Friday, February 27, 2009

The Turban Kissers

Here is another of the occasional essays by Zenster.


I am in the process of re-reading Michael Crichton’s book, “Rising Sun”. When I first read this entertaining story of crime, culture and technology, I was not as fully aware of the ongoing culture wars taking place around the world as I am now. Imagine my bemusement and sense of irony in reading the following passage (page 230):

Ron laughed, “Rawlings is part of a group we call the Chrysanthemum Kissers. [Note: The flower of Japan’s royal family is the chrysanthemum. The royal seat is known as the Chrysanthemum Throne. At one point, sumptuary laws prohibited Japanese commoners from cultivating a certain variety of this bloom.] Academic experts who deliver the Japanese propaganda line. They don’t really have a choice, because they need access to Japan to work, and if they start to sound critical, their contacts in Japan dry up. Doors are closed to them. And in America, the Japanese will whisper in certain ears that the offending person is not to be trusted, or that their views are ‘out of date’. Or worse-that they’re racist.. Pretty soon these academics begin to lose speaking engagements and consulting jobs. They know what’s happened to their colleagues who step out of line. And they don’t make the same mistake.” [emphasis added]

It would seem as though Islam has lifted a page from Japan’s playbook. Forget the fact that Islam is not a race. Why should trivialities like logic and correct definitions enter into the argument? All critics of Islam are automatically deemed “racist” and Politically Correct contumely is immediately heaped upon the offending brow.

[Note: I am perfectly aware that not all Muslims wear turbans, nor are all turban-wearers Muslim. None of that changes how a vast majority of Islam’s highest clerics wear turbans and how evocative the term “Turban Kisser” remains.]

Recent events involving the Culture of Perpetual Aggrievement(tm) clearly indicate that Muslims are skinless people living in a sandpaper world.. Islamic sensitivities know no bounds and even the slightest offense-however unintentional it might be-is deemed a capital crime. While Islam’s own skewed internal priorities finds such absurd hypersensitivity to be appropriate, outsiders are in no way obliged to feel a similar sense of outrage or affront. Lasting proof of this was delivered when tiny Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper published a series of cartoons depicting Mohammed in several unflattering yet factually correct ways.

The ensuing catoonifada, was a typical Islamic spectacle replete with murder, arson, rioting and general mayhem. It served up notice that the world’s Muslim population was perfectly willing to exercise the most obvious blackmail and extortion to obtain its measure of what can only be termed totally undeserved respect. Most baffling of all was how so many Western leaders rapidly acquiesced to this blatant assault upon its most cherished traditions of free speech and religious satire.
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There are few explanations for such abject groveling by well-armed free people. History abounds with object lessons regarding the folly of appeasement. This is especially so when confronted with unprincipled bullies. By cloaking the objectives of its totalitarian ideology in religious robes, Islam elicits unwarranted deference from those who should be the quickest to condemn it.

Such ready abandonment of fundamental moral principles by these Western leaders is almost as disturbing as the vileness of Islam itself. To countenance or tolerate such evil is to abet its malign ends. Yet, those who should resist surrendering to such oppression most strongly instead yield to it without scruple or compunction. What is it that motivates these people to so unhesitatingly relinquish their grip upon moral authority?

Only a few answers present themselves and none of them are very pretty.

As with Crichton’s Chrysanthemum Kissers, monetary gain often figures into the equation. The oil supply of Islamic nations prompts innumerable cases of moral and philosophical turpitude. Still, there are those with whom Islam’s ascension poses a most dire threat.

Women and non-Muslim religious followers stand to lose everything they have gained over the last several centuries of progress. Nonetheless, we see prominent women and clerics rise up in defense of a misogynistic triumphalist doctrine that bodes only the very worst for them. What is it that motivates Islam’s embryonic victims to become Turban Kissers?

Another answer to this conundrum is stupefying in its connotations. People have largely renounced their capacity to judge. The dictum of “Judge not lest ye be judged” has become the ultimate reductio ad absurdum. Our Postmodern world has tarred personal judgment with dark insinuations of prejudice and unfair bias. This reluctance to exercise personal discernment and moral authority has bred up a mentality of ‘anything goes’. Having lost all sense of propriety, our collective moral compass has become demagnetized and we are terminally Tolerant of Everything except the fundamental tenets of our own culture.

Pleading that others do the judging for us created a moral vacuum into which have rushed the least judgmental people of all. They are saturated with moral and cultural relativism to the point where no distinctions can be made, even between this world’s most barbaric savages and its worthiest citizens. As personal judgment is discarded, there is forsaken a fundamental and irreplaceable level of human dignity. It is this voluntary disregard of our spirit’s own nobility that drives the darkest imaginable forces.

Wittingly or not, this moral vacuum has created lift for those who were once the very worst drag upon civilization. These new “visionaries” are the new witch doctors and conjurers. Spouting their bromides of Globalism and Multiculturalism, a new breed of Narcissistic Elite has grabbed the reins of power. In their rush to deconstruct centuries of painstaking progress, they are undermining the very foundations of our civilized world.

