Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/3/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/3/2010A 17-year-old girl in Australia was frightened of being sent overseas by her parents for a forced marriage, so she called the police and asked to be put on the watch list at the airport so that she would be stopped by officials before she left the country. The authorities have intervened, and the girl’s parents — who are Lebanese — have been enjoined from coercing harassing, intimidating, or assaulting her.

In other news, in the Palais de Justice in Brussels, a disgruntled Albanian immigrant shot a judge to death and killed her assistant with an axe. The assailant was injured before he fled, and police are looking for him.

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Sean O'Brian said...

Apparently one of the men killed on the flotilla was American-born:

American, 19, Among Gaza Flotilla Dead