Friday, June 25, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/25/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/25/2010House Democrats — alarmed by a recent Supreme Court decision that reaffirmed Americans’ free speech rights under the First Amendment — have passed a bill that will restrict campaign activities by various groups, but exempts — surprise! — labor unions from its provisions.

In other news, Australia’s new prime minister, Julia Gillard, reassures President Obama that she will continue her predecessor’s policy and support US military operations in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan has decided to monitor Google and Yahoo so that it can clamp down on any “blasphemy”.

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Zenster said...

India: Marriage With Stepmom is Rape: Deoband

… his one-day-old bride.

Trying to outdo Mohammad and his six year-old hag of a wife, I presume.

Zenster said...

A Terrorist’s World View Signals What Our World View Should be

From the full article: The word "all" also refers to the governments they elect. In this case, the government the American people elected is that of Barack Hussain Obama, a president determined to prove to Muslims that he is their friend no matter what that costs.

In this, BHO reveals his own towering egotism and, quite possibly, both anti-Americanism and a stunning lack of comprehension regarding Islam.

No doubt, some [Muslims] are so convinced. According to public opinion polls, however, the change in the views of those in Muslim-majority countries has been--despite his efforts--pretty small. Many of them are going to consider any American government to be "all the same." That's not something that applied just to George W. Bush. The decision to carry out what became the September 11 attacks, the planning, and much of the implementation took place when William Jefferson Clinton was president.

There can be no overstating this point. The original World Trade Center attack took place on Clinton’s watch. Islamic hatred for America was already at a full boil. If anything, Bush’s willingness to kill Muslims made the terrorists step back. Now we are treated to the spectacle of BHO’s resolute and delusional belief in his presumedly limitless personal charisma.

It is as if BHO believes he is not part and parcel of the exact same America so roundly hated by Islam long before his arrival even on Chicago’s corrupt political scene. If not this, then we are left with even more disturbing alternatives:

1.) BHO considers himself to be some sort of ersatz Muslim hybrid and, therefore, exempt from the usual vitriol that Islam reserves for American leaders.

2.) BHO is staggeringly clueless with respect to the level of antagonism directed at the USA because of how potent a threat it is in terms of luring young Muslims away from Islam’s Stone Age mentality.

Regardless of which of the above options proves true, either one carries with it the horrifying implication that BHO simply has no clue as to the profound peril America faces from Islamic terrorism. All that remains is a third and intolerably repulsive possibility that BHO hates America so much whereby he welcomes an even more devastating Islamic terrorist attack upon this nation’s soil. Be it willfully or though absurdly naive ignorance, either way such malfeasance is treason against the Constitution and those that BHO has sworn to protect and serve.

Zenster said...

It is as if the White House is demanding proof of − a question asked by Mike Evans in his book The Final Move Beyond Iraq − “… for what will the 9/11 attacks be a precursor?” We now know that the original 1993 WTC bombing was a precursor to the 9-11 Atrocity. BHO’s fatally smug conviction that his abject appeasement has somehow defused the still-ticking time bomb of MME (Muslim Middle East) enmity is actively helping to precipitate an even more devastating terrorist attack upon American soil.

It is difficult to tell which is more lethal: Is it the complacency arising from groveling appeasement or a smug belief that there is some successful way to negotiate with those for whom there can be no negotiating?

The appeasement so readily delivered by American and European politicians alike only whets Islam’s appetite for more. There can be no satiating a beast whose hunger is for global domination. The inordinate credulity required through which Western leaders manage to think that it is impossible for Islam to be so voracious simultaneously fuels an even greater hunger for power in the Muslim brain. Islam sees such conciliatory gestures as sure proof of incompetent leadership; and in many respects Muslims would be right to believe so. It is only the barbarity and throwback nature of Islam that makes it so totally unacceptable as an alternative.

Far worse is the growing potential for a Western-style “strong horse” leader to emerge from all of this. As if MME strong man type despots are not bad enough, once a survivalist West is rallied around their own version of this warrior king, the slaughter will begin in earnest. Be it Islam, Europe or America, all of them are working with an almost grim determination to assure the surfacing of such an individual. Far more telling is that all of these same parties have literally required it should the West wish to continue living.

Woe betides Islam when such a person gains power in Dar al-Harb. Perpetual Muslim terrorism will only have served to demagnetize the West’s moral compass when that time comes. There will be no shelter from the whirlwind sown by Islam’s constant atrocities.