Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Jihad Next Door

Muslims of AmericaAs longtime readers know, three and a half years ago I took an interest in Jamaat ul-Fuqra because two of its compounds — Red House and Meherrin — are quite close to us. As I researched JuF and its front organization, the Muslims of America, I discovered that there was almost nothing new available online — after the Beltway sniper crisis of 2002 had faded out of the news, further coverage of the group had dried up.

So I took a little ride that October afternoon and began my investigation. Immediately afterwards CP, the Christian Action Network, and other dedicated investigators picked up the ball and ran with it, and now internet users can find a wealth of information about Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, the sheikh from Pakistan, who founded Jamaat ul-Fuqra and is the emir of its rural training compounds scattered throughout the United States.

Don’t believe the skeptics who dismiss all this information. Scroll down our sidebar to the Jamaat ul-Fuqra section and start with my first report, or check out the Charlotte County Files, which is the single most comprehensive source on JuF and MOA available on the internet — most of it drawn from U.S. government material.

Muslims of AmericaIn other words, we’re not making any of this up. I discovered, as did Martin Mawyer and Christian Action Network, that there are rural communities across the USA whose residents are terrified of the well-armed prison-recruited Islamic fundamentalists who are living in their midst.

Some of these people are too frightened by their Muslim neighbors to go on record about their experiences. I have talked to them myself, and found out that they don’t trust the federal government or local law enforcement to protect them from the mujahideen of JuF, when push comes to shove.

So this post is dedicated to them, and to all the other people around the country who are learning the hard way that they will have to take of their own.

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Sheikh Gilani LaneMartin Mawyer, Jason Campbell, and the other brave people of the Christian Action Network have spent the last three years researching, videotaping, and gathering material for their documentary Homegrown Jihad. They have done the country a tremendous service, and I recommend that you visit the CAN site and get yourself a copy of the DVD.

Full disclosure: I know Marty and Jason, and I have worked with them in the past, pooling information, sharing tips, and chronicling their group’s efforts to force the Charlotte County authorities to rename “Sheikh Gilani Lane”. So I’m not a disinterested party.

Homegrown JihadHowever, I can assure you that this documentary is a careful and accurate summary of what is known about Sheikh Gilani, the Muslims of America, and Jamaat ul-Fuqra. It’s not absolutely comprehensive — after all, they had to fit everything into an hour-long video — but it is a well-crafted introduction.

Marty and Jason did an enormous amount of legwork to put it all together. When you watch their visits to Islamberg in New York, or the compound in Commerce, Georgia, or the newly-discovered camp in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, you’ll see that these two guys have more thatchers than most people.

Their biggest coup was obtaining Sheikh Gilani’s terrorist training video, “Soldiers of Allah”. Over the years the Sheikh has repeatedly insisted on the peaceful nature of his group, and denied that it has any connection with violence or terrorism. But when you watch his training video, you’ll hear Gilani himself explaining to the camera that he is setting up camps in the USA for the “Soldiers of Allah”. You’ll also see him supervising the mujahideen, participating in some of the training, and actually firing automatic weapons.

And most tellingly of all, you’ll hear him admonish his followers in the USA to make sure that they don’t let his video fall into the wrong hands. Be careful, he says: no unauthorized copies!
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Alas for Sheikh Gilani! One of his people failed to heed his warning, and with the publication of Homegrown Jihad, his secret training video has now been spread far and wide.

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During the course of the documentary, several residents of MOA compounds are interviewed, both on and off camera. About halfway through the movie, a brief quote from one of these fellows stuck out like a sore thumb.

When confronted with Sheikh Gilani’s terrorist training video, “Assad” said:

“So Muslims got secret groups, Americans got secret groups, Russians got secret groups…”

That is, Assad doesn’t consider himself an American. To him, Islam is a nation, equivalent to Russia and the United States.

This is the crux of our problem.

Muslims are clear about it: Islam is a nation. The Ummah is a single political entity, just like China or France.

But we don’t recognize it as such. Our countries don’t have diplomatic relations with Islam. We can’t declare war on Islam. Our enemies, the terrorist operatives of the Great Jihad, are innocent civilians until we catch them with a smoking AK-47 — or pick up their scattered pieces after they blow themselves up in a bus full of innocent civilians. They are always non-combatants, and must be accorded the full protection of the law in our countries.

Yet they are at war with us. They are in no doubt about it. If you pay attention to what they say in Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu, you will find them to be quite straightforward.

The nation of Islam is at war with all the nations of infidels.

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Last week I was invited to the first official public viewing of Homegrown Jihad in Washington D.C. After the movie was screened, Marty, Jason, and Peter Leitner took questions from the audience and led a discussion about the problem of domestic terrorist groups and what can be done about them.

One thing was quite clear: the federal government does not seem interested in addressing the problem. All the local law enforcement agencies that Marty and Jason dealt with in the field were interested in his research and eager to learn more. But not the feds — the issue of MOA is too difficult and thorny for Washington to deal with.

So if you live near one of these compounds — and if you’re in a rural area in the United States or Canada, there’s a fairly good chance that you do — don’t expect any assistance from the federals in dealing with them. The state police and the local cops are more likely to help, and I can testify from my own experience that the Virginia State Police take a very active interest in JuF.

