Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hell’s Angels in the Jungles of Nørrebro

I reported last fall on the clashes between immigrant gangs and the Danish chapter of Hell’s Angels. Since then the situation has escalated further, with violent and sometimes fatal encounters between the bikers and the immigrants becoming more frequent.

The discontinuity described by El Inglés in “The Danish Civil War” seems to have moved that much closer. Here’s the latest report from Thursday’s Berlingske Tidende, as translated by our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc.

By the way — you’ll notice that in this media age, even biker gangs issue press releases:

Hell’s Angels: We will no longer sit on our hands while facing terror

By Kasper Krogh, Thursday, Feb. 26. 2009 — Berlingske Tidende

Hell’s Angels DenmarkHell’s Angels place the responsibility for the many shoot-outs in Copenhagen on the immigrant gangs. And for the first time the club acknowledges that it has “chosen to react” to the frequent attacks on its members and club venues.

In a recent press release the bikers from Hell’s Angels blame the immigrant gangs of Nørrebro [downtown ramshackle district of Copenhagen — translator] for the ongoing conflict, and have chosen “not to sit idle any longer.”

It is not the first time the club has commented on the conflict between bikers and gangs. As in previous releases Hell’s Angels disclaim responsibility for the events, but at the same time warn their opponents against stepping over the line.

Hell’s Angels write that they have nothing to do with the shootings marring Copenhagen since last summer, but that the police and immigrant gangs in unison have succeeded in describing the situation as if “Hell’s Angels MC Denmark is at war with all ‘New Danes’.”

“Since then things have accelerated,” as Hell’s Angels dryly notes, “and we have seen a host of assassination attempts on bikers and biker strongholds. And such things will have consequences,” write the bikers:
- - - - - - - - -
“That we some time ago decided to react and no longer tolerate harassments and terror against our loved ones has, of course, contributed to the escalation,” write Hell’s Angels in what is to date the closest recognition of conflict with the foreigners.

But — once again — the main responsibility for escalation lies not with the club, but with others:

“Other and more important reasons have been police propaganda and society’s fear of said persons!” write the bikers.

Nørrebro is a jungle

Hell’s Angels very clearly reject that they ‘have some beef’ with anyone in the drug trafficking market:

“The present turmoil and unrest has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with ‘fighting over criminal market share’, at least not on Hell’s Angels MC’s part, but the perpetual smear campaigns in the press about ‘the fight over the cannabis market’ has probably convinced said persons [the immigrant gangs, — translator] and others that this is true,” write the bikers.

They also warn people against believing that Nørrebro will become a better place, if it is to be ruled by immigrant gangs:

“Nørrebro is a jungle and here opposing views meet for real. If anyone believes that this jungle will be more passable without Hell’s Angels MC present, then they’re naïve beyond imagination!” the bikers write.

Kepiblanc adds this note:

Meanwhile, as I’m translating this, a new showdown is taking place.

A man sitting in a car in Nørrebro has been gunned down by two or three bypassing men on bicycles. He is on the operating table just now and his condition is critical. The man is Danish, no description of the gunmen yet.

The Muslim who was killed last night may be innocent — insofar the police claim that he isn’t connected to ‘the immigrant gangs’, only known by the cops for ‘minor’ offenses.

So, if he really is that innocent the ‘Muslim community’ might very well react by gunning down innocent, random Danes. In that case, the war is on.

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El said...

what happened to that non-biker auxiliary that they were trying to recruit? i hope it's coming along nicely...

Zonka said...

Judging by the support given on the Hells-Angels DK website, I would say that they're doing pretty well.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Talking of 'bikers', we just had another shooting in Copenhagen, where three men shot at a car with five persons, wounding one of them severely.

The assassins escaped on bicycles...

Anonymous said...

FWIW, there is no ' in Hells.

B322 said...

It's an interesting phenomenon. I assume that the Angels are not actually interested in defending western civilization! It's just that the immigrants are used to most other European natives tiptoeing around them, being polite, making sure not to "insult" (criticize or question) Islam, etc. The cycle clubs are used to everyone - minus a few police detectives - leaving them alone, more or less.

I also imagine that the bikers and their auxilliaries are used to haunting many of the same places that the alien gangs do. The Hells Angel reaction is perfectly atavistic - it is the same sort of reaction you'd get from the average European in 1809, only the weapons are more modern. But I know I am speculating.

Anonymous said...

If the Hell's Angel are able to keep in check the muslim's gangs, they will be see as the "good / strong guys" and many young danes will want to join them and be like them. if politicians and the police only stick against them, they will lose the respect of the people and authority over them.

Holger Danske is stirring.

eatyourbeans said...

The Hells Angel reaction is perfectly atavistic - it is the same sort of reaction you'd get from the average European in 1809,

One man's atavism, another's heroism.