Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Violence from the Left

I reported yesterday on the fascist-style tactics being used by Sweden’s trade unions to discourage membership in Sverigedemokraterna.

If one were to believe the hysterical pronouncements coming from liberal media organs — and even from some conservatives — a resurgence of right-wing extremism and neo-Nazism is what is most to be feared in Europe. Yet all across the continent, from the marauding members of Antifa in Amsterdam to the burning banlieus of Paris, from the gang-rapes in Malmö to the destroyed churches of Kosovo, the vast majority of street violence is committed either by the Left or the Muslims, or by an alliance of the two.

Violent right-wing outbreaks are as rare in Europe as churches are in Yemen, yet somehow a reincarnation of the Third Reich is the greatest fear. The violence of the Left has been hidden under a blanket of media silence, aided by official indifference, if not tacit support.

But all that is beginning to change. And, as is usual with any change for the better, it’s happening first in Denmark.

Fjordman drew my attention to this important article from yesterday’s Berlingske Tidende, and TB was kind enough to translate it for Gates of Vienna:

SIAD attacked
Violence from the Left

The violence from the Left is being silenced to death by the media. Is it not the time that we wake up to recognize the truth? The Minister of Justice has to answer this.

by Søren Krarup, MP, Danish People’s Party

[Søren Krarup is accused by many on the Left being of being a racist for telling the truth about Islam. Recently he made a speech in Parliament in which he said that Islam as an ideology was comparable to Nazism and Communism. Caused a major stir from the PCs and the Left. — translator]

The first picture is the stalking of Pia Kjærsgaard [leader of the Danish People’s Party] on Christiansborg Slotsplads [The square outside the parliament]. It was, as everybody knows on Tuesday October 2, where the Parliament gathered and where, down on the square, there was a big demonstration. PK went down there to speak to some of the demonstrators, but was harassed and bothered so severely by people from the SFU [The youths from the Socialists People’s Party] and Enhedslisten [The communists] that here security guards asked her to seek shelter behind the walls of Christiansborg, for security reasons, so that she did not run the risk of being assaulted more severely.

No politicians from SF [The Socialists], De Radikale or Enhedslisten have been stalked or driven away from a demonstration on that square by VU [youths from Venstre, the prime minister’s party], KU [youths from The Conservatives] or DFU [youths from the Danish People’s Party]. The violence comes from the Left. The terror of the streets is being practiced by the hopeful youths from SFU and Enhedslisten, and when PK makes Villy Søvndal [the leader of the Socialists] aware of this he explodes in a hollow and empty rage at the podium of the parliament.

Instead of addressing and ending the spiral of violence from his own party’s youth organization.
- - - - - - - - -
The second picture is from the recently ended election campaign, and is about the fate of the posters from the rightwing parties. Here you find a systematic wanton destruction. Posters from the Danish People’s Party actually cannot be put up on Nørrebro or Vesterbro in Copenhagen. They were torn down by the hundreds. The rest were either painted over or cut. Also the posters promoting politicians from V and K [Venstre and Conservatives] suffered a rapid and unfortunate fate in the capital, while posters from S [Social Democrats], R [De Radikale]; SF [The Socialists] and Ø (Enhedslisten] were hanging peacefully on the lamp posts, smiling graciously to the people of Copenhagen.

I was myself nominated in Sønderjylland [South Jutland] and often saw my own likeness with horns on my forehead or a Hitler moustache. Respect for the opponent’s right to exist, and speak out for that matter, is not a well-developed property on the left. Here the violence is ruling against free speech.

And worst and most horrifying, the violence from the left manifested itself in the assault that took place on October 21 against the organization “Stop the Islamization of Europe” (SIOE). It happened in Christianshavn in connection with the Saudi Human Right Commission’s [I love this organization; can it get more bizarre. I mean: ‘Human rights’ and ‘Saudi Arabia’ in the same sentence — translator] visiting the Institute of Human rights in Copenhagen. And the violence was so brutal and horrific that it is only by luck that nobody was killed.

Members of the above-mentioned organization, SIOE, had announced legally that they intended to demonstrate. On arrival at the Institute of Human Rights, and still in their car driving down to the parking lot, some autonomous-looking persons [anarchists] smashed the windows. “Pull him out! Pull him out!” the disguised attackers were screaming, while beating the driver of the car and a female passenger with iron clubs. A woman was hit in the head with a full water bottle, and yet another was knifed.

Another participant in the demo was beaten outside and when lying on the ground the autonomous attackers tried to put a knife in him and hit him with iron clubs. A female participant tried to get away but was caught and also beaten with an iron club.

