Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UNRWA Refugees Are Forever

Here’s a video by Pierre Rehov about the corrupt and dangerous organization known as UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency:

To quote from the blurb accompanying the video:
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According to UNRWA, a Palestinian “refugee” is someone who was living in the region of Palestine… two years before the state of Israel was born. This definition doesn’t fit with international law. The grandson of a “refugee”, born in another country, cannot be called “a refugee” himself. So what is UNRWA’s interest making sure Palestinians are not resettled?

Quotes from the video:

UNRWA was founded in 1948 with a one-year mandate. Its mission was to resettle Palestinian refugees [At the time, according to the UN, between 450,000 and 600,000]. 60 years later, UNRWA is still in charge of refugees, while the camps became cities… Today they care for 4,200,000 refugees in the region, and the UNRWA has a staff of 22,000. That is about 1 staff per 170 “refugees”, while other organizations in the World have 1 staff per 4,000 refugees. Instead of rehabilitation of the refugees they are working for eternalization of the problem.

Hat tip: VH.


Czechmade said...

What I love about .slam is the idea that settled populations are inferior to those leading a nomadic life.

Settled muslims are bad muslims.

Just opposite to the Jewish idea - people being forced to scatter outside their civilized homeland.

It is non-islamic to settle in a fertile area like Nile, Euphrate, Tigris. Those people working on the fields are not "real muslims".

Keep them moving. Their homeland is the desert. Camel back is their dar-al-islam. Create a corridor between Saudi and Mauretania and let them move like a tramway on an eternal hajj and antihajj. Keep them closer to "god".

While on camel back let them hold two fatwas - one stating that the whole world belongs to them, the other one that it is haram to step in the mortal dirt of civilizations.

Crazy? Not at all. They produce thousands of crazy fatwas every year.

christian soldier said...

Why are we in the U.S. still giving $$$ to the UN-and % wise- more than any other country - and the UN is totally anti-US.

Richard said...

The UN is anti-Western world. We need to abolish the UN. It is an abomination. Born in the guise of good intentions, or perhaps actual good intentions, it only exists to finance the war against ourselves.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

EU is as much an abomination as UN. Abolish them both and the west has a fair chance of survival. Abolish them and the saudis loose two of their most important tools in bringing us to our knees. Abolish these evil organisations and take out the saudis. The saudis are the hydra here. Chop off their heads. That would be a good start I think.

Yorkshireminer said...

I have to admit I have an affection for plausible rogues, John Wilkes is one of my favorites. He had a long a checkered career in the 18th century. Ugly dissolute with a squint, Casanova dedicated the last chapter of his book to him because he had managed to bed a women who had refused Casanova's advances. He certainly had a redeeming sideof his nature, he looked after his bastards, of which there were many. The greatest service though he did for his country which cost him is political following happened on the 7th of June 1779, as Lord Mayor of London he ordered the Military to fire on the mob that was storming the Bank of England. This happened during the Gordon Riots a little known incident in British history. The riots were certain anti-catholic fomented by Lord George Gordon a rabid protestant. The driving force which left hundreds dead and injured and many catholic houses and businesses destroyed, might be found if we look in another direction. 1757 22years before was perhaps the greatest year in British history. The year of Victories had placed in the hands of about 8,000,000 scruffy islanders, Bengal with a population of 22,000,000 and with a standard of living of a similar level, it also opened the lock to the rest of the continent. Canada came under our domain. The industrialization was making its first faltering steps. Whether these are the real reason for the growth in population at around this time, I don't know, but the British and French population began to take off, with the french slightly after the Brits. The period between 1770 and 1790 saw a friendly competition between the two countries on who could field the most unruly mob, most likely driven by a youth bulge in the expanding populations. Being a Brit I don't like to admit it but the French won handsomely in 1789, with the French Revolution, there is no way we could have topped that. The Gordon Riots though was not a bad consolation prize, and if the rioters had managed to loot the Bank of England history might have turned out differently.

The French mob was certainly a destabilizing force on the new emerging French Government until they were shipped off into the French army to die, win glory for the French Government and bring back the loot. They were certainly successful in all these endeavors, especially the dieing bit. It is estimated that the French lost between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 young breeding males in the 25 years between 1779 and 1815. The British losses were much smaller mainly because most of the time the French were fighting either Austria Russian and Prussia, and apart from Waterloo all the bloody affairs were between these three and France. What surplus population we did have was absorbed into the new emerging industries and we had the money to pay others to do the fighting. Even at Waterloo a very large proportion of Wellingtons army consisted of the Kings German legion and Dutch under William of Orange. The Portuguese blotted there copy book by not allowing him to use the Portuguese regiments who had fought under his command in Spain. While every Soldier who fought at Waterloo had a one in three chance of getting killed and the butchers bill was horrendous especially for the foot regiments holding Wellingtons center, it was negligible in the grand scheme of things at the time. Whether it has any effect on the demographics of the two opposing nations I don't know, but I suspect that it did. The French population grew during the next hundred years from 25,000,000 to 40,000,000 with very little emigration while Britain's grew from between 15,000,000 to 40,000,000 and the British Isles accounted for over one third of all emigration from Europe.

Youth Bulges in the population are not always bad but there are always excesses. The bulge after the last war which was brought about by all the returning soldiers settling down and starting families at the same time come to is fruition around 20 years later in about 1968, when the majority of these youngsters were in there prime. We had a wonderful flowering of creativity from music design too literature and paintings. The minus side if you want to see it that way were the anti Vietnam war protests and the idealization of Utopian philosophies such as Marxism. It even brought down the French Government. We were very luck that we had a rapidly growing economy to absorb these youths of which I include myself. The Dynamics of the Gaza Bulge will be no different from the French bulge in 1789 although the consequences might be more catastrophic when it does finally explode.

Unfortunately the high birth rate is being maintained and not allowed to work its way through the system, firstly as a stick by the Arabs to beat Israel over the head with, and secondly by the U.N. feeding and protecting them none of which wants to change the situation.

It reminds me of an experiment I read about in the 60s where some researchers kept rats in a finite environment. They kept feeding them until the colony became so overcrowded, it finally imploded due to the social tension.

Gaza, unfortunately, is a man made replication of this rat experiment. The results will be similar. All Israel can do is have enough man power ready to douse the flames after the explosion. I had, Gaza top of my list, as the flash point for the next great war. I have now changed my mind seeing that Indian is increasing its military spending by 27% this year alone. Military dictatorships usually like to occupy the dizzy minds of there citizens by conjuring up an external threat when there economies go pear shaped. The Argentinian Junta and Saddam Hussein are just two of countless examples. I have no reason the believe that Pakistan will be any different. Pakistan at the moment is in the process of imploding they are suffering from rolling blackouts which means that they are not able to produce the goods for export to pay for there imports, they have had to get a loan from the Saudis just to pay for the oil imports for the next 3 months. They have also ceded control of certain areas of there country to religious terrorist and if the crop fails this year which it most likely will because of there inability to buy fertilizer 160,000,000 million starving Pakistanis will not be a pretty site. Let us hope that India have everything in place. We live in interesting times.