Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Islamic Apartheid in the West

Back in 2007, El Inglés posted his debut essay here about the possibility of a Danish Civil War. Since then the future he imagined is a year and a half closer, and various European civil wars have come to seem more and more likely, as the lawless Muslim neighborhoods of major cities become larger and more ungovernable.

The situation is not confined to Europe, but is replicated in varying degrees across the entire West. Below is VH’s translation from Het Vrije Volk of an article about the creation of de facto apartheid areas for Muslims in Australia and various other countries. VH follows the translated article with additional material about similar situations in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe:

The return of apartheid: separate residential areas for Muslims cause a sensation in Australia

By E.J. Bron

The term apartheid is inseparably identified with South Africa. The racial segregation of whites and non-whites in South Africa was only abolished in the nineties of the last century. Until then, among other things, blacks were not allowed to live in the residential areas of whites.* All of this in South Africa is long past. In Australia, the clock is now being turned back: Muslims want to build residential areas to which non-Muslims have no access. And in Australia, non-Muslims are outraged and furious about this.

Rivervale is located about 6 kilometers from the Australian city of Perth. Until 1884 this suburb on the Swan River was also called Barndon Hill. According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in Rivervale currently about 44 persons speak Arabic and 239 persons are Islamic believers. That is 3.4% of residents of Riverdale. The Muslims of Rivervale now want to build a district to which non-Muslims will have no access. A pure Muslim neighborhood, where apartheid will exist and “unbelievers” must remain outside. A parking garage only for Muslims, housing only for Muslims, a hall only for Muslim weddings, an Islamic religious center — all that makes for a lot of turmoil in Australia at the moment. Islamic leaders find this all very normal. They emphasize that the strict separation of believers and “infidels” would have only advantages: “infidels” would thus not be harassed by the exotic odors coming from the Islamic [sic] cuisine.
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The required separation of residential areas in Rivervale is apartheid and racism in its purest form. At the same time, Muslim organizations claim that Islam would be non-racist. On the homepage of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany it says: “No Muslim who shows racist behavior may appeal to Islam and find in this any justification for any discriminatory act.” The Muslims in Australia, who want to separate themselves from the “unbelievers” by isolating themselves in their own residential areas, are thus no Muslims.

Meanwhile there are Muslim enclaves arising all over in Western countries. This is not new. The only novelty will be the first enclave that denies access to “infidels”. In Canada, for example, not so long ago the first Muslim town came to be. Canada is a multicultural country, where the followers of Islam enjoy all the Western freedoms. In 2007 in the vicinity of Toronto, the Muslims built the first purely Islamic city, called “Peace Village”. In a portion of the city are street names such as Mahmood Street, Nasir and Tahrir Street, Noor-ud-Dins Street, and Mosque Gate. And there is a mosque in which women and men pray separately.

It is the first purely Islamic city on the American continent. More will follow. The first language of the Muslims living there is not English, but Urdu (official language of Pakistan). There the Muslims are amongst themselves. In the area of the “peace city” at Lake Ontario there used to be a Christian church, the “Teston United Church”. This has been demolished and what was still left was sold at auction. Nobody is enraged about this. For in the end it was replaced by a Muslim “peace city”.

In the Netherlands there a Muslim city like this will also appear. In Rotterdam, where many Moroccans live anyway, they want to build in Rotterdam-West district a city that will be reminiscent of “Casablanca”. There the Moroccan citizens should feel more at home.

This article has been translated from German to Dutch for Het Vrije Volk by E.J. Bron. Source here and here.

VH includes this additional material:

Note on The Netherlands:

The Moroccan government suggested supplying Moroccan workers for the planned building of the neighborhood in Rotterdam, called Le Riad. The PVV asked the Minister of Housing and Integration not to respond to this crazy offer. Certainly not now; due to the economic circumstances many builders are without employment.

Another reason is that Morocco should not interfere with internal matters. The neighborhood is not openly planned to be a Muslim area, but it certainly will become one within a few years by threatening the infidels until they leave their area, like they do everywhere else where they feel unhindered by the government.

