Friday, June 04, 2010

Islam and Truth

A report from our Flemish correspondent VH:

Jewish-Christian Pastor Ben Kok, who earlier this year produced the documentary “Allah, the Netherlands, and the House of Orange” [see also: Then and Now: Part Four], has produced a 60-minute professional documentary on the Islamization of the Netherlands and Belgium. The documentary features experts as well as ex-Muslims, proponents and opponents of Islamization.

The experts interviewed include Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Afshin Ellian, among others, but also, for example, Sheikh Fawaz Jneid from the As Sunnah mosque in the Hague. Furthermore, there are interviews with politicians, including the leader of the SGP [Conservative Christian party], Kees van der Staaij. The Arabist Prof. Dr. Hans Jansen comments in the documentary, and some speakers can be heard from the Islamic conferences of the FION [Federation of Islamic Organizations in the Netherlands, a Muslim Brotherhood organization] and the Dar al-Ilm, including Fadel Soliman from Egypt and Saleh Soltan from Bahrain.

The documentary was offered to Dutch broadcasting organizations, but they refused to broadcast it. Additionally, politicians of the PvdA [Labour Party, Socialists], CDA [Christian Democrats] and CU [Christian Union, left wing Christians] — all three parties of the Balkenende Cabinet (2006-2010) — refused to be interviewed on this subject.

But there is more: the Dutch press agency ANP refused to pass through to its MSM clients the press release on the trailer of the documentary, although they had an agreement with Ben Kok, and were to be paid for the service:

Our press release announcing the film “Islam and Truth” was to be sent in the morning, according to confirmed agreements with the ANP, but was blocked because the word ‘Islam’ is in the title. […] It is a contractual arrangement, with payment for the service, and it is therefore not just any press release.

The ANP later offered a new excuse. The press release would not be passed on “because in the statement it is reported that the PvdA, CDA and CU parties refused to cooperate with the film, and also because no television station would broadcast it.” [source]

Below is the trailer for the film “Islam and Truth” (“Islam en Waarheid”, Dutch spoken, 60 minutes, DVD), by Ben Kok. The DVD can be ordered through , now a trailer has been released:

A complete transcript of the video is below the jump:
- - - - - - - - -
00:01 “Islam and Truth”
00:05 Touching the Quran with dirty hands…
00:09 25 years imprisonment, Court District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan
00:09 (Islamic Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: segregated entry for woman)
00:18 I cannot find it in my heart to blame anyone at all personally.
00:23 People revive so much of the use of violence and of totalitarian systems and coercion…
00:28 they find that so wonderful, and so hot, It apparently is in the genes.
00:32 I can’t help it. One must have…
00:36 a little compassion for people who adore the lack of freedom so much,
00:40 who want to spread that. This is a human need.
00:44 Do not condemn it too easily…
00:48 Well, the Western capitalist, liberal, democratic, etc., lifestyle
00:52 obviously arouses enormous resentment and hatred. Communism tried…
00:56 to put an end to it, the Nazis tried to put an end to it,
01:00 and yes, now it is the turn of Islam to try to put an end to it.
01:04 I think leftist politicians, and Muslim politicians…
01:08 immediately recognize that hatred in each other…
01:12 towards the West. This occurred for instance on the eve of Khomeini’s seizure of power.
01:16 Then the Left and the movement of Khomeini
01:20 quite agreed with each other. Subsequently, Khomeini obviously eradicated the Left,
01:24 and exterminated it with an efficiency which was unprecedented.
01:30 But basically they started out as allies. Well, it’s very dangerous…
01:34 also for the Left in Europe, to think that…
01:38 Islam would help reconstruct things here.
01:42 Well, the Dutch regents overestimate themselves where Islam is concerned.
01:46 They think there is no movement that we cannot integrate…
01:50 and wrap up and make it join in. They are in mistaken in that.
01:56 “Utrecht, January 25: Annually the Queen visits the meeting ‘In Freedom United’.”
02:04 “To spawn Islam.”
02:11 “We are not allowed in.”
02:15 Ah yes, good friend, that is just carnival at its best.
02:19 That you cannot take seriously. I mean, if you bring such a statement to Iran,
02:23 or Saudi Arabia, at the first instance the Muslims rightly become angry. It is an insult to the Koran.
02:29 To equate Islam to those dhimmis, Christians, Jews, and the Buddha.
02:34 I have been present at meetings between people of different religions…
02:39 here in the Netherlands, and what happened in these dialogues…
02:45 is that people avoid sensitive subjects; that is no dialogue.
02:50 That is just a matter of making nice, and wasting time.
02:54 But if a dialogue is about whether it is it possible to reconcile…
02:58 the value system of Islam with that of the Netherlands…
03:04 and then I am not talking about the religious aspects, not about…
03:08 praying and fasting and that sort of things, I’m talking about the political side…
03:12 whereby the concept of Jihad is central; or the social side,
03:16 the relationship between man and woman, relationships within the family,
03:20 how you deal with gays, unbelievers and those sorts of things. These two value systems…
03:28 are mutually exclusive, and that is not talked about. Nor has it been for thirty years.
03:33 What do people in this mosque think about non-Muslims? For example, I read in Sura 9,
03:37 that you should prosecute non-Muslims,
03:41 you must put them to death and such, it is in the Quran. What do you think of that?
03:45 Yes, but that’s only for that Muslim, not for…
03:50 in this sura it is not said that we… that we must kill someone or something.
03:58 In the Koran there is no such thing. Why do you all take bad things from the Quran?
04:00 From out of my Christian faith, I view people as equal,
04:05 and also have the conviction that you must love all human beings,
04:10 that you even must love your enemies, and that permeates…
04:14 your attitude towards people, whatever views they may have.
04:18 But at the same time I do believe that content-wise, you must be clear,
04:22 must be straightforward, and from there on, I cannot be positive about Islam.
04:29 On the contrary. There are many dark sides to Islam…
04:33 which I am deeply concerned about.
04:37 “The Bible: Love your neighbor as yourself!”
04:43 For the complete documentary on DVD, please visit


Juniper in the Desert said...

