Monday, November 12, 2007

The Worst Tyranny of All

Just Another Richard left an eloquent comment on one of yesterday’s posts. It deserves its own post, so I have edited it slightly for publication here.

RectitudeI believe the Marxists of Europe, together with their useful idiots, are, totally unbeknownst to themselves, blocking themselves into the proverbial paper bag from which there will be NO escape.

They are placing themselves between a rock and a hard place. Given Islam’s unreformable aspiration to be El Supremo, numero uno, we all know that should they ever get into a position of potential domination, they will not share that position with any other group, especially a bunch of self-righteous, sanctimonious, godless atheists.

So, just where do these Marxist clowns think that they will be able to draw the necessary foot soldiers from when push comes to shove? Remember, the idea is to get the Islamic invaders to destroy the Western Capitalist system. Now after that piece of absolute betrayal, just how many of those people of the West will be favorably inclined to assist the Liberals, the social engineers, our moral superiors, in the fight for their own survival? Given that our future would already be marked out for us by then, as slaves and serfs, not many, I suspect, at least not many with any enthusiasm.

Then again, given the Marxist tendency for slaughter on a grand scale, maybe in their infinite wisdom, they plan on just nuking everywhere where there are large numbers of Muslims.

Then again, given the liberals’ capacity to create screw-ups out of an endless cycle of incompetence, maybe they’re just hoping for the best.

Of course this all presupposes that Western civilization sits still for all this. Already, there is an awful lot of anger out there. I know, I’m one of them. When civil strife bursts out into outright civil war, just how forgiving are those forces of reaction going to be to the architects of this disaster? Not very much, I think; not if they’re smart, anyway —someone who has betrayed you so thoroughly should get no second chances.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Widespread and vigorous miscegenation (race mixing)… is the best answer… Teachers are the most effective anti-racist campaigners in the country, this means more than education in other religions, it means a form of political education.. Only people who understand the economic forces changing their world, threatening them… have a chance of being immune to the old tribal chants. And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress… I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain natural beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off”! — Andrew Marr.

Talk about conceit; the man’s totalitarian credentials are laid out in plain view. For those who do not know: Andrew Marr is one of the senior journalists, a news controller, at the BBC. Thanks to the site I am an Englishman for finding this gem of Marxist/postmodernist hubris.
- - - - - - - - -
Note the sense of entitlement to his position of authority; remember, too: this man earns probably five to seven times or more what the average person does, so he is immune to the consequences of his dictates, he can live in the safe part of town — well, for now he can; when the proverbial hits the fan it may be another matter.

Then again, after years spent sanctimoniously bashing Uncle Sam, he’ll probably run to the only safe place he can find, principles be damned: he’ll run right to the United States. After all, his money is as good as anyone else’s right?

What was that C.S. Lewis said about the tyranny of the self-righteous again? Oh yeah, the worst tyranny of all.

As we Cassandras sit here shouting our lungs out to a non-existent audience of the dangers rapidly approaching, these clowns in authority believe their own inevitable virtue to be supreme. The only inevitability I see is that old worn aphorism: Pride goeth before a fall. And I see one brutal fall ahead.

Though I also see a very forlorn and chastened Islam cast into the wastelands, the pariah of humanity, scorned and reviled, as will be their just due. But it is going to be messy.

I believe that it was Theodore Dalrymple who said it best, that the purpose of political correctness was to make the people complicit in the lie that is the design of the prevailing order, and in so doing to divorce the people from their own values and morality.

When viewed in these terms it is apparent how sick and depraved Marxism is, a philosophy that can only be sustained by deceit and subterfuge. An idea so corrupt that it must hide in the shadows, and speak through lies. The tragedy is that we have let these monsters into positions of power over us.

May God help us.


Georgia Kafir said...

Very well said!

Some anti-gun acquaintances of mine (PC Do-gooders) occasionally argue with me about the need to have and carry firearms. I too suspect that when the proverbial hits the fan they will come knocking on my door.