In the same context is the proposal of the Dutch disciple of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamofascist Ahmed Marcouch (PvdA, Socialists, Labour) to found a Muslim city very strategically, just outside the highway-ring around Amsterdam.

Note on a CIA “civil war” forecast:

Udo Ulfkotte reports that the CIA expects civil wars in German metropolitan areas [caveat from Baron Bodissey — this report has no cited source beyond Udo Ulfkotte, as far as we can tell]:

We should not spare you a CIA report on Europe. This one deals with population trends in European urban areas and also especially in many German cities.

In this study the “ungovernablilty” of many European metropolitan centers is forecast for “around the year 2020”. In Germany these allegedly include: parts of the Ruhr area (specifically mentioned are Dortmund and Duisburg), parts of the German capital Berlin, the Rhine-Main region, parts of Stuttgart, Ulm and districts of the suburbs of Hamburg.

The CIA predicts similar developments for the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy. The study speaks of a “civil war”, that will make parts of the aforementioned countries “ungovernable”.

The background to the study includes migration movements and the lack of integration of immigrants who are conquering “legally free and largely ethnically homogeneous spaces” and will defend these areas with force of arms if necessary. The CIA argues against this background that parts of Europe will “implode” and the European Union in its presently known form will probably fall apart.


heroyalwhyness said...

Daniel Pipes discusses similar 'enclaves' in Canada, US, UK, Nigeria . . .

Anonymous said...

The present drift towards a situation - Muslims becoming ever more numerous, and demanding more as a consequence, will eventually lead to a civil war, with countless dead and untold suffering. I’ve maintained this since 2005 at the least (Google: Global civil war + DP111), and see nothing in the future but a catastrophe in the making.

What do we do? What is required is for a prominent set of politicians, writers, and thinkers, to state with humility and compassion, that we, i.e., the West have made a colossal mistake, and before it is too late, to right that. That humanity and compassion for all, Muslims included, require that separation from Islam/Muslims be undertaken as a matter of urgency, or else we are looking at the demise of the West, or a civil war that makes Bosnia look like a garden party.

It is sad to state, but nothing can save the West from separate civil wars breaking out all over, like an ugly rash. There are no easy options left now except a parting of communities. This is the most humane solution we have at the moment, and even this option is time limited. In the end we face a gruesome civil war in the future (Kosovo, Bosnia, Thailand etc), which after countless dead, will lead to “ethnic” cleansing as the final outcome.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong, for civil wars are the worst, especially those involving Islam. Let us hope and pray, that it all comes out right in the end without a civil war.

Anonymous said...

A Poisoned Chalice

For the last year it I’ve had this suspicion, that neither Labour nor the Conservatives are keen to win the coming election. This suspicion has been brought about by a continuous stream of policies that Labour have brought out, that seem to be designed to alienate the people. The Geert Wilders affair, the welcome extended to an alQaeda trained Ethiopian who has but the faintest ties to Britain, are just the recent examples. I could go on. On the side of the Conservatives, one would have thought that they would be shooting goals one after the other- but nothing. The goal is unprotected but the Conservatives do not wish to score. They noncommittally go along with Labour.

From this it became clear to me that neither of the traditional parties is willing to take on the governance of Britain, as they know full well that they will be blamed for the civil unrest when it happens. The party in power will get the blame, and be confined to the political wilderness for decades. Labour wants to get out of government, while the Conservatives are quite happy to stay in opposition, as being in opposition is far safer and pleasanter in these uncertain times. It must be a first in history.

Britain is not just becoming ungovernable, but tragically, and quite unheard of in history, no one wants to take power. This leaves the field open to minor parties – BNP in Britain, and Vlaams Belang, Wilders PPV in Europe.

I think the same situation holds in the rest of Europe. And who knows, McCain could also have had a glimpse of the future, and knowing his age, decided that it was not worth the candle. Poor Obama could just have been handed a poisoned chalice.

