Monday, February 23, 2009

Pro-Köln Gets the Vlaams Belang Treatment

Under the suffocating strictures of politically correct Multiculturalism, any conservative nationalist party in Europe is certain to be demonized as “neo-Nazi”. In some countries it is all but impossible for a truly conservative party to emerge. Anyone who publicly admits to right-wing convictions is instantly vilified by the political establishment and set upon by the hounds of the media. For this reason, European electoral choices usually amount to Socialism, More Socialism, Extra-Strength Socialism, and — just for variety’s sake — Socialism With Added Environmentalism.

This is especially true of Germany. The legacy of the Third Reich — and the fallacious labeling of the Nazis as “extreme right-wing” — has guaranteed that any conservative movement in Germany will be anathematized as Nazi or fascist. There simply isn’t any other option.

The anti-Islamization movement Pro-Köln is no exception. Like Vlaams Belang in Belgium, they became “neo-Nazi” from the moment they appeared. The legions of Antifa have frequently been dispatched to their events to harass and beat up the “fascists” if they dare to assemble publicly.

The irony of all this is that the real neo-Nazis — the fellows who go in for brown shirts and swastikas and sell posters of Hitler on their websites — are opposed to Vlaams Belang and Pro-Köln. They’re not fond of immigrants, either, but those Muslim chappies hate the Jews, so they can’t be all that bad, now, can they?

Our Flemish correspondent VH has kindly translated an article about neo-Nazi opposition to Pro-Köln. But first he offers these observations:

The neo-Nazis are in general opposed to all such contemporary freedom-loving right-wing movements. The neo-Nazis are first of all Socialists (anti-capitalist, anti-Western society) and also anti-Semites. The overlap of the neo-Nazis with the anti-fascists is therefore substantial (aside from the issues of nationalism/globalism and immigrants).

They view Islamists in certain respects as like-minded in their opposition to Western society. The neo-Nazis, like the Antifa for instance, are heavily opposed to Geert Wilders and the PVV: they even demonstrated (video) against Fitna and Wilders on the evening the film was released. With this action the neo-Nazis actually were the very first to do so.

And now VH’s translation from the Pro-Köln website:

Neo-Nazis are standing against Pro-Köln

In addition to the old parties and the militant leftist extremists’ environment, now the publicly scrutinized German neo-Nazi scene has also found a new enemy: Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW!

On several internet forums that are mainly read by various government services’ inspectors, the neo-Nazi scene shows a dedicated interest in a new enemy: Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW. With foam raging from their mouths for several days now, the right-wing militants are lashing out at the law-abiding and rightist-democratic pro-movement.

The old parties apparently have in the defense of their power cartel found bizarre new allies. The verbal derailments of the General Secretary of Nordrhein Westphalen, Groschek (SPD) and the Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma (CDU) are easily surpassed by the Nazis, although with some spelling errors.
- - - - - - - - -
Both with the political class as well as along the edges of our political-party system, nerves are obviously laid bare. Our opponents apparently cannot accept that the pro-movement in North Rhine-Westphalia is successful in attacking the encrusted party system, with the goal of establishing a serious and democratic parliamentary platform of the Right.

On the failure of the far-right against Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW, the Pro-NRW-treasurer and Pro-Köln group chairman, the 30-year-old lawyer Judith Wolter says: “The various attacks by the established political groups, the leftist extremists, and now also by the neo-Nazi scene, show once again that we have positioned ourselves properly.”

Finally a serious, right-wing democratic platform in North Rhine-Westphalia manages to be successful, because all the collected chained dogs, whether state-controlled or not, are unleashed. In addition to the usual barrage of stigmatization by the old parties and the extreme Left, there are also direct attacks against our activists and our office premises. At the same time the political class in their desperate plight even enables the other — by various remote controlled people of the V-crowd [government-informants/agent-provocateurs] — extremist scene. At their dedicated stupid neo-Nazi forums they express a lot of hate towards the pro-movement. In that junk they even express personal threats against our officials.

Of course we are grateful for this unasked-for political clarification. The accusations of extremism against our liberal citizens’ movement become in the face of such campaigns against the pro-movement rather ridiculous and absurd. This will also play a not unimportant role in our case in the administrative court because of the appearance of Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW in the so-called NRW-Intelligence Service reports [North Rhine-Westphalia branch of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency].

