Friday, November 30, 2007

No to the Mega-Mosque

Under the press of recent events, I have neglected the issue of the “mega-mosque” that is being planned in London to coincide with the 2012 Olympics.

The mega-mosqueMost readers are probably familiar with the issue. The plan is for a huge and imposing edifice, financed by Wahhabi money and implemented through the proselytizing organization Tablighi Jamaat. The structure will dominate the London skyline adjacent to the site of the Olympics.

To an infidel, this is an obvious declaration by Islam: “We are the future of Britain. Get used to it.”

But there is a large and growing movement in Britain to stop the mega-mosque. Ordinary people have risked the new law against “inciting religious hatred” and banded together in their determination to prevent the mosque from being built.

Today we received the following press release:

Opponents launch website “to counter mega-mosque misinformation and spin”

Newham’s executive Mayor challenged to come clean about planning permission on West Ham site near 2012 Olympics

On the back of a challenge to Newham’s Mayor Sir Robin Wales to come clean about the state of current planning permissions on the site of the proposed Olympic mega-mosque at West Ham, opponents of the project today launched a campaign information website,

At the 29 October meeting of Newham Council, the Mayor’s adviser on Regeneration Cllr Conor McAuley led members and media to believe that the current small temporary mosque on site had received retrospective temporary planning permission, although in fact permission had run out twelve months ago.
- - - - - - - - -
At the forthcoming Council meeting next Monday 3 December, Cllr Alan Craig, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance group on Newham Council, will challenge the Mayor to retract his colleague’s statement and confirm instead that mosque promoters Tablighi Jamaat are currently using the site illegally and without any planning permission at all.

“Misinformation from Tablighi Jamaat, from their PR agency Indigo Public Affairs and from the Mayor’s colleague, all illustrate vividly why a group of us called Newham Concern have now found it necessary to launch a campaign website,” said Cllr Craig. “We want to get the facts and truth out there so that people can see why this mosque should not be built. The people of Newham and the wider community need to be properly informed.”

“Tablighi Jamaat is a global, powerful, fundamentalist but secretive Islamic sect from South Asia,” continued Alan Craig. “They are so determined to have their mega-mosque here in London that, for the first time ever, anywhere, they have employed a smooth western PR agency to promote their cause.”

“Tablighi Jamaat’s secrecy, the Mayor’s complicity and Indigo’s dark arts of spin all create a potent cocktail of misinformation and half-truth. Our campaign aims to expose their propaganda and to highlight the real facts and evidence so that people can make up their own minds.”

“As we develop the website, we intend that it will become a useful source of reliable information about the sect and their project.”

If you’re in the UK, and you’re concerned about the Islamization of your country and your culture, a visit to is recommended.


Aeneas said...

Good coverage Baron. The construction of large mosques in Europe is not just confined to the UK. I was to attend a conference in Bologna today that was about the proposed 'mega mosque' there. I was unable to attend due to today's strike by Italian air traffic controllers. If people can read Italian (or don't mind language tools such as: ) then the following site relates to the conference:

The counter jihad movement in Europe is growing!

Orlando said...

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Snake Oil Baron said...

While I certainly understand the concerns of opponents of this project, consider the following:

The major Christian denominations (mainly R.C. and C. of E.) built huge cathedrals all over the place and it has not maintained their influence over society. In fact, they result in larger operating expenses so they are only self-sustaining if they receive sufficient income from the attendants or their financiers. Without a central authority like the Vatican or an Anglican archdiocese to bail them out on occasion, huge Mosques are very vulnerable to economic downturns. Their financiers are enriched by Islamic oil states (continuing pumping of oil is going to require new investment and those societies may start demanding that more of the wealth gets used at home). If the Middle East begins to boom economically due to increased secularization, urbanization and industrialization begin to reduce the inflow of Muslims and their kids start to adopt more Western fertility rates and lifestyles their congregations could erode.

Large congregations are also easier to infiltrate so if they want to avoid scandals like the undercover documentaries that have emerged already they will need to tone things down. The extremists will consider it too watered down and the moderates (so to speak) will be put off by the impersonality of the industrial scale.

High visibility is a double edged sword. If the congregation starts making demands about what can be done in the surrounding area without "desecrating" the Mosque, people are going to start to reevaluate their positions on multiculturalism.

I would certainly stop short of saying that mega-Mosques are a good thing for non Muslims but I have doubts that they are a good thing for Islam's mission in Britain.

Maybe I am wrong but I am used to seeing the best laid plans or ideologues unravel in the face of the real world. That does not mean we should offer no opposition but that we should not over represent the tactics of the ideology which we oppose. If they get their mega-Mosque it will not be a mega victory for Islam.

Homophobic Horse said...

Britain on the Brink - a video about the EU

closed said...

Throw balloons full of pig's blood into the site.

Desecrate the ground before they build the damned thing.

This worked fine in Padua, and it looks like some aussies have tried it as well.

Ed Mahmoud said...

When does the Church of England get to open a church in Saudi Arabia?

Profitsbeard said...

And NO to the midi-mosque!

And NO to the mini-mosque!

And NO to the meso-mosque!

And NO to the crypto-mosque!

All sites of intolerant sedition and infiltration.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Smith's singer Morrissey accused of racism by NME for saying immigration diluting British culture

Read comments at Atlas, Morrissey isn't a 'right winger' by any means.

Holger said...


Water balloons with pig's blood in it! You don't have to torch mosques if push comes to shove. The mussies would probably abandon them if they were constantly bombarded with pig's blood.

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

Snake Oil Baron,

What you fail to realize is that Islam's purpose is dominance over non-Muslims, not just the practice of their religion.

If they were building mosques and practicing their faith like other religions, this wouldn't be a problem.

But Islam's intent is to create a global caliphate...are you ready to convert or pay the jizya? Then start fighting, kafir.