Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lord Ahmed on Dutch TV

Below is a video of an interview with Nazir Ahmed (Lord Ahmed), talking about Geert Wilders on Dutch TV.

It doesn’t work very well for me on our satellite connection. I can only see the first thirty seconds or so, and those in very choppy pieces. So caveat emptor:

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Czechmade said...

The "out of context" rule applies apparently only on unbelievers.

Raging battles among muslims or muslims attacking non-muslims never have to deal with this "out of context" serious theological accusation. Amazing.

This outofcontext Lord ("European") might save thousands of lives if he could make "out of context" evangelic tour in the regions infested by muslim violence.

He might play also in a nice comedy with lord mohammed, telling him each time he killes or let kill someone "Oh! You apply our great religion out of context! Imagine someone might take you seriously and imitate you! Stop it!"

Israelis might also use mock leaflets dropped from air saying:

"Attention! You take your religion out of context! With regards your Lord Ahmed".

The correct question would be "What is the punishment for muslims who take your religion out of context?"

The correct answer would be: "Zero punishment, since they do it on the "path of allah". They try so hard, lovely creatures.

Whatever they do, they do it as a defense of undefensible .slam.