Bilgeman said...

georgia kafir:

" I too suspect that when the proverbial hits the fan they will come knocking on my door."

Woo-hoo! Free Slaves!

Homophobic Horse said...

The Fashioning of the "New Man"

This was the dream of the pseudo-Nietzscheans, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, of a "higher-humanity" to be forged through creative violence; "this is the mission of our century," said Hitlers propagandist Rosenberg: "out of a new life myth to create a new human type." We know how inhuman this ideal really was and the world has rejected it, but some people still hold on to the possibility of a "mass transformation" of humanity, in futile defiance of the abyss the Nihilists have dug for themselves.

To put it bluntly and offensively, the half-mongol Russians are hardly models of multicultural tolerance, the same can be said for the Spanish. So the fashioning of the "new-man" has nothing to do with genetics. No, this "new-man" is the rootless man, discontinuous with a past ("tribalism") that Nihilist Marxism has declared discredited, the raw material of every demagogue's dream; the "free-thinker" and skeptic, with no residual tribal allegience so as to ensure 100% loyalty to the social engineers. Closed only to the truth but "open" to each new intellectual fashion. The planner and experimenter seeing the world as a vast laboratory in which he has abandoned truth - along with its humility and calm.

In Andrew Marr we see the devils rage against existence itself.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Baron, thanks for the elevation of my comment. Actually, thanks more so for the editing job; yes, my paragraphs do tend to run on endlessly, probably something to do with my bailing out of school before the lessons ended!

I would like to add one qualifier to the above post; that is the use of the term Marxist/postmodernist, (postmodernism being the legitimate child of Marxist dialectic), in that a very large section of the ruling elites, certainly of Europe, and to a lesser extent, of America, are indeed Marxists, even though many of them would not see themselves as such. However, almost to a man/woman, they have come through the ranks of the higher educational establishment, where discourses upon the courses of human actions is constantly being drowned in the Marxist soup. Being themselves immersed so thoroughly in the lie, during probably the most impressionable and receptive periods of their lives, is it any wonder as to just how much they inhaled, Bubba's protestations not withstanding.

Not since the demise of the power of monarchs, have we seen such a sense of entitlement and conceit amongst those who seek to elevate themselves into positions of power and authority over us. Consider also, that given the abject failure of many of their positions and policies, they are now reduced to obfuscations and outright lies in order to maintain their positions and distance themselves from those failings; Tony Blair being the ultimate exemplar of this game of deceit. The Roman writer Sallust said it best "Ambition has driven many men to be false, to have one thought locked up in the breast, with another ready upon the tongue". I think he must have met Pious Tony in a previous life.

Unknown said...

bilgeman, would you really want a Gordon Brown or a David Milleband as a personal slave, or worse still, a Peter Hain...aaarrrggghhhhh!!! I see hell made manifest in the here and now.

davidhamilton said...

I find that "When the bananas hit the fan" is a useful euphemism. They are the right shape and, you know, kind of squishy.

Unknown said...

I feel dirtier for going to I Am An Englishman aka I Am A Real Wanker. Off to find the Betadine.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Thanks to the site I am an Englishman for finding this gem of Marxist/postmodernist hubris.

Thanks indeed! Is that quote not the most openly evil cultural_marxist platform statement ever to see daylight? Even the nastiest of the Frankfurt school didn't dare to expose themselves so openly. And yet it comes from basically what should be an establishment figure - the former political editor for The Economist and then the BBC. Mind boggling, and terrifying.

Homophobic Horse said...

Robin is right.

GoV, if I were you I would have run the Andrew Marr quote, but without mentioning the IAAE website. I know you say we have to compromise "ideological purity" to form alliance.. I have unspecified reservations about IAAE.

Here's a good video about "ideological subversion" through the university edifice.

Unknown said...

Robin said...

I feel dirtier for going to I Am An Englishman aka I Am A Real Wanker. Off to find the Betadine.

We may not agree with everything another person holds to, indeed it would be a strange world if we did. If we wait till we can find like minded souls to accommodate our ideological purity, we may end up waiting till the chains are firmly around our necks.

