Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Water is Lovely, Momma. Wish You Were Here

Burqa swim

This is such a sad picture. All the kids splashing and obviously having a good time.

Meanwhile, anchored by her heavy, wet abaya, this young woman is forced to hold on or sink. Maybe it’s only neck-deep?

“Well, at least she lowers her chances of skin cancer,” Pollyanna said sunnily.

Thanks to The Bellicose Augur for this picture.



Simon de Montfort said...

Those black tent-outfits remind me of Grade 2 and Sister Perpetual Scowling ( where measuring distance was only the secondary purpose of wooden rulers )

I actually saw two women wearing those in a swimming pool in Germany last year.

Passionate Conservative said...

I'm sure I've seen this comment posted somewhere before, but I'm gonna use it anyway.

"It looks like that thing that killed Tasha Yar in the Star Trek TNG episode "Skin of Evil"

Félicie said...

In our swimming pools you are supposed to take a shower before you enter the pool. I wonder what these women do? Take a shower and then don this tent on top again and dive into the pool? I would feel squeemish being next to someone wearing dusty outdoor clothes in the water.

Dr.D said...

It looks like she is wearing long black gloves too! Is that for real? Are they rubber for dish washing or handling chemicals? This is just unreal!

Dymphna said...

simon de monfort--

You just never got to go swimming with Sister Mary Agatha...arms showed,legs showed to about bermuda shorts length...

Heck my first grade teacher is still going strong and my 8th grade teacher, Sister Marie Therese, has a cellphone and credit cards...

And I knew them back when Marie therese taught us Gregorian Choir.

You lost out in the nun department.

Susan Humeston said...

That arm looks fake - that can't be a real hand. Weird!

Berit said...

That picture has been going around for a while and looks photo-shop to me, but it's still funny

John Wheelock said...

Even if it is PhotoShop, there are actual bathing suits for Muslim women that cover their entire bodies, even their heads. They look terrible.

However, I'm not quite sure how to feel about these clothes. They do allow women to go outside and participate in outdoor activities, which is great. Yet they still force them into modesty and subjugate them to a lower level than a male, which is oppressive and barbaric.

Simon de Montfort said...

Irish nuns of the Previous Generation are not like American nuns of a younger generation, D

You know that about a third of the teachers in the National Schools are 'members of religious orders' in Ireland, and in the Old Days it used to be almost half

And they were Not To Be Avoided, because in Catholic Ireland there is no Catholic 'private school' system as in America.

UrbanRevival said...

“Honey, I promise, you won’t sink. And even if you do, I have three other wives to replace you.”

Snake Oil Baron said...

I understand that doctors in Saudi Arabia have been asked to encourage women to take larger doses of vitamin D than would ordinarily be recommended so that they can absorb enough calcium to breast feed without their kids getting rickets. I guess God never thought of that. said...

With robotic bugs, larger ethical questions
Advances affect ties of human, machine

Am I the only too see the link of the two issues?

personalrep1 said...


Larry Houle

Covering women head to toe is a religious dictate. It exemplifies Islam’s loathing and men’s ownership and control of women while men wear (and do) what they like---gender apartheid. It also promotes religious apartheid and Islam’s threatening political presence!

The Hijab symbolizes 2 things:

1) Islam’s repression and loathing of women that WOMEN ARE OFFENSIVE.

2) Islam’s Arab supremist totalitarian political power and aims.

It is far more than 'a piece of clothing. Attitudes and practices that underlie Islam’s repressive gender apartheid which demands the covering of females head to toe but not men, must be questioned. It isn’t just a matter of ‘religious freedom,’ after all Islam allows child marriage, slavery, scourging/beating women, etc. and we don’t permit these evils.
Hijab as a political symbol: Islamic text insists that women are covered and don't draw attention to themselves or improve themselves (no make-up, hair colour, plucking..). Their attire must not reveal the form of their body. They must not have any dazzling display, walk in a way that attracts attention or travel more than a short distance from home without a male 'protector'.

Women cannot listen to music or watch movies, DVDs, videos, plays, art ….as Mohammad banned the playing of musical instruments and any representations of humans or other animals (Bukhari hadiths). No doubt they will be happy to be married as a child to a man with other wives whom he can beat (sura 4.34) and ‘plough’ as he likes (sura 2.223, 2.222) and divorce by uttering a few words!

The hijab is forced into our schools and streets under the guise of religious freedom and tolerance but this is simply Islam forcing its political presence into our classrooms, onto children and in our face! It pushes totalitarian Islam into the visible foreground of our societies.

Why would Allah create repulsive females that need to be covered?