On the other hand, the apparent government staging of this campaign makes me somewhat thoughtful. A bizarre coalition is mounted against us: extremist leftists, neo-Nazis, and Islamists, combined with the usual old parties [CDU, SPD, etc.]. Together they share a common enemy: Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW.

The motive for this offensive is described by the weekly Zur Zeit in its latest issue: in 2010 there will be state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. The right-wing pro-movement will try to enter the state parliament. Once a moderate right-wing party is established there, there might be no more room left for other parties. Another reason to finally bring a freedom loving grassroots opposition to the parliament! Our credo [undogmatic, nonpartisan and without taboos], which makes us in the eyes of the apologists for the extremists of the left and the right really radical, proves all the more to be absolutely necessary.

We will keep on track, the bill will come due on election day, and we look forward to it in confidence.

VH adds this note:

Apart from the neo-Nazis, Al Qaeda is also concerning itself with the German elections: “Al Qaeda wants to use ‘massive violence’ to influence the German voters to push the next government to withdraw German troops from Afghanistan.”

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Profitsbeard said...

It is National SOCIALISM.

How has Nazi-ism become "right wing" when socialism is a left wing ideology?

How has Geert Wilders, a liberal freedom-fighter, become "a dangerous right wing extremist" in the mindset of the EU-media?

Henrik R Clausen said...

How has Nazi-ism become "right wing"

I believe I know when and how. It's from Mussolini, who wanted to distance himself from the Socialist movement that shaped most of his ideas. The same movement that Lenin belonged to, interestingly

To make it clear that he had shifted from international to national socialism, he started calling his ideology (fascism) 'rigth-wing'.

As any real Conservative would know, that's false. But people had too much confidence in Mussolini and believed what he said. Not least the Socialists, who wanted to get off the hook from having a similar ideology. Stalin took up the idea with a vengeance and called anything that disagreed with him 'fascist'. That stuck.

'Left' and 'Right' are not very good labels. 'Statist' and [ .. ehm .. (thinking hard) - do we even have a label for the opposite of statism?] are more useful.

fnord said...

Henrik R Clausen:

The self-expression of the National Socialists in Germany through the malicious tongue of Joseph Goebbels himself: „Der Idee der NSDAP entsprechend sind wir die deutsche Linke! Nichts ist uns verhaßter als als der rechtsstehende Bürgerblock.”

Translation: "According to the idea of the NSDAP, we are the german Left! Nothing is more abhorrent to us than the right-wing burgeoisie."

Right-wing means to me living an independent, self-reliant life on high ethic standards, refusing the Zeitgeist (when it is destructive), being educated and drawing conclusions from that education. Knowing the necessity of friendly interconnected national states in our cultural hemisphere to abide a true and productive diversity in our western (northern?) civilization, and, eventually, champion this - our - heritage with every measures required. I found the following on the internet, dunno where (sorry), and I think this sums it up quite fine: "Being a Conservative is a logical consequence of applying intelligence, combined with a humanistic attitude, to the fields of history and political ideologies."

All the aforementioned is the nemesis of collectivists of every colour: from dark-brown via deep-brownish red via gore-ish light green to bloodstained muhammadism-green. They know: freedom and proud self-awareness are the death of all their pseudo-religious cults, therefore a healthy discussion about what we are and what we want (throughout our whole civilization) is constantly blugeoned down. Here in Germany in the same manner as in most western countries, even in the US, as far as I can see, due to CAIR etc.

It's a tragedy, that our discussions have to live a niche existence since the buckler holders of PC determine the public opinion and still have the power to destroy the economic and public life of opponents of multicultural/pc pabulum via discrediting them in the media and parliaments.

So much for that, duty calls.

Best wishes!


X said...

do we even have a label for the opposite of statism?

We used to be called liberals, until the statist left stole that name as well. Perhaps it's time to take the name back... perhaps National Liberals?

Sefarad said...

Hello everyone! I'm from Spain. I can't resist to start posting in this superb blog. This is my first comment.