Joanne said...

I kind of like the notion of having Muslims where we know they are living. If non-Muslims aren't allowed in, Muslims aren't allowed out.

As for a Muslim city within Toronto, well Toronto was a write-off long time ago. It is unfortunate these immigrants have a vote though because they always vote for the liberals/socialists who like handing out monies to people who haven't contributed a dime to the Canadian economy.

Michael said...
A sympathetic 6 minute video on the Peace Village near Toronto.

captain mission said...

in australia there has been no media coverage of this whatsoever.
islam will overwhelm europe, it's obvious that you have all been sold down the river by your governments and the UN. the best solution is to start talking to one another and identify a threat exists. this is something it seems europe is a bit slow to understand. it usually blames israel or the jews. certainly it's leaders and academia and media bear a large responsibility but in all honesty if islam is an aggressive and dangerous meme and europe its host, then i'd say the host has a terminal illness and apart from surgery ie. removal of the meme, i can't think of anything other as a cure because the meme of islam and left wing stupidity has infected all your vital organs.
ps i'm referring to the radical form of islam, not your sufi type.

Decatur said...

I have read somewhere, Bostom or Spencer perhaps, that once Islam establishes itself in a region, that region can never revert to a non-Islamic state. This Peace Village in Toronto is an example, Muslims can never permit this to be governed by Infidels again. This Australian effort is a bad move, I hope they resist it. Moslem demands are becoming ever more outlandish and Western nations stand and stare, hogtied by Leftwing indoctrination, guilt and fear. The speed of this takeover and the complete submission to it is breathtaking.
captain mission is correct, the media and academia share much of the blame. We only know as much as we do because we read blogs. Millions don't. I'm sure we are all familiar with the blank stares when we bring up this topic with colleagues or associates.
DP111, The BNP may do well in Britain, I read a British daily online; Whenever they publish an article about the BNP, hundreds of comments appear supporting the BNP and thousands check these comments affirmatively.

Anonymous said...

That there is some kind of escalation looming on the horizon is undeniable by now. The only question remaining is not so much the when, but the where and how strong it will be. As a European reader of Gates of Vienna, it gives me a small amount of comfort to know that at least some people on your side of the great pond understand the gravity of the challenges we will all face (and already do). But in general, my hopes for support form the USA are hovering not far above the freezing point.

Anonymous said...

DP111 & Decatur, I agree with you two about the rising prospects of smaller parties like the Vlaams Belang and the BNP (I cannot comment on the Sweden Democrats as Sweden seems to be a very special example almost beyond the pale). I also agree that we are most likely looking at a multitude of civil wars during the coming decades, civil wars which will be fought in the streets and cities of countries who very much deny that such a development is even remotely possible.

I think this shock will lead to the fight being even more brutal and devastating. And our best shot at preventing such widespread mayhem is to support parties whose programmes offer large correlations to our own ideas. I have long since stopped worrying about supporting parties like the BNP or the Austrian FPÖ because it dawned on me that we have no electoral alternatives, which, along with Gates of Vienna and most of you articulate guys and gals gives me as much prestige as a leper in most of the (neo-) conservative circles on your side of the Atlantic.

That, and I fear that any confrontation between the indigenous peoples of Europe and its immigrant (read: Muslim) populations will see us and the United States on opposite sides.

We may not like all the things those parties stand for, but sorting those out is a task for the time after we have dealt with our immigration fiasco. That will be a matter of finding suitable policy options. What we face now, however, are questions of national and cultural survival.

Czechmade said...

It can be literally a matter of days or months. If we are prepared, the resistance of people who know exactly what is coming can be calm and strong. The other side will suffer defeat - lack of anticipation:

Defensive blitzkrieg.

Then resist any temptation of striking some peace deal. Push up to the end.

Israel is just a text book for all of us. "No Gaza, baby. Get out."

Decatur said...

This 'Summer of Rage' that police in Britain fear may disrupt the London G20 meeting in April, may be the catalyst to Euro-wide disruptions.