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Rioting in Rinkeby

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We’ve posted previously about conditions in Rinkeby, which is a culturally-enriched suburb of Stockholm. Most stories of “youth” violence in Sweden seem to come from Rosengård in Malmö, but Rinkeby has now decided to climb on the bandwagon and hold its own riots.

RinkebyOur Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter has translated an article on the topic from Dagens Nyheter. The translator notes:

The riots in ethnic areas in Malmö have now reached Stockholm. Rinkeby is a multiethnic, mostly Muslim area of Stockholm, what we usually call a ghetto.

And the translated article:

Two arrested for rioting in Rinkeby

Two men in their 20s were arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of rioting in Rinkeby in western Stockholm. They were part of a larger group that attacked police officers and firefighters with stones, and set fire to a bank.

The police told DN.se [Sweden’s largest daily newspaper] that hundreds of youths caused problems and vandalism throughout Monday night.

“As soon as the police showed themselves, stones were thrown at them,” said Thomas Persson, spokesman of the Stockholm police, to DN.se.

The unrest began when a group of young men and young people were denied access to a school event for year nine. A janitor raised the alarm that the group was involved in vandalism and the police took a report.

“Paving stones rained down on the policemen,” said Gert Fredlin, the station officer at Stockholm Police. It was ‘pure luck’ that no one was injured during the clash, which lasted several hours.
- - - - - - - - -
“A larger gang attacked the policemen with stones, and a policeman fired a warning shot,” said Fredlin.

The unrest continued, and more police arrived with dogs. At most, some 20 policemen were on the scene.

But that did not stop young people from setting several cars on fire, as well as the Nordea bank. While police vehicles were attacked with stones, the gang — which consisted of 40-60 people — destroyed bus shelters.

At 00:30 a large stone was thrown through the window of Nordea Bank and then a Molotov cocktail that started a small fire inside. The fire was extinguished, despite the fact that stone-throwing continued at both emergency workers and police.

The group also attacked the local police station. Gert Fredlin said that 23 windows were smashed. It was in connection with this incident that two men — 21 and 22 years old — were arrested. The two were transported to police headquarters in Solna, where they were held pending a hearing.

By 02:00 it was calm in the area. But police were still maintaining a presence “just in case” until four in morning, according to Fredlin.

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Cyrus said...

In 1991 there was a riot in Penticton, BC after an MC Hammer concert. A family friend stayed at his shop with a baseball bat to ward off the rioters. I can understand a bank manager not being inclined to protect the brick and mortar, but are there any reports of small business owners taking ownership for the defense of their property in the manner described above?

Also, paving stones being used as missiles seems like a good impetus to start paving roads with asphalt.

laine said...

Note the utter lack of concern by the parental units except possibly if their fine sons are manhandled by the police. The boys are acting out what they are taught in their homes and mosques, that they, parasitic punks that they are "own" wherever they squat and can vandalize at will.

Their parents express this same contempt by not working at the lowly jobs that require doing and draining the Welfare coffers of the stupid kuffar.

Swedes appear lobotomized as they are still not asking their leaders whose brilliant idea it was to solve the putative labor problem by importing a culture with a terrible education and work ethic that gets A's in rape, burning cars and other vandalism?

Dymphna said...


Note the utter lack of concern by the parental units...

From what I can understand of Muslim immigration culture this is not a lack of concern. Rather, it is what underclass Muslim immigrants do when they reach a certain density.

Swedes appear lobotomized...

That's harsh, and ultimately unfair. Sweden's culture, before the invasion of the aliens, was cohesive and depended on the quiet acquiescence of its citizens. In such a cultural atmosphere it is very difficult to make waves. You stand to lose everything for doing so: job, health care, pension, etc.

The growth of the Swedish Democrat party is heartening:

SD Strikes Back Against Radical Islam

a snip:

In fact two leaders of the Democrats are the brothers Kent and Ted Ekeroth. The Ekeroths are Jewish. They are expected to hold seats in Parliament if the Democrats crack the 3% support threshold needed to be considered a major party.

No other country is doing any better than Sweden in managing the onslaught against its culture and people.

Anonymous said...

Dymphna, yes and Sweden was like that because it was homogeneous. It's stupid to be like that when you include foreigners. It's mind boggling that they consider foreigners their own and this is the root of the problem. Still, it's not unfair. Given the situation, Swedes ARE lobotomized.

And the onslaught on the current culture is a great thing, since it's part of the problem. A culture is supposed to reinforce a people and make it more united, not include others and be weak in front of them.


Even though this might cost us and hurt us,
let it burn
let it burn
let it burn
- more than one school is allready burning every day
Let the schools burn, let the police stations burn...
let it burn
finally the wrath of not lobotomized 3 milj Swedish sleepwalkers might awake.
Then woe betide you, Mahound!

Zenster said...

ANTI-ISLAMIST: Even though this might cost us and hurt us,
let it burn…

At times like this, historical models can provide very useful examples. To begin with, enlightened self-interest has always been a strong driver in modifying individual and community behavior.