I would like to say that in Spain we have the same dangerous problem about the political labels.
Center-left statists are called liberals. Center-right statists are called conservative-liberals. But both of them are ashamed of our Christian heritage and have supported mass immigration without assimilating policies. Both of them the People's Party and the Socialist Party are corrupted entities with no sense of patriotism. Up to this point I'm confused. Because, what else is left? The United Left (commies) and the Xenophobic/Neonazi craps.

This situation is portraying the decline of our country.

Thankyou so much for reading my comment and I hope to participate more in this excellent place with so many extremely intelligent people.

darrinh said...

Hitler was a socialist

Anonymous said...

I had thought that the Soviets also had something to do with the branding of the Nazis as right wing, that they had a good "spin" operation during the latter part of World War II to try to make themselves (the Soviets) sufficiently different from the Nazis as preparation for the Cold War that was to follow.

Czechmade said...

You see, it is about language. I recommand strongly regular study of various languages. Do not think it is absolutely necessary to master a language or speak it. The tedious study brings the fruits immediately.

Hot candidates for studies:

Ancient Greek and any language different enough from your native language to make you think of the fabric of your own language.

Everybody loves to see the landscape from bird´s eye view. You do that by language studies as well.

The term fascist was enforced by Stalin in comm. countries., then it became synonymous with "German" in Russian speak.

It took them some strain to keep explaining that East Germany was "antifascist" by birth. Some nazis did quite well in the communist establishment however. Esp. secret services. I miss some literature on this.

Imagine how immensely grateful was an ex-nazi
to the communists to be allowed to do his dirty job in the name of a sisterly ideology.

Violent record? Qualified!

Hitler preached the communists can make perfect converts, why not the other way?

X said...

I'd add, if you have the time, attempting to construct your own language really makes you think about language in a way you never did before.

Joanne said...

If you repeat a lie long enough, people will believe the lie. In order to turn things around, people have to start repeating the truth, until people believe it. This is how socialists shut up their opposition - through repeating lies. If you can't beat them at their own game, then at least use their tactics to your advantage.

Decatur said...

Profitsbeard. I believe the labeling of National Socialism as 'rightwing' stems from Stalin's dispute with Hitler & Musso about the International nature of Socialism. Whereas Hitler and Musso were Nationalists, Stalin was of course Internationalist, (that’s the One World bunch of Nation Wreckers who are still around today, secreting themselves within organizations like the UN and the EU). Stalin became infuriated with the Fascist's concentration of National issues, and labeled all and any political ideologies that were not pushing for Internationalism, as 'right wing' as as distinct from his brand of Socialism, the one and only true Left wing.
Having won the war with the help of the allies, the Internationalists could then claim the moral high ground. Left wing good, Right wing bad. Hence those on the right are the target of the smear that has been perpetuated for over 50 years, that the Tories and/or any Conservative party are on the same Right Wing end of pole with.Nazis , - who were never Right Wing.
Nothing could be further from the truth. As can be seen from their dictatorial attitude, their disregard of human rights and free speech, these Leftists are the true legacy of Stalin Hitler and the rest of the tyrants. It is a complete lie and I now take great pleasure in watching Leftists squirm when I point out this truth . They have known it all along, hence their rage against the internet, sites like this and Talk Radio, we are exposing the fact that there is virtually no difference between the evil nature of Socialism whether National or International.
I believe this also accounts for the reason that Leftists are so pally with the Arabs and esp. the Palestinians. They were allies of Hitler. They are all Leftists, all potential tyrants and all need to be exposed.

Czechmade said...

Communists had a whole apparatus to call their perceived enemies within.

One of them was "antisoviet grudge".
Funny, but less funny if you got stamped for years inclusive your kids, you were banned from studying, never got a better job or got interrogated, since in future you might be a danger.

The pressure was changing acc. to place, time or moron in charge of you plus internal guidelines.

The communist party suffered of various indigestion problems which
amounted to internal witch hunting as well. Those fallen from the heights of communist Olympus were deemed even more dangerous and disgraced. This grand excommunication had two forms: One severe and one more benign.

All this filth is part of our western heritage and should be taught as much as Napoleon or Hitler. The same kind of left wing intellectuals promoted this in the (future) West not anticipating the Iron Curtain. Why should we respect the Iron Curtain now deeming them more innocent in retrospect?