Monday, June 21, 2010

“Hitler Forgot One”

The incidence of overt anti-Semitism in the Netherlands has increased recently, and virtually all of the reported cases involve culture enrichers, rather than “persons of Dutch background”.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from Elsevier about a recent incident in Amsterdam, and follows it with his own notes. The full video is embedded at the bottom of this post:

Dutch Rabbi gets Hitler salute and raises the alarm about anti-Semitism

by Maartje Willems

Dutch Moroccan gives Nazi saluteIn a broadcast of the Dutch TV program “The Five W’s” by the [Dutch] Jewish Broadcasting Organization, one can see Rabbi Lody van de Kamp walk with two students though Amsterdam where he is threatened by Moroccan youths. One of them even gives him a Hitler salute.

In the TV program Van de Kamp raises the alarm about the growing anti-Semitism in the Netherlands. He wants Jews to be able to walk normally in all areas of the city, and at present that is not the case.

“It happens regularly that one is mocked,” says Rabbi Van de Kamp. The two students also claim to have been harassed often when they walk through the city.

In other cities of the Netherlands there have also been reports filed with the police because Jews were attacked.

Last week it became known that the Amsterdam borough “De Baarsjes” even has a hidden synagogue, because Jews are afraid of trouble otherwise.[1]

Last week PvdA member Ahmed Marcouch called for the deployment of a lokjood [“decoy Jew”] to halt the growing anti-Semitism.

“As far as I am concerned, you may deploy a decoy Jew, but you must nab them. You must do everything to increase the chances of getting them. These look like they are just incidents, but this is serious.”

Elsevier comment: Why is there so little public outrage about the increasing aggression of Dutch-Moroccan street-scum?

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[1] Paul Andersson Toussaint (Dutch journalist): “In the Amsterdam neighborhood De Baarsjes is a hidden synagogue: there Jews gather every Saturday, but secretly. The Moroccans may not have noticed it. In our capital Amsterdam, there are six neighborhoods where Jews wearing a keppeltje [yarmulke] or are dressed in the Orthodox fashion (as well as those recognizable as gay people) can no longer appear without running a high risk of being cursed, spit on, threatened, or even harassed. All of those are neighborhoods in which there is a concentration of Moroccan Dutch. I know two Orthodox Jews, who for years on their way to their ‘Sjoel’ [synagogue] in the neighborhood De Pijp have been harassed and insulted every Sabbath by groups of Moroccan youths, mocking them with ‘dirty cancer Jew. Allah will slaughter you all’. One of them moved to Israel, the other to Amstelveen [south of Amsterdam] where ‘they’ are not present. Most of their Jewish friends don’t dare to wear a keppeltje [yarmulke] in the [neighborhoods] Indische Buurt, the Transvaalbuurt, and Nieuw-West, or pull a hat over their keppeltje [yarmulke]. Even Rabbi Raphael Evers, who lives in the neat neighborhood Buitenveldert, has developed avoidant behavior, and tries to minimize his trips out on the street, because he almost always is offended by Moroccans: ‘Hey. Hitler forgot one’. Many Jews he knows have the same experiences.” [source]

“A conservative estimate: I am physically and verbally threatened on average twice a week, intimidated or otherwise indecently or (extremely) aggressively treated by immigrant boys and men. The vast majority in that group is of Moroccan descent. There is almost never a justification for the excessive behavior of these guys. Their conduct undoubtedly has a racist origin. The fact that I am a native Dutchman is enough for them. There are thousands of such hate-heads walking around in Amsterdam. […] My own research and strolls in districts in Amsterdam show that it is a much broader phenomenon. There is no ethnic community where we-they thinking has developed so strongly as with the Moroccans. There is a large group of Moroccans living in Amsterdam that do not feel Dutch at all, but Moroccan. And who are hostile towards the Dutch, Dutch society, and the West.” [source]


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Miki said...

Maybe someone should buy a ship, invite these gentlemen on it and then sail it to the southern seas? I still don't get it - why would someone live in a place he doesn't like (since there are Jews living here for example). Maybe we should help in relocating?

spackle said...

Notice how the scumbags giving the "Seig Heil" are standing next to their high priced racing motorcycles. I find it highly unlikely that they were purchased through honest means. Then you have the other two (around 1:34) sitting down dressed in their gangsta wear finest. One has a Gucci ball cap on and is wearing a parka and has an expression that denotes an absolute absence of an even average intelligence. You can almost hear the wiring in his brain crack and pop as he tries to form a clear Jew hating thought.

This all in the middle of the day. Why is none of them in school or working in a full-time job? Ah yes, I forgot. All those native Dutch and Jews are doing this for them so they can just relax and crack infidel skull for kicks. No wonder Geert Wilders scares the s**t out of them. Please God, I pray that none of these waste products take him out.

Zenster said...

… one can see Rabbi Lody van de Kamp walk with two students though Amsterdam where he is threatened by Moroccan youths. One of them even gives him a Hitler salute.

Some 50 million people died just so these rut bags can summon back up the specter of this world's most vicious killing machine that saw legions of free men perish in order to defeat?

Truly, all irony is completely lost upon Muslims.

It is the utter lack of shame with which Islam goes about its virulent hate that will, one day, bring shocked looks to Muslim faces as they are herded like cattle − onto repatriating boats if they are fortunate but, most likely − into the same death camp-bound rail cars they keep wishing upon the Jews.

Never have so many people simply begged for the absolute worst sort of retribution. Even the most hateful of Muslim minds will be pummeled into stunned silence at how merciless the treatment is that they receive when the civilized world finally sickens of their abject barbarism.

Those few Muslims who manage to survive will forever bear the guilt and shame for having countenanced such genocidal anti-Semitism, all the while never even dreaming of how that same fury could eventually be loosed upon them in even greater measure.

imnokuffar said...

And just where were the guardians of Law and Order when this was happening, what are they doing to prevent it. Plus, why is it allowed to go on. Could it be because the people being insulted and threatened are Jews and the people committing these offences are Mools. Could it be that the Police don't want to offend the community of mools so it does not matter if a few Jews get insulted, spat upon and are subjected to treatment reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Unknown said...

imnokuffar, it is because our civilization is in a state of decay. The peak has passed and turned imperceptibly into free fall. It happened to other civilizations before us and it is happening to us now. I do not know if it is fortunate or not that our barbarians today are such a ridiculously pathetic bunch, incapable of adapting, fascists to the core. Fall or not, I do not think it possible that West will go silently into oblivion. For some time now I have a feeling that what Zenster wrote will happen, people will get fed up and tolerance will literally shatter to smithereens, and it is going to be merciless and terrible. Peaceful resolution is now I think only theoretically possible, once I believed in it, but not anymore. We are not capable of it. I wonder if anyone anywhere ever would be... in our strength we would've lacked the tolerance for situation like this to even occur, in our weakness we lack the vision to lead ourselves out. If we are lucky and something of us survives, perhaps than something new can arise from the ashes.

Wow does this sounds depressing...

Tanstaafl said...

My sympathies are with the Dutch, not the various migrants jostling for primacy.

Robert said...

I am confused. The Jewish community in the Netherlands had been a proponent of immigration. Why do they act surprised when Islamic immigrants fail to love them as they think they deserve to be loved.