In previous times, communities exhibited a group interest in detecting, reporting and fighting fires to prevent the ultimate harm that they can do. To a lesser extent this approach was also applied to criminal activity and other sundry antisocial behaviors.

While using the term "self-enlightened" in connection with Muslims can be a bit squiffy, it is still necessary for Muslims to somehow begin policing themselves (yes, "self-policing Muslims" is another potent oxymoron as well).

This policy pertains both on a micro and macro scale.

On the micro scale, if Sewdish Muslims fail to restrain their children from assaulting emergency services personnel at fire scenes, then responding units should be withdrawn from the area. Once enough people have their homes burn to the ground, they will learn how to modify their childrens' behavior.

Self policing is equally important on a macro scale.

The hitherto unenthusiastic global Muslim community must be vigorously encouraged to begin policing jihadists with an eye towards expelling them from within their ranks lest an increasing number of these same reluctant Muslims perish as a result of Western efforts at interdiction or retaliation against terrorist attacks.

After enough major Muslim cities become uninhabitable, there will emerge a distinct incentive for them to preempt whatever "small minority of extremists" it is that they keep alluding to from pursuing any further efforts at global jihad.

Goodness knows that, given our lack of familiarity with Arab culture and general clumsiness, the West has a particularly difficult time doing this same task. So, such specialized handiwork should be given over to the far more capable Muslims with "strong incentives" put in place, such as not having their cities burn down (much like with the Swedish model), in order to encourage Islam's productive participation in fighting terrorism.

Blaming the West for all of its ills whilst relying upon Western efforts to better their lives is a bit of hypocrisy that Muslims must no longer be allowed to indulge in. Should they wish to perpetuate this farce, there needs to be a stiff price tag for doing so.

EdwardG said...

According to this article from Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, councilman Bo Sundin in Rinkeby is speculating that the riots were caused by good weather and school holidays!


laine said...

That's what I mean by lobotomized. No matter what facts one's eyes and ears bring to the brain, no critical reasoning ensues.

Loka said...
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laine said...

In this information age, with Swedes perfectly capable of affording and using computers and the Internet, the excuse that "the media is misinforming me" just doesn't hold water anymore.

Swedes show the terminal stages of socialism with a happy face. It still destroys all individual initiative. If you spent as much time shouting at your fellow Swedes for their willed ignorance as at a critic of it, you would all be better off.

Your country is in the race to go down first into the abyss of Eurabia. The Netherlands has dropped back with their recent salutary developments. The Dutch are demonstrating a spark of life and starting to speak up and vote with their ballots and with their feet. Swedes (Finns and Norwegians as well) are still going forward in lockstep like zombies with no significant sign of public dissent.

Blaming your media and government as though you are helpless babes is just another symptom of infantilization by socialism. You expect your nannies to save you from the now evil nanny state or bear all the blame for it?

Baron Bodissey said...


Gates of Vienna's rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.

Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


LENA said...

Swedes are not lobotomised. Media however are brown-nosing the parlament leaders and run their errands. No media coverage of the situation, and if something is said, it's said in evasive terms which won't evade that it was in fact a muslim problem. Only the Swedes who live as "neighbors to those muslimthugs are aware, note that most swedes live elsewhere. Sweden's media coverage is unique and disgusting in this sense. They're all "bought" The politicians are the big damn crooks, this is all their doing, this is what they want. f*** them. Many swedes are becoming aware now though, believe me, but many more need to awaken before it will make a huge impact. I am not lobotomised, I am a swede. No more insults please. I rather have you say the Swedish government is retarded.

Baron Bodissey said...

I agree, no more insults. There has to be a better way of describing the problem than calling Swedes "lobotomized". Such descriptions add nothing to the discussion.

It would be more fruitful to try to figure out why the majority of Swedes act the way they do, but without characterizing them in ways that denigrate and dehumanize them.

The vast majority of Swedes are trying to do the right thing, as they understand it.

An interesting task would be to discover why so many Swedes believe the right thing to do is to let more immigrants into their country and then refuse to apply civilized norms to them.

The Observer said...

Calling the average Swede a stupid retard for the current immigration mess in Sweden is the same as calling the average American a stupid retard for the enormous community of illegal Hispanic immigrants in the US.

It’s useless, it’s incorrect and it’s totally unnecessary.
It’s certainly hasn’t got a rallying effect for the average Swedes who opposes this immigration when they happen to stumble upon conservative anti-Islam blogs and sees that everybody refers to them as losers.

It’s kind of like how some people prefer not to get involved in the white nationalist movement because of all the fanatical neo-Nazis that can be found there.

Anonymous said...

kritisk, obviously Swedes who are willing to do something about it and aren't anti-racism fools aren't really losers. If they believe that it's the right thing to do to let immigrants into their country, then yes, they're stupid retards. Or at least have stupid beliefs.