Changing the federal attitude will require a lot of pressure from ordinary people. Write your senator or congressman (be polite!) and refer him to this video. When politicians feel enough heat from their constituents, they will pass it on to the bureaucrats in the FBI, Homeland Security, and the State Department.

Make sure you watch the movie all the way to the end — just before the credits there is a list of states in which Sheikh Gilani claims to have training camps, but whose exact locations are unknown. All of those camps were news to me.

And, much to my surprise, one of them is alleged to be in New Jersey. There’s not much countryside there — Fausta, are you listening?


laine said...

Wow. Armed training camps for jihadis in multiple American States. And federal authorities are not interested. They were more interested in taking out the Branch Davidians who last time I looked had not launched large scale attacks on non-Davidians around the world including American soil.

The US military are sustaining significant losses in Iraq and Afghanistan on the flypaper theory of attracting jihadis there to be taken out by a professional fighting force thus keeping America itself safer.

Meanwhile, jihadi recruitment centers known as mosques and training centers are allowed to spring up across the United States?

When did simple common sense and survival instinct go MIA???

Zenster said...

That is, Assad doesn’t consider himself an American. To him, Islam is a nation, equivalent to Russia and the United States.

This is the crux of our problem.

Muslims are clear about it: Islam is a nation. The Ummah is a single political entity, just like China or France.

There are few more important distinctions that can be made with respect to Muslims and Islam.

Universal Muslim adherence to the Qu'ran's doctrine of theocracy transforms Islam from a putative "religion" into an ideology. The complete and total absence of any separation of church and state within Islam means that it is a state and not a religion.

Politically acceptable religion can only exist in a form that has been separated from state functions. Any attempt to integrate religion with government almost automatically creates state sanctioned or state sponsored religion.

This in turn typically spawns a theistic monoculture that tends to repress all other forms of faith. The subsequent theocracy is nearly always inimical to modern human liberties and political or religious dissent.

This opposition and hostility to human liberty plus any political and religious dissent is a pluperfect description of Islam, no matter where it is found. The simple fact that such infringements upon human rights are almost universal to Muslim majority nations is a strong indicator that the Ummah transcends ordinary geographical borders and forms a supranational entity.

It is long past tea to begin treating Islam as such a transational body. It is why retaliation to future terrorist atrocities will likely need to be applied horizontally across the entire geo-demographic of Islam in order to begin shaking loose Muslims from their embrace of terrorism.

Muslims everywhere must learn to dread the West's response to more terrorist attacks. While there is much to be gained from directing our wrath at terrorism's Saudi paymasters and their Pakistani lapdogs, these are but important first steps towards instilling doubt in the entire ummah.

Muslim's all over this world must understand that their blind acceptance of and inability to condemn terrorism comes with a price tag attached. They must be made to realize that blindly doling out BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in zakat to their terrorist imams is not permissible.

Yes, going after Islam's upper echelons is the place to start but before all of this is over, the pain required to stop Islam in its tracks will most likely have to be felt throughout its entire ideological body, from head to toe.

The sooner this pain is inflicted, the smaller number of Muslims that will die in accordance with Islam's own desire to see untold millions perish. The longer we wait, the more likely it becomes that the lopsided death toll which will ensue consists almost exclusively of Muslims. This is an irrevocable function of simple atomic warhead numbers being held by the West. Given Islam's congenital inability to halt its poking of the West's nuclear dragon, a catastrophe is literally assured. That calamity will be the entirely avoidable but almost inevitable Muslim holocaust.

heroyalwhyness said...

It's good to see this posted, because Fox and CBS have recently aired segments which should be drawing public interest further investigate on the web.

As the public begins to explore the number and location of these camps, perhaps they'll stumble on the photos posted at JihadWatch.org in the comments section by Michael Travis. . . including this one,

FBI group hug with Gilani gang

and these:

FBI and local authority receive or give awards from/to members

Underground bunkers

Elders of Red House

FBI Special Agent in Charge, Leslie Wieser stands at mic in front of large image of qur'an & minaret (I'd like to know which verse is visible - it appears to be at end of book, could it be 9:50 or 9:29?)

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

How about this?


I know it would make me feel a lot calmer... :D

Dymphna said...

@Robin Shadowes:

As I've said many times, we are a slothful lot. If you want people to see your link, use the html format that the Baron has thoughtfully provided in the header of the comment box.

Notice that the commenter above you has utilized this feature repeatedly.

Look at last sentence, where is says, "to add a link..." Simply cut and paste the template into your comment box, insert the URL and then give it a title.

Thus, we have:

Ground Zero Ocean

Now, having done all that, would you tell me the significance of this picture?? I'm obviously missing something here...


Kirk Parker said...


A Very Large Hole where the Arabian Peninsula used to be?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Well, that's what they want to do with our lands. They're crazy enough to do it. "You love life, we love death" tells a lot. Maybe it is a bit extreme but rather them than us. At least the saudis need to be taken care of and so does the iranian nuclear program and the paki nukes for obvious reasons. I can't help that I have a morbid sense of humor. I'm sorry if it offended anyone.

xlbrl said...

The advantage ordinary people have over the ex-convict American Muslim groups you describe is in that the convicts are quite stupid. Dangerous, yes, but self-limiting.