youths” occurred, sparking an escalation into riots, with angry Chinese overturning cars, breaking windows, and causing other damage. There’s no word yet whether any “youths” will be brought to justice.

In other news, a group foreign-born residents of Finland has established an “immigrants’ parliament”. They maintain that religion will play no part in their activities.

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Nick said...

Regarding the "Anyone but England" T-shirts being taken out of HMV's shops. What a load of busybodies! It's only a bit of fun, for goodness sake. They're as bad as Muslims going way, way over the top anytime there's a TV programme or a book they don't like the look of.

By the way does it not follow that the English national team is itself a racist entity? Shouldn't the people who complained about those T-shirts be campaigning for England to come home from South Africa?

For the whole world cup to be abandoned? After all there are (gulp) national teams competing!