This is what happened. It is well-documented by photographs of the wounded while they were getting loaded into ambulances for hospital treatment. A local janitor/caretaker called the police when the assault started because even though it was a perfectly legitimate demonstration, and even though we have seen this kind of behavior from the Left in earlier incidents, and the attention from the police should therefore already have been there, there was not even one single officer present at this, which was in reality an incident of attempted murder.

Lars Hedegaard compared the incidents with the Nazis’ street terror in Germany. The behavior we are now seeing from the autonomer i in many ways bears a strong resemblance to the Nazis’ use of violence in the last years the of the Weimar Republic where nobody but the Nazis could demonstrate without running the risk of severe assaults and sometimes being killed.

That’s how things are here in Denmark today. And almost worst of all: this horrific violence from the Left is being silenced to death. We have seen no big headlines in the newspapers. The TV has been completely quiet about this attempted political assassination. The journalists show no interest in the bloody behavior from the autonomer.

I ask: Is it not time for us to wake up and recognize the truth? Is it not time that a determined defense of law and order meet the terror of the street?

I will ask the Minister of Justice about this when the Parliament reopens [for the first time since the election, which is today, the 27 of November 2007 — translator].


Unknown said...

There is a desperation in the tactics of the left. The only question is, which way will the general populace vote; will it be by continued indifference, or by becoming engaged with the arguments, and thereby seeking out the real truth of matters...ie. just who are the real fascists, those who are smeared with the label, or those who indulge in actual fascist tactics?

It does not look all that promising, as the cards are all stacked in the favour of the left, as they are the dominant political force in most European politics right now. So it's a real uphill struggle for the voices of descension for those who oppose the prevailing orthodoxies.

The greatest irony is that we allow our adversaries to frame the reference points of our own arguments, and to demand a position of unassailable moral virtue from our protagonists while absolving any actions of however disreputable or abominable behaviour upon the part of their own advocates. The hypocrisy is staggering, and yet they constantly get away with it, due in large measure to the actions of the established media...pah!

Ed Mahmoud said...

Well, while I'm not convinced that some of the nationalist parties of Europe don't have a few White Power types, even some Nazis, I can't imagine the Nazis ever coming back to power. At least the threat of them is quite small compared to the real and growing threat of Islam, that not only refuses to assimilate, but believes it has a mandate from Allah to rule wherever the live.

One of the unintended consequences of what is happening, by both 'legal' means, such as laws permitting people to be denied union membership or a job based on how they voted, and by means such as physical intimidation, people who don't welcome their new Islamic overlord invaders will be forced into the arms of the very fringe the LLL fears most.

Homophobic Horse said...

No it is not bizarre or hypocritical, the left have a fine tradition of supporting some of the worst regimes on earth and practising the most obscene policies - all with the total approval of their own conscience.

JDE said...

I would lay strong odds that if you stripped away social influence and did a simple comparison between the extremists of then and now you'd see some interesting correlations. The emotional triggers would be the same, the "pack" mentality and how action is expressed would be the same. It's bluntly a case of who imprints these little darlings first. Hitler, and to an extent, the earlier Marxists got the "then." Several different versions of what we call the left have staked out the "now."

You won't win such people to your side, they've already been imprinted. Time and mental maturation will change some of them. Many will never change. Perhaps most would be tolerable neighbors if kept separate but once in the pack mode other sub routines take precedence. As I alluded to, there will be surprisingly little difference between violent left or right extremists if psychologically profiled. It's all a matter of who got their attention fixated first.

An obvious tactic of course, while a bit long term, is to find a potential schism amongst them. Work on it indirectly till animosity occurs then step back and watch the fun. It will closely resemble multiple male weasels in a cage during mating season. Of course that's just me and I'm considered a bit cold blooded about some things.

. said...

While your laundry list of Islam-inspired mayhem in Europe is generally correct, I object to putting "burning churches in Kosovo" in this list without the clear acknowledgment that it is the Serbs under Slobodan Milosevic who are primarily to blame for the ethnic/religious mayhem occurring in Kosovo today. That regime's blundering and brutality is the cause of Kosovo's soon-to-be independence. About the best Serbia and Serbs can hope for at this point is the annexation of the far north of Kosovo back to Serbia.

In fact, without Serb ethnic cleansing and the like, it is unlikely that radical Islam would have gotten any headway into the moderate Islamic Bosnian and Albanian communities. After all, how much Islam-inspired violence is going on in Albania itself, traditionally a Muslim nation, today?

Michael said...

After all, how much Islam-inspired violence is going on in Albania itself, traditionally a Muslim nation, today?

