Friday, February 13, 2009

Shouting Fire in a Theatre

Here’s a video montage from UKIP about the controversy in the UK surrounding Geert Wilders and his movie Fitna:

Hat tip: Gaia.

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wildiris said...

But what if there really is a fire in the theater?

Henrik R Clausen said...

But what if there really is a fire in the theater?

Like in the grand old days of the Soviet Union you are supposed to ignore the fact, or help cover it up, or else...

Wilders simply got the 'else' treatment.

Vasarahammer said...

It's self-evident that the Lord Pearson appearing on this film is a different man compared to the Lord Pearson appearing on Dutch tv only a couple of hours ago.

Seeing this film shows clearly that Lord Pearson has understood the point. Fitna is not about extremism provided by Geert Wilders but an accurate portrayal of extremism by muslims connected to appropriate quranic verses.

Lord Pearson in this clip is a different person compare to what he was only a few hours ago.

spackle said...

"But what if there really is a fire in the theater?"

You run out! Unless of course you are a woman sans Burqua. Then you go back to burn to death.

Here is a little test. How about a film made by milibrand with quotes from Mein Kampf along with images from WW2? Then take a trip to Germany to show it. Would he be barred for inciting hate against the German people?
What if an Indian made a film with quotes from certain Englishmen along with images of oppressed and killed Indians?

Why dont we all make films about every country who ever screwed someone? I think no one would travel anywhere ever again.

Henrik R Clausen said...

What they're doing here is keeping anyone from shouting 'Fire!', ever. Presto, problem of false alarms solved.

A hypthetical problem remains, though, namely the case of a real fire, but (as above), why bother? It would be so embarrassing to admit being wrong that a slight civil war or a little collapse of society seems a small price to pay.

Joanne said...

If Wilders was a Muslim, he could go into Britain and show whatever he wanted because he couldn't incite the indigenous British peoples to rise up against most anything, but a person who may cause the Muslims in Britain to have an excuse to become violent, they are denied access. The Muslims in Britain promote their hatred for the infidel in and out of their mosques openly, but nothing is done about it, because the British are afraid of offending and inciting the Muslims to violence, of which they are prone to do at the drop of a hat.

The British people are treated like second-class citizens in their own country, while Muslim immigrants and Muslims are treated with kid gloves. Screw that!

Czechmade said...

Maybe I should come to the House of Lords with my movie "Marxist fitna".

First finish the little guy and his bigger brother can follow the suit by himself:

The muslim used the marxist crutch for years somehow, I wonder whether he is able to walk around England without this crutch.

It would make a nice cartoon - the fat quranic guy leaning on the little crutch-like marxist dwarf.

The dwarf shouting "Finally I have done the job!"

Czechmade said...

Maybe we should shout "Water!"

That is not "illegal", or is it?

Zenster said...

wildiris: But what if there really is a fire in the theater?

Then you have on your side what should always remain the ultimate legal defense, truth.

Clearly, the EUnuchs are striving to banish truth as the best legal defense. This abject desecration of the justice system should serve as a bellwether for anyone who cares a fig about personal liberty and freedom. Rarely in modern history has there been, in free lands at a time of peace, such an all out assault upon the most inalienable human rights. Europe is dieing the death of a thousand paper cuts.

Czechmade said...


Let him walk (Miliband) through some muslim neighbourhoods without bodyguards. He might be able to detect some "fire" on his own.

He migh wear some T-shirt with

"Jews are cool" or "Kuffaar are cool".