Sunday, June 06, 2010

“Islam Cannot Be Reformed”

As a part of their tour of Canada, Bat Ebor and Sam Solomon were interviewed on Michael Coren’s television program. Below are some excerpts compiled by Kitman from the exchanges between Sama Solomon and Michael Core:

Kitman has posted the a series of videos of the interviews of Bat Ebor and Sam Solomon. For the additional videos, see Kitman’s channel.

After listening to Mr. Solomon’s irrefutable logic concerning the non-reformability of Islam, Michael Coren said, “The conclusions are quite terrifying, then.”

Yes, they are. That’s why so few otherwise intelligent Westerners are willing to draw them. As I mentioned last week, however, there is a solution: making the world safe for apostasy.

Sam Solomon is a living example of what many Muslims would choose, if they only could: the door out.

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Anonymous said...


Iran offers escort to next aid convoy

Profitsbeard said...

"the door out" was slammed shut a millennium ago when Islamic "scholars" determined that the "gates of Ijtihad" [reform] were closed from that point onward.

Reform is thus impossible in Islam and in Muslim thought by this sanctified dictate.

Here's one apologist trying desperately to "modernize" the medieval:


Zenster said...

After listening to Mr. Solomon’s irrefutable logic concerning the non-reformability of Islam, Michael Coren said, “The conclusions are quite terrifying, then.”

One question remains. For exactly whom shall these "conclusions" be so "terrifying"? Unbelievers or Muslims?

It is long past tea to make the perpetuation of Islamic intolerance a terrifying prospect for Muslims. They must be made to realize that any inability to coexist upon Islam's part will spell its doom; That the civilized world will no longer make any exceptions for, nor allow any continuation of, the Islamic barbarity that currently pollutes its shores.

Not that Muslims will be unwelcome. Not that Islam will be banned. But simply that unending war will be waged by the non-Islamic world until there is no longer any resistance to the abandonment of jihad or there are no longer enough Muslims to pose any threat to the civilized world.

The choice is theirs. All that the West must do is decide to survive. After that, all other accommodations, concessions, allowances, compromises, considerations, compensations and special measures must be made by Muslims if they wish to have a continuing place in this world.

Soon enough the age of enduring Islam's constant aggression will come to an end. It will be met with an equal, if not much greater, degree of opposition and any resistance or refusal to comply will take on catastrophic dimensions for the followers of Allah.

This is the only alternative to accepting a global caliphate.

Historyscoper said...

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laine said...

It is impossible for us westerners to distinguish between a true moderate Muslim (one who would not promote sharia at some future date) and the garden variety supremacist. Muslims cannot separate the sheep from the goats themselves, witness the family members who claim they had no idea their son/brother etc. was so devout he would plot to kill non-Muslims.

Really, the only safe Muslim would be an ex-Muslim who is in danger of assassination for his apostasy and therefore shares our danger.

Therefore the only hope for the West is to stop Muslim immigration. If that means stopping all immigration for the perfectly defensible economic reason of no jobs available, and prohibitive costs to teach English as a second language to illiterates, so be it. Western countries have certainly not gained anything by the last two decades of immigration, and have damaged social cohesion while probably incurring a net economic loss.

Muslims already here must be kept under close watch by security forces and all catering to their religious demands stopped (no public footbaths, veiling etc.) so that many will want to leave. The public should be cool to all displays of fundamentalist Islam, protest new mosques, break out the porcine decorations and cross bearing flags for all they're worth.

The message should be. "You are in a non-Muslim country and your faith says this is verboten unless you're working at undermining that country for Islam. We're not Muslim. We disapprove of Muslim depredations against other religions around the world. We will never be Muslim. Your own religion says you are not here to build up the USA/Canada/France etc. Go back to where your loyalty lies and don't let the door hit you on the way out".

Decatur said...

What really terrifies me is that an educated adult like Coren is so ignorant about Islam. He's a journalist, an author, he works for Canadian broadcasting, he's touted as a 'brilliant intellectual', how can anyone with this resume' have not noticed Islam's aggressive march through Western nations or not had the time nor the inclination to investigate what motivates their actions. Did not 9/11 impact on him? How many other Michael Corens are there?