Well... I suppose because most Albanians of other faiths have been chased out?

No problem!!!! Bring in Shiites and in no time you got a civil war!!!

Hmmmm.... now there's an idea.....

Ed Mahmoud said...

The Serbs indeed, to the ebst of my knowledge, did start the latest round, in a sense, by attacking Croatia and Bosnia (and/or supporting ethnic Serbs living there) when the former Yugoslavia was breaking up. Handcuffing UN peacekeepers to light posts, as the Serbs did, is no way to enhance one's image in the world, and the Bosnian civil war did seem to radicalize the generally apostate/moderate Muslims of Bosnia, and attract Arab jihadis to the area.

But going back before then, the Serbs generally opposed the Nazis, while the Croats and Muslims were often collaborators, and Serb distrust of the Muslims goes back to the conquests of the Ottomans.

The Serbs, best I can tell, may have started it, but the reprisal and repressions in Bosnia have been going on for a long time.

BTW, IIRC, Albania had a stricter communist government than Tito had, and the one Albanian immigrant I knew in America, while nominally Muslim, wasn't a practicing one.

Unknown said...

Street violence? The Left tries hard, but the Muslims are the champions.

Sarkozy flies back to tackle 'urban warfare' in Paris

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

The situation in Europe really is 1939 repeating itself. It is the Left, with their pet minority the Muslim, acting the part of the brownshirts while the police and politicians play the role of the Nazi Police and Burgermeisters.

It is in this environment that the disarmed Jews were brutalized and then rounded up.

Christians and Capitalists are being brutalized, when will we be rounded up?

This only makes me more determined that guns will always remain in the hands of American citizens. In Europe, it really is time to start shooting the bastards. I think if I lived in a liberal US state, I would already be in jail or on the run for having done the same.

Homophobic Horse said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

Horse --

Your comment violated Gates of Vienna rules and had to be removed. Not only that, it made us vulnerable to people who would be only too glad to have Google shut us down under their rules.

In future, kindly restrain yourself.

no2liberals said...

I still don't understand why I continue to hear that the Nazis were on the extreme right.
Besides many things I have read over the years, there is an excellent piece at American Thinker on this topic 25 Nov 07, Nazis Are Marxists.
"National Socialists were socialists. They had nothing but contempt for what socialists call "capitalism" or what normal people call economic freedom. While it is convenient to portray Nazis as beholden to industrialists and militarists, even from the earliest days Nazis loathed not only industrialists in general but armament makers in particular. The Nazis raised taxes, punished profits, reduced the power of owners, of managers, and of directors and championed the right of the state or the party to "protect" Germany and German workers from abuses of "capitalists

Nazis were Marxists, through and through. Although Nazi condemned Bolshevism, the particular incarnation of Marx in Russia, and although the Nazis often bickered and fought with Fascism, the particular incarnation of Marx in Italy, Hitler and his ghastly accomplices were always and forever absolutely committed to that which we have come to call the "Far Left." Nazis were Marxists."

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said..."After all, how much Islam-inspired violence is going on in Albania itself, traditionally a Muslim nation, today?"

You must be joking, right?

You have absolutely no knowledge of History. Albanian Muslims and Croats participated with Nazis in ethnic cleansing during WWII...and when Slobodan saw this about to begin again, he took a preemtive strike.

I'm not saying I agree with his actions, but I'm telling what he saw and how tough his decision was. What would you do as leader of your people?

Apparently you would allow the slaughter of your people, which is what is happening to Serbs today. Churches are being razed in Kosovo, all thanks to our foreign policy, begun by good ol' Bill Clinton.

So before you mouth off about Albania, check your facts.

Homophobic Horse said...

I honestly can't remember what it was I said, could you give me the vaguest hint?

Homophobic Horse said...

"it made us vulnerable to people who would be only too glad to have Google shut us down under their rules."

Oh I remember what it was I said now. Yes Baron you're right, it is their policy not mine/ours.

And as for the people watching silently, looking to shut us up: You are everything you hate.

. said...

kafir_kelbeh: So Slobodan took a "pre-emptive strike," eh? Well, I suppose that's one way to look at it.

The wrong way, but one way.

As for Albania, Enver Hoxha pretty thoroughly eradicated Islam (and all other religions) from his country during his monstrous rule. And the conflict between Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo was entirely an ethnic one, until Slobodan went wild and the International Jihadis decided to take some advantage of the carnage to do some recruiting.

And my point about Albania itself today is - the country has a lot of problems, as would any country that was ruled by Enver Hoxha for four decades, is that those problems have nothing to do with the fact that Albania was a traditionally Muslim nation.