Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview With Lord Pearson

Lord Pearson (more accurately, Malcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch), the member of the House of Lords who invited Geert Wilders to show Fitna in Parliament, is interviewed on Dutch televison. Only the short intro is in Dutch:

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Czechmade said...

No comment? This Malcolm is no dhimmi. It seems the Brits have some little machine to work on muslims like little kids.

Note he is extremely quite. A good sign.

Joanne said...

Pearson's first mistake is that he actually thinks there are peace loving Muslims, with very few exceptions, of course....two or three at most. hah. Just look at all the countries whose religion is primarily Islam. What laws are they governed under - Sharia Laws. Muslims want to be governed under the Sharia Laws of Islam. Muslims in western and european countries are working their damndest to have separate Sharia courts for Muslims.

If a person cannot identify the enemy, then they will fail in their fight against them. The Koran is a book that promotes pedophilia, sodomy, polygamy, and the killing of non-Muslims as the rights of Muslims everywhere, so is it so far-fetched that Wilders would want the Koran banned in the same manner of Mein Kampf? I don't know how Britain and Belgium can have hate laws but still condone the Koran,.....yet hurt the feelings of a Muslim, and they will put you in the slammer for it, but if Muslims threaten and are called upon to kill you, isn't deemed hate speech. I guess once you're dead, who is left to complain about hurt feelings.

Czechmade said...


of course there are "peaceful muslims", only we do not know whether they make only 10% or up to 60%. They do not know that either...

These people are fools not knowing they are apostates.

They should hasten to say so publically. But even Ali Sina discourages such ex-muslims to declare their apostacy in their families, much less publically.

Remember we do not support such people really.

Study takeover or putch made by communists. Many believers and non-believers took part not thinking of the worst.

It is a battle behind a smoke screen. Maybe we are winning or loosing...

Profitsbeard said...

Wilders wants the Dutch to be absurdly consistent in their p.c. stupidity.

It is an sardonic "implosion" tactic, a form of satirical agreement, encouraging them to carry their legal irrationality to its 'logical' conclusion: and to thus ban the Koran for the same level of "hate speech" as they have banned "Mein Kampf".

He is mocking them, not agreeing with their mistaken premise of "forbidding 'hate speech'".

The grim literalists are missing his dry humor.

And failing to grasp that Wilders is playing upon such absurdities as:

"There is nothing funnny in Islam." -Ayatollah Khomeini (a cosmic joke himself).