Monday, February 23, 2009

Geert Wilders on Bill O’Reilly

It’s a full-court press for Fitna here in the USA. Thanks once again to Vlad Tepes for the video tip:

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Snouck said...

Can someone hit 'O Reilly over the head with a blunt object? Does he not know that that you have to let people finish before you start bawling again?

Very unimpressed with that chap. If you know everything already why interview others, Bill?

For crying out loud I nearly threw a stapler at the screen.

Mr. Wilders managed to get something through, though.

With friends like this who needs enemies?

Is he always like that?


* Goes for a walk to cool down *

Brazentide said...

Unfortunately, any interview with Bill O'Reilly seems to be around 90% of O'Reilly's thoughts on things and maybe 10% of the interviewee's.

Still, its good to see Mr. Wilders get some airtime here.

spackle said...

Wilders was also on the Glenn Beck show on Fox which was much better. O'reilly's massive ego doesnt allow for much as he knows everything about everything. Has been everywhere and done everything. His knowledge of what is going on in Europe with Islam is zero. At least Wilders message got out as O'reilly does have millions of viewers along with Beck.

awake said...

In defense of O'Reilly, he does make the correlation between terrorism and Islam. "Fanatical Islamic jihadists" is a regular utterance by him. That being said, I thought neither venue was satisfactory. Beck disasgreed with Wilder's assertion that Islam is a fascist, totalitarian ideology on the grounds that he knows alot of Muslims who are good people.

Final result, good. Whenever Geert can get a public appearance, it is a good thing.

X said...

massive ego doesnt allow for much as he knows everything about everything. Has been everywhere and done everything. His knowledge of what is going on in Europe with Islam is zero.

Sounds familiar... ;)

awake said...

"Sounds familiar"... ;)

If you are referring to who I think you are, then yes.

spackle said...

Archonix & Awake,

Come on. Dont leave me hanging! Who are you talking about? Dont put that out there and leave us hanging. Then again, I could think of a couple as well. : )

awake said...

awake *leaves Spackle hanging*

X said...

I'm immediately thinking of four. Three of them have had the god fortune to be, or still remain, leaders of their countries. Two of them play guitar. Two of them are very keen on their favourite gadgets. Three of the four are very keen on persecuting or harassing anyone who doesn't toe their line and the fourth doesn't do this only because he's not n power any more.

Oh, and one of them runs a blog.


Sagunto said...

"Oh, and one of them runs a blog."

Ehm... Paul McCartney?

Joanne said...

All practicing Muslims follow the teachings of Islam in the Koran, if you think there are good practicing Muslims in this world, then you must also think that the teachings of Islam are also good. Not!!!! How many people do you know have practicing Muslims as good friends and they are not Muslim? I bet there are not too many. If non-Muslims aren't good enough to be practicing Muslims' friends, then why not? Sure, there may be Muslims who do not want to cut your head off, but there will be very few Muslims who would step in to stop a beheading. You don't have to hate Muslims - they seem to have the market all sewn up on that one anyhow, but you don't also have to trust them either.

Czechmade said...

Let us ask them Are you Mekka boy or Medina boy?

Make them aware we know how it works with them.

After years of Mekka sleepercelling are you ready to show your Medina face?

davod said...

WRT the UK. Don't forget that attacks by Islamic Terrorists are now billed as anti-Islamic attacks.