Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wilders Fever in Denmark

Our Danish correspondent TB just sent this link-fest for anyone who reads Danish:

…you get the point. :)

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Frank Kitman said...

you could add:

Naser Khader: black day for freedom of expression

Naser Khader is a truely secular muslim and democrat (police protection 24/7 is a valuable qualifier) said...

For anyone wishing to read any foreign language web site I recommend getting firefox or flock or any of the firefox variant web browsers and getting the plug in translator. Its really quite remarkable for machine translation and very fast. It adds a button to your browser and when you open a web page not in English you just push the button and a few seconds later it is. I believe it is called FoxLingo. Well worth the moment to install and the free price.

Czechmade said...

The Danes invite Geert to a Conference about islamism and freedom of speech in april.

Islamisme og Ytringsfrihed