To airily dismiss someone for their thoughts and failings is the mark of our natural enemies, for it's intent is the stifling of debate.

I too, do not necessarily agree with everything I am an Englishman stands for, but I refuse to be so conceited that I dismiss his every position upon the alter of my own personal virtuous purity. He has done much work in the fields of recording the failings and positions of our real and most pressing enemies...the Marxists within our societies. Also, just how much of his thoughts and positions are born out of frustration and confusion in this bizarre world in which we live in. What happened to hies rights of free association. Remember, I may disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.

Remember, when the proverbial does indeed hit the fan, it is the rough men, who will roll up their sleeves and get down into the dirt to do the unpleasant but necessary business. Will you be there with them robin, or will you rather ungraciously accept the blessings of the freedoms their labours bestow upon you. This being Remembrance Day, it would be a good day to reflect upon that.

Baron Bodissey said...

Homo, Robin --

J.A. Richard included the link in his comment, so I put it in the post. I looked at the front page of the site, and although I didn't agree with everything there, I didn't find anything that violates the standards that I usually apply when I link something.

Can you tell me specifically what you object to, with a quote and the page URL? If it's repugnant, I'll remove the link.

Unknown said...

Baron, my apologies if my link brings any opprobrium in your direction, I was simply attributing to source, however there does appear a very strong antisemitism in some of his writings at that site. No, this is not my position, for like you, I am a staunch supporter of Israel and her right to a peaceful existence. I too see them as the true victims in much of what is nothing more than demonization on the part of much of the media, and the relentless propaganda of the Ummah.

However should you decide to remove the link I would understand, and again extend my apologies for any embarrassment.

Again, I repeat, I believe in the right of free association

Unknown said...

Baron, further update. The site I am an Englishman is a huge site, there is much to explore, much of it indeed, a detective piece upon the largely hidden actions and agendas of those espousing the Marxist creed.

I take back the comment (for now at least) that his writings contain a very strong antisemitism, and say more guardedly that there is a strain of antisemitism throughout many of his pieces. How much so, would take a lot of reading to discern, as I said, it is a huge site. However, to dismiss out of hand everything he has to say, is to throw away a wealth of material on the alter of our virtuous purity, an alter fashioned for us I might add, by the very Marxist narratives that have become our prevailing perceptions of ourselves and our values.

I would point out that even the likes of monsters such as Mr. Hitler, Mr. Goebbels and Mr. Rosenberg, from out of the pages of history, have lessons to teach us, if we have the courage to face unpleasant truths about our selves, our values and our aspirations.

Oh, and yes, he does appear to be a supporter of the BNP. The kiss of death in some quarters. The BNP being the reincarnation of those three gentlemen mentioned above, if the left are to be believed. Again, I say this guardedly as I have only scratched the surface of the site, for to understand more thoroughly his positions, one would have to read a considerably greater quantity of the material posted than I have done so far.

Whilst this discussion has taken this unexpected and unintentional turn, it does lead us, into the gray areas placed so intentionally off limits by the our ruling elites and their academic puppet masters. I may be in error, but having been witness to the arguments of the flame wars of the past month, I sense that my position is shared by the proprietors of this site. If not, please advise, and I will withdraw.

Papa Whiskey said...

The Andrew Marr quote is actually rather old, having appeared in 1999 after a British government inquiry into law-enforcement practices in the murder of a black kid at a bus stop that yielded no convictions criticized the country’s police as “institutionally racist.” The column took comfortable white liberals to task for being too racially and economically isolated. Moreover, the blog referred to in Just Another Richard’s comment engaged in a bit of editing that made Marr’s words sound more tyrannical than they actually were (though heaven knows that was bad enough). The line about miscegenation, in its entirety, is

“What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation, which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy.)”

In context, this was obviously tongue-in-cheek. I hold no brief for Marr or his politics – he is clearly one of the elite socialist journalists Bruce Bawer so cogently skewered in “While Europe Slept” – but one ought not to make him look worse than he actually is.

Unknown said...

"Moreover, the blog referred to in Just Another Richard’s comment engaged in a bit of editing that made Marr’s words sound more tyrannical than they actually were (though heaven knows that was bad enough). The line about miscegenation, in its entirety, is" - Paul Green

Actually Paul, that was not the part that I found so sinister, the sense of superior entitlement, the implied insinuation of the general populace as Neanderthals, deserving of enlightened direction even if it kills them, so to speak. An unbelievable arrogance from the mind of a man who has had the great fortune to be born into a society that grants freedom and prosperity to its citizens. Yes, the blessings of prosperity are not distributed evenly, but I do not see Mr. Marr giving away his good fortune in the intervening years since this quote was first made, which does kind of leave his implied position of superior compassion, somewhat moot. Its the Tony Blair school of Christian charity, without the actual charity bit, because of course that's the messy, difficult part, and besides Tony and friends are rather busy themselves right now in the business of wealth creation, just watch Cherie. As is always the case with our socialist Marxist betters, communism is the best of ideals, until the correct people ascend the thrones of power, then of course the aesthetic life of the party faithful may be discarded as the inconvenience it truly is, the business of being the boss and issuing orders becomes of paramount importance

No Paul, the writer at IAAE did not make Mr. Marr out to be worse than he actually is, for MR. Marr did that all by himself.

As to the issue of miscegenation, what transpires between two people or even freely associating groups of people, is, as far as I am concerned, entirely down to their own hearts intent, and good luck to them I say. Now, where government coercion is involved, that is something else altogether, and in the method and manner in which it has been introduced into societies in Europe, it has indeed had a deleterious affect upon those indigenous communities, deliberately sowing division and confusion, and for what, once the mask of utility is ripped off, it would appear for nothing more than vote rigging by the left. The argument that the left was engaged in a compassionate alleviation of the poverty and destitution of the oppressed workers or the aspiring immigrants, is laid barren by the actuality of life as it is lived at the bottom. For a good examination of such read Theodore Dalrymple's "Life at the Bottom" or "Our Civilisation, What's left of it....the mandarins and the masses" for a picture of the sheer spiritual and moral poverty our Lords and Masters have visited upon us, and especially upon the lower orders. These paragons of moral virtue have much to answer for; they'd better hope and pray that they are right about the "God Delusion".

Hal K said...

I think many people become uncomfortable when you say that you want the white race to survive as a distinct group. This may be what was bothering some people about the "I am an Englishman" site. I recently had a comment deleted from the Stein Report almost a day after I initially posted it. Someone had said that Tom Tancredo was a fear monger, and I responded by saying that immigration restrictionists were motivated primarily by love of their own people, not fear. I also talked about how unchecked immigration throughout the West could cause the white race to cease to exist as a distinct group. Finally, I said that it was a lie to say that restrictionists were motivated primarily by fear, and that the purpose of the lie was to cover up the right of the white race to seek its own continued existence.

Sorry to go into so much detail, but I wanted to get this posted online somewhere while it was still fresh in my mind. After my initial comment was deleted, I posted a second comment, which can be seen here:

Tancredo Announces Retirement After '08

I don't have a problem with a certain degree of mixing of races, but I do have a problem with seeking to demographically overwhelm the current population of a country (which is happening in England).

Papa Whiskey said...

Just Another Richard:

Andrew Marr's attitude is certainly malign -- on that I won't disagree a bit. But to take what was clearly a snarky quip and, by excising the context, make it appear to be a serious declaration is the kind of tactic I think we ought to leave to the left.

I've read Dalrymple's "Our Civilization: What's Left of It" and it is very fine indeed.

Papa Whiskey said...

As to miscegenation, a crack I heard long ago seems to say it best:

"If God hadn't meant us to get together, he wouldn't have standardized the parts!"

Unknown said...

homophobic, Thanks for the link to the Bezmenov interview. I had seen it before, but well worth the second viewing. I would say in the case of Britain that the subversion had progressed to the next stage, with the Marxist ascendancy in Westminster, the next stage, that of political indoctrination of the lower/junior education system was well underway, though I don't think the Marxist ideology requires much from the ignorant masses, except quiet acquiescence . The only part yet to unfold, would be the violent take over by the hard line Marxists.

I would like to hear your unspecified reservations about IAAE. As I said, there is a lot there to go through and as yet, I have not waded in too deep. I am open to the possibility of error, though I must point out, I will not dismiss a man's whole position just because I DO disagree with one aspect of his stance, or even two for that matter. A good first question to ask is, does his position stand in opposition to my continued right to the exercise of free expression? Another might be, does he seek to mislead me with sweet promises he can not and never will fulfill, in order to gain my vote to elevate himself or his particulars to positions of power and authority over me? Upon passing those criteria, I will at least lend him an ear.

It is indeed the argument of the left to dismiss out of hand the views of the dissident, the political adversary, and in the next breath, to seek dialogue with monsters. I reserve the right to form my own opinions as to a persons political and ideological virtues. I have learned not to accept the unqualified opinions of the organs of disinformation which may not have my, or my neighbors best interests at heart, but only the service of their own agendas, (The Guardian and The Independent spring instantly to mind). So once again homophobic, what are your reservations?

Bilgeman said...

just another richard:

"would you really want a Gordon Brown or a David Milleband as a personal slave, or worse still, a Peter Hain.."

Personally, I'd rather not have the bother.
But if some schmuck is going to inflict himself on me to protect and feed and house him, he's sure as shootin' going to be put to work for me.

Homophobic Horse said...

I don't know what my reservations are Richard. The peril we're facing is starting to sink into my mind, and I'm tempted to do a ConSwede; have an identity crisis and attack my allies so as to try and convince myself we're all (us counter-jihadists) just living in some paranoid fantasy world.

It didn't work for ConSwede did it?

I had a dream last night, I dreamed I was about 40 years old, 20 years from now, and I'm trying to tell people how life used to be before some unspecified disaster but they couldn't understand no matter what I said.

I think about the millions of people, such over whelming numbers, who sincerely believe that the Iraq war was something other than what it really was; they think it was a war for "oil, Halliburton, Bush lied etc." That's how successful the demoralisation has been.

Unknown said...

But if some schmuck is going to inflict himself on me to protect and feed and house him, he's sure as shootin' going to be put to work for me. - bilgeman

Lord bilgeman, the picture that forms in my minds eye is good for a great laugh. The thought of any of those sanctimonious tossers protesting as bilgeman unceremoniously orders them to get stuck in, or else...priceless!

I think about the millions of people, such over whelming numbers, who sincerely believe that the Iraq war was something other than what it really was - homophobic

Yeah homophobic, Bezmenov really spelled it out, and we can now see how effective the subversion was and still is. I have no doubts whatsoever that these current crop of Marxists are going to prove just as murderous as any of the previous incarnations of this pernicious evil that refuses to die. We have a fight on our hands whether we want one or not. Actually, we have two fights, the Marxists and the Islamics, though I think that once the Marxists are defeated, the Islamics will be much easier, though no cake walk.

This conflict is going to get very nasty and brutal, and if you would seek a picture of just how bad it will be, go find some of the tales of the atrocities of the Indian Mutiny of 1857, it is one long sorry sordid catalogue of endless brutality and savagery. And no doubt some righteous soul will come along shortly to regal us with the tales of the barbarous British; and yes, before the conflict was done, the British were indeed ruthless in their methods of suppression, but human nature being what it is, in context, it becomes very understandable how the human capacity for compassion and moral rectitude is inevitably ground down by endless assaults of savagery. So I do wonder, just how many who so piously pontificate upon their superior virtue, now as we speak, will be as resolute a few years after this one actually kicks off; for the actuality of the experience will have a more profound affect upon the spirit of the combatants, than all the pious prognostications of our so-called betters. Human beings are extremely adaptable, especially when not mired in religious dogmas...we will fight, and fight like the hounds of hell.

So much for the end of history, seems to me we're about to enter a new chapter.