Yuck! the muslim men are pawing all the women who are going through the "women only" door!

What outrageous hypocrisy and lies!

Zenster said...

Well, the Western capitalist, liberal, democratic, etc., lifestyle obviously arouses enormous resentment and hatred. Communism tried to put an end to it, the Nazis tried to put an end to it and yes, now it is the turn of Islam to try to put an end to it.

What the Hell? I'm looking for an indignant, "Enough of this resentful bull's pizzle. Here you go, RESENT THIS!" What's with this calm acceptance of yet another onslaught against the civilized world? The only difference being that this time it is led by a horde of barbarians that make the Nazis look downright well-mannered.

I think leftist politicians, and Muslim politicians immediately recognize that hatred in each other towards the West. This occurred for instance on the eve of Khomeini’s seizure of power. Then the Left and the movement of Khomeini quite agreed with each other. Subsequently, Khomeini obviously eradicated the Left, and exterminated it with an efficiency which was unprecedented. But basically they started out as allies. Well, it’s very dangerous also for the Left in Europe, to think that Islam would help reconstruct things here.

Yuri Bezmenov must be laughing out loud at the European Left's monumental hubris in believing that, somehow; "this time it will be different". One can only suppose that anything is possible for those who really believe that; "Communism just hasn't been done right yet."

ONE HUNDRED MILLION CORPSES and still they think that Communism is the answer. Holding fast to such obviously delusional nonsense bespeaks a level of self-loathing and overall hatred of the human race that can only be termed as "diabolical".

Fortress said...

Holding fast to such obviously delusional nonsense bespeaks a level of self-loathing and overall hatred of the human race that can only be termed as "diabolical".

And truly, given the scope, and shear variance of this overarching theme permeating around the planet, one can't help but wonder...

Is something DOING this to us? I mean, are we really THIS suicidal? Do we want our species to die this badly? Is it us, or are we being targeted by something or someone beyond us?

It's a bit of a paranoid question, but again, given the shear magnitude of it, thoughts such as this begin to intrude upon one's consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Islam must be so special or not why these women embrace Islam?

American Women Embraced ISLAM in Alaska

American girl from Oklahoma converts to Islam

Nicola Queen Convert/Revert To Islam

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A French woman talks about her new life as a revert to ISLAM

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ALLAH! There is no God but He,
the Living, the Self-subsisting, the Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him, nor sleep.
All things in heaven and earth are His.
Who could intercede in his presence without His permission?
He knows what appears in front of and behind His creatures.
Nor can they encompass any knowledge of Him except what he wills.
His throne extends over the heavens and the earth,
and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them,
for He is the Highest and Most Exalted.
The Throne Verse Qur'an 2:255

SAY: We believe in God and that which was revealed unto us
and that which was revealed unto Abraham, and Ismail, and Isaac, and Jacob,
and the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received,
and that which the Prophets received from their Lord.
We make no distinction between any of them and unto Him we surrender
Qur'an 2:136

BEHOLD, We have created you all out of a male and a female,
and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another...
This community of yours is one single community,
since I am the Sustainer of you all: remain, then, conscious of me.
Qur'an 49:13, 23:52

ALLAH is He, other than Whom there is no other god;
who knows both what is hidden and what can be witnessed;
He is the Most Compassionate and Merciful.
Allah is He, other than Whom there is not other god;
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the Compelling, the Supreme.
Glory be to God, beyond any associations.
He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Form.
To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names:
whatever exists in heaven and earth declares His Praise and Glory.
And He is Exalted in Power, the Wise.
Qur'an 59:22-24

TO God belongs the East and the West,
Wheresoever you look is the face of God.
Qur'an 2:115

Welcome to Islam and you will be peaceful and happy in this world and hereafter


Zenster said...

arah: Islam must be so special or [if] not why [do] these women embrace Islam?

Albert Einstein explained it best:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.

− Albert Einstein −

There are women who, time and again, return to husbands that beat them viciously. Then there are women who voluntarily become Muslimas. I have a shred more sympathy for the beaten women.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim propaganda is hilarious. Can someone verify for me if the verse he quoted isn't one of the abrogated ones? Because it strikes me as one of those.

Anonymous said...

How the bible led me to Islam?

ben kok said...

Thanks for this publication!
See all info on,
so far only in Dutch but I will place an English translation, so that you can get the whole story, 60 minutes.
So far only Dutch spoken, but we are working on a English undertitle.
If you make your donation, please add beside your adress, "english version"
To be sure, confirm by email, use "contac" on
Ben Kok (jewish-christian pastor)

Arius said...

Islam and Truth? Now there is a contradiction.

Fortress said...


Since I am a lazy sort, and do not wish to duplicate effort, I will direct your fanatical self to this site which will have all the rejections to your points of view that you could never stomach:

Also, if you'll scroll down a bit, you'll find the cute little ticker down there for how many Islamic terrorist attacks there've been since 9/11. Over 15,000 at current count.

We will not submit. We will not surrender. Your god is a lie. Your prophet is a liar. They are neither God nor a true servant of such a being. Both Allah and Mohammad are nothing, and so is Islam. I'm sure you can infer what that says about you and yours.