This Narcissistic Elite is incapable of believing that the world could survive without them. They arrogate to themselves the most regal airs and maintain an arrogant disregard for ordinary people. They surround themselves with compliant and unquestioning subordinates whose job it is to cater or pander to the elitist brand of entitlement. It is here, in this echo chamber of unrestrained self-serving that the ability to tolerate evil germinates. The virtue of discernment is obliterated. Rather than undergo the rigors of critical analysis or careful examination, these incurious political captains bestow legitimacy where there is something to be gained.

Unbeholden to the needs or rights of their citizens, these Illustrious Few do not hesitate to navigate by their own hallucinations of reality. Steering for the shores of their private Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, they also speed civilization’s fragile boat towards submerged reefs.

One of these hidden obstacles is Islam. Purposefully concealing its own true nature, Islam fawns upon its enablers in the West even as it plots their destruction. The Mandarins, blinded by their own self-importance and dazzled with the utopian prospect of a mythical Transnational One World Government, ignore Islam’s imperial designs and toxic intolerance to anything outside the Ummah. Obsessed as they are with revisionist dreams, they see the destructive Muslims world view as a way to rid themselves of our antiquated and irrelevant Western culture.

Few other entities besides communism are so corrosive to modern civilization. None of these Vampire Elite can imagine that their own house of political cards will be swept away the instant that Islam gains ascendancy. Immersed in delusions of utopia, these Turban Kissers will continue to shout Islam’s praise right up to the moment a Muslim’s scimitar strikes their necks.

They will never know what hit them.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful essay. Thank you.

Zenster said...

Thank you for posting this. As I scanned the passage in Creighton's novel, the words literally leapt off the page at me.

The vast majority of Western leaders are so busy osculating Muslim arse that they now blow their noses with toilet paper.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Very well written indeed. I must say I share Zenster's view on the appeasers. They will continue to praise islam and multiculturalism up until the very end. I have commented on other blogs that the appeasers will end their days just as you describe it! They say great minds think alike although I'ma a too modest a person to call myself a great mind though. So far I have mostly enjoyed your comments but I hope you will write more essays in the future. Another regular commentor I wouldn't mind write essays are Czechmade.

Zenster said...

Robin Shadowes: So far I have mostly enjoyed your comments but I hope you will write more essays in the future.

randian and Robin, thank you for the positive feedback. That our current generation of appeasers cannot heed the lessons of World War II is nothing short of criminal. The degree of moral and intellectual bankruptcy required to ignore such a vivid object lesson is simply dumbfounding.

With Gates of Vienna's generous support, here are some teasers regarding more essays that are in the pipeline:

What are the Implications of this Current Administration's Vulnerabilities?

When will the War on Terrorism End?

How to Deal with the Threat of Muslim Violence?

What Drove the Transfiguration of Television from Master Media to Trash Compacter?

I hope you find these themes as tantalizing as I find them challenging to develop.

spackle said...

"The dictum of “Judge not lest ye be judged” has become the ultimate reductio ad absurdum. Our Postmodern world has tarred personal judgment with dark insinuations of prejudice and unfair bias."

I forget the correct quote, but didnt Ayn Rand say something to the effect of "Judge and be prepared to be judged." Something most limp wristers cannot fathom. It is actually one of the things that seperates us from the beasts. Oops,I forgot. Us humans are no better then a dog.

Homophobic Horse said...

It means don't judge hypocritically.

X said...

It means don't judge hypocritically.

Something the left don't seem to have grasped. They love judging people for projected sins.

Roy Lofquist said...

There is a bit of a misunderstanding about Arab headwear that causes some friction. I speak of the pejorative "towel head". This "hat" is not made of towels. It is actually a little sheet. Thus, the proper term is "sheet head".

Zenster said...

Archonix: Something the left don't seem to have grasped. They love judging people for projected sins.

Yet another thing Liberals and Islam have in common.

With every bit of the same glee and far more vigor, Islam will project the very worst transgressions upon those who have never even heard of Allah or Mohammad. Especially if it offers up yet another moment's chance to bully, threaten or extort one more concession from the West.

One can only hope for the day that Islam is judged by its own works. As Muslims so often judge us, it is long past tea for the West to begin passing the very harshest of judgments upon Islam's routine barbarity.

As a sidebar: It would appear that Homophobic Horse is correct. While researching for this comment, I stumbled upon this quote attributed to Jesus:

Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Personally, I have no problem with people judging me by my own standards. Islam, on the other hand, seems to have a great deal of difficulty if it is judged with the same rigor it prefers to impose on all others.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Roy, it doesn't matter what it is really made of. People think it looks like a towel, thus the expression towel-head. It's as simple as that. Personally I think it looks more like a diaper really. :P

Roy Lofquist said...

Dear Robin,

Say it out loud - when you're alone.


Consul-At-Arms said...

I've linked back to you here: