Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sweden Copes With Crime

From the Swedish blog Barti Jolomsky:

Swedish crime

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated the balloon and the caption for us:
- - - - - - - - -
Balloon: Have you become a victim of a crime? Choose from the following alternatives:

  • ONE for group rape,
  • TWO for honor murder,
  • THREE for stone-throwing,
  • FOUR for assault and battery.

Caption: The Police are adapting their telephone service to today’s Sweden 2007.


History Snark said...

Isn't that the same approach the UK is taking? Rather than arrest criminals, instead give them a stern warning. If you trip over them while they commit the crime.

Here in the Good Old USA, of course, our police are much better. I know that in some places, they don't even bother investigating property crimes- all they do is a bit of paperwork so the victim can get the insurance money.

Law enforcement: Making the streets safe for criminals everywhere.

Dymphna said...

Some of our police and sheriffs are still rogues, though.

We had an ugly incident in our county in which a black man's truck was stopped for no reason and he was made to strip down to his underwear in public by the side of the road. He reports that they searched his truck "17 times."

My guess is that someone set him up and the law enforcement people were *sure* they had a live one from an anonymous tip.

And, yeah, the good ol' American way: he's suing them. In hia circumstances I would too...after deducting the fees for psychiatrist bills for my resultant trauma, I'd give the rest to some group that polices the ACLU.

Subvet said...

Even when our cops are actively fighting crime (I believe the majority fall into that category), they're still hamstrung by the incompetence of others.

My wife spied a stranger trying to get into our house one day and called 911. The dispatcher downgraded it to a call about a lost & confused citizen. The cops, having to prioritize this amongst other calls, put it on the back burner and the wife never saw anyone show up.

When she pulled the string on it and investigated what had happened she was told her voice was "too calm" for the dispatcher to believe there was a real problem.

The wife is a RN, if you walk up to her with a bloody stump where your arm used to be she'll keep it together until the crisis is over. She's trained that way, it's how emergencies get handled. DUH!!

Her reply to the idiot dispatcher was, "Just how hysterical do I have to be to see some action!"

The woman had a hard time getting the point.

In the future we'll consider 911 a call for the cleanup detail. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

History Snark said...

Last year on Halloween, a couple I knew was out with the kids. They came home to find their house burglarized. The thieves not only stole some items, they had something to eat (leaving clean fingerprints on a dish), explored the house and the woman's lingerie, etc. When the police officer showed, they pointed out the fingerprints, and told him they suspected the neighbors (as did everyone else I spoke to). Even pointed out one of the neighbors walking down the street looking furtive and holding something under his jacket. The cop looked at the guy hastily moving away, and made a note of it.

End of case.

Supposedly, someone I know was told by the police (after reporting a local drug dealer trespassing on a rental property for the umpteenth time), that they didn't want to hear about it again unless there was a corpse.

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

So just a couple months ago, some petty crook was released from the local prison. He then proceeded to murder something like 5 women. And I don't think that included the one who was killed a couple years ago, during a brief period when, coincidentally, the accused was (briefly) out of prison.

That last one happened just after I moved away, but it helps to explain why there's always a pistol within my reach at home.

Anonymous said...

Since Multiculturalism is a religion, Swedes will go their death happily. They already generally accept the annihiliation of their culture and nation. They see it as a way to redeem themselves from their sins, whatever they are.

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

What is our problem that we must feel so guilty?

Slavery? Outlawed 200+ years ago in Europe, 140 in US, still going on in Muslim countries.

Oppression? Actually brought many countries forward decades, if not centuries or millenia, then freed them and left much of our items behind.

What is it for which you must atone?

If you must feel guilt from a "sin" then find religion and confess. If you don't want religion, DON'T FEEL GUILT OVER THAT WHICH YOU DID NOT DO!

*steps off soapbox*

idomeneo said...

Its funny how the sweds and other western countries have to redeem themselves collectivly for the sins of some(a microscopic portion) of their ancesters a long time ago while if you are a westerner and distrustful of an arab muslim on a plane you are guilty of a thoght crime for holding him to blame for what most of his religous brethren have been doing for the past 1500 years. What makes me wonder is do the powers that be in sweden and elsewhere really think they are going to be able to control the "new europeans" like they do they old ones, i think not.
As far as home invasions go i am glad to have my .45 to protect me, better yet my gun does not charge me taxes to do so, just a little range time now and them.

mikej said...

gun-totin-wacko wrote:

"When the police officer showed, they pointed out the fingerprints, ..."

The cops actually sent somebody out? The Houston Police Department no longer dispatches an officer to investigate burglaries. They just take a report over the phone.

My mother had a similar experience with Miami cops who couldn't be bothered to take a burglar's fingerprints in 1967.

I do think that we could learn something about effective criminal punishments from the Islamic world.