Sunday, October 05, 2008

Excerpt From “Ere the Winter of Our Discontent”

Our British correspondent Seneca III has previously posted two letters to his people here at Gates of Vienna. The essay below is an excerpt from a longer work in progress.

Excerpt From “Ere the Winter of Our Discontent”
by Seneca III

… Unsurprisingly Sharia Law, cunningly relabelled ‘Arbitration’, is now a legal reality and our County and High Courts enforce its judgements. When we view this debacle in the context of the butcher’s bill so far exacted by the vanguard of atavism, Hearts of Oak burn in frustration, but generally in private, for the Thought Police are amongst us.

Ummah Jack

Dialectic has been shackled by disinformation and category error enshrined in law, and thus have we have been deprived of our ancestral right to openly engage the reverse colonisers. To do this, or to demand of our ruling classes that they cease their pursuit of our ethnic cleansing, is to invite the immediate attention of the ludicrously labelled ‘Race Relations’ industry.

They, the shock troops of our deconstruction, have taken exclusive grasp of a moral whip with which they flay any opposition with ad hominem monotony; either disseminated by scattergun, or focused in the form of its legal incarnations ‘The Race and Religious Hatred Acts’, the Pavlovian epithets ‘Racist’ and ‘Racism’ undermine all protest against the cultural atrocity being inflicted upon us. Indeed this clever piece of reverse social engineering has succeeded so well in inducing a terminal osteoporosis of the conceptual skeleton to which the sinews of our once strong, functional society were anchored that for many both the will and the means to resist have been sapped.
- - - - - - - - -
The now instinctive ‘Mea Culpa!’ response that self-flagellating propagandists have inculcated in an entire generation has evolved to the extent that the stealthily constructed Police State recently emerged from beneath the crumbling façade of over a decade of Byzantine governance is accepted without protest.

On the plus side, albeit in those private places where resistance gathers pace, there is even more anger at the calumny that Racism is solely a crime of us natives, and a visceral objection to its righteous whip falling solely on our backs, invariably to the financial benefit of the acquisitive complainants.

We observe, either instinctively or rationally, that all human beings are to a greater or lesser degree racist, a trait that evolution has hard wired into the genes of our species for good reason. We understand that to unilaterally forego its survival benefit is but a subtle form of suicide, and we are no longer prepared to accept this fate…

Seneca III
England, October 2008


Yorkshireminer said...

The Question is who will the troops fire on first when they are recalled back from Afghanistan to quell the uncontrollable race riots. The soldiers of the British army are still mainly recruited from the White working class, will they shoot their own people. We are heading for a most vicious civil war, and the poor working class will be the first victims. I have been talking to some friends in England this weekend and there is a real suppressed anger. I don't know what other British readers of this Blogg feel, but I am almost crying with shame. I don't know what the elite of my country are up too whether they are just stupid or whether it is deliberate, but what I do know is that in the next few years my country will not exist in the shape or form it is now. I am not even sure we will even survive even a short civil war. We can't feed ourselves our industrial base has been gutted or sold off too the highest bidder like America's on the alter of globalisation. Our coal mines have been closed and North Sea Oil production is falling at the rate of 7% annually we are becoming more dependent on oil from the middle east to supply our energy needs. The balance of payments is in the red to the tune of 70 billion a year financed by selling government paper to a set of camel jockeys who want too destroy us. We are so vulnerable to outside pressure just to survive and there is nothing in the bank to pay for any imports food or materials if we do have a civil war. We fought the last war from 1941 to 1945 on credit otherwise we would have lost and in this coming one America wont be in a position to supply us. I despair

Anonymous said...

The war will come upon Europe, there's no doubt about that. It's pretty much inevitable by now.

Mind you, I'm not British, but I don't understand why British politicians are moving against their own people like this. But then again, the politicians here aren't really better. Same for Germany, same for the Netherlands, same for any random European country (except maybe strongholds like Poland and Italy).

The working class will be the first, I agree. But then the middle class will follow swiftly. They're already being taxed into oblivion.

But what did Patrick Henry say? "Give me liberty, or give me death."

Remember, the Americans rebelled because of taxation. The French revolution happened mainly because the leaders and their elite class wasted money in unbelievable masses while the people starved. The revolutions of 1848 were triggered because of tyranny. This is all coming together now.

Europe is a powder keg. It only needs a spark. This spark will eventually come.

Maybe we need a European Alamo, or a 9-11 (there I was, thinking that 07-07 would wake up the British and Europe, oh how wrong I was (a good friend of mine almost lost her father back then)).

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

It's not a coincidence that they shut down coalmines or northsea oilrigs. The saudis are behind this in alliances with the political elites, to make the brits dependant on ME oil. This makes it so much easier to clamp down on any rebellions as they just shut off the energy. This is all an Illuminati conspiracy. How can anyone even doubt this when the same happens all over europe? Because of this a fair guess is that the troops will fire on their own people. Sad but true.

X said...

No, Robin, it isn't a fair guess at all. The army won't fire on their own people, that's why they're so desperate to get Turkey into the Union. Imagine all those turkish soldiers forming the backbone of a European Rapid Reaction Force designed top quell urban rebellion.

dienw said...

The soldiers of the British army are still mainly recruited from the White working class, will they shoot their own people.

Contra Mr. Dawson, they will fire on fellow whites: are the white police officers not carrying out the anti-white orders already?

And just to be fair: American troops will fire on their fellow Americans.

I am not an optimist.

Bert said...

@ Archonix: You are right, and that is maybe also why the EU is not opposed to death penalty "in the case of war, riots, upheaval..." (in a footnote in the EU Treaty of course).

Charlemagne said...

Hate to borrow my own comments from another GoV post but they seem appropriate here as well regarding the energy question.

"As for your statement, "There will obviously be a considerable impact on Europe when the Arabs turn off the oil spigot" what is needed is for European Conservatives to assist US Conservatives in defeating the eco-Marxists who continue to deny the US access to our own, vast oil reserves. Estimates of US reserves far exceed those of Saudi Arabia and much of the M.E. combined. Our OCS estimates approach 30 billion bbls while our shale resources are in the neighborhood of 1-2 TRILLION bbls. In addition to these natural riches we have more coal than any other country on earth and converting just the coal from the state of Illinois to liquid fuel will provide more fuel than Saudi Arabia has left in the ground. What we have in oil wealth we lack in political will. The eco-Marxists are largely made up of upper middle class people with jobs in the big cities any of whom use public transportation and thus are immune to the rapidly increasing cost of energy. They therefore have the funds to contribute heavily to organizations such as Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, PETA, Friends of the Earth, et al who are full time agitators and have huge staffs of lawyers to prevent or seriously delay any energy development they disapprove of. They also have bought into man-made climate change as their new religion and don't give a damn about global politics and how oil rich nations use oil as a weapon against the West.
We can easily break the back of the entire M.E. and the Islamists if only we used our own oil. We could be the nation that sets the price and could easily bankrupt the Saudis et al and provide Europe with all they needed.
If for no other reason than energy I want John McCain to win this Nov. If we elect Obama then we will have a very very hard next four years."

And regarding the "spark" I recommend that WE, i.e. Westerners control the spark and not let it be ignited for us.

Before leaving the military my specialty this was my specialty.

Woden said...

I think the British army troops have been so badly treated by the government that if put in this position they would turn quicker than a spinning top and bite the proverbial 'master'.
It is also worth remembering that the troops are very well aware of the danger Islam poses, unlike the police who are indoctrinated in to a multicultural mind set.

thll said...

An acquaintance of my son has recently joined the armed forces as a boy soldier. I saw him a week or so ago and asked him about his reasoning - "I joined up to shoot Muslims." This is one British soldier that I suspect won't be turning his gun on his fellow Brits when he returns to help quell the coming (un)civil war.