Friday, November 16, 2007

Sutter Strikes Again

The Religion of Peace is one of the most important websites of the Counterjihad. It gathers data and maintains a comprehensive database on terrorist attacks committed by Islam, and posts articles, photos, and links on the same topic.

Now TROP is being targeted by “the Rev.” Jim Sutter, just as Jihad Watch and other sites have been. I was recently sent the following email appealing for help, and I’m passing it on to readers. The more of us who email these companies to demand that the Religion of Peace be unblocked, the more quickly they will act.

Dear Fellow Bloggers:

The Religion of Peace Needs Our Help!

An individual by the name of (Rev.) Jim Sutter targeted our good friends at The Religion of Peace in an effort to shut down the site. The results of Sutter’s actions provoked a number of internet companies to incorrectly categorize The Religion of Peace. These incorrect categories have caused the site to be listed as a hate site, and consequently blocked by some servers. We know that the accusations made by Sutter, and the various companies are untrue. The Religion of Peace provides accurate facts about Islam — not lies. Nor can the site be accused of being racist. First of all Islam is not a race, it is a political religious ideology. Secondly, The Religion of Peace speaks out against all violence that is directed towards Non-Muslims and Muslims.

Anyone who has a blog that attempts to defend the west from radical Islam or Marxists knows that they are constantly at risk of being labeled racist, and shut down by individuals and organizations who do not want the truth to be known. The efforts to silence our voices will increase. We are all in this fight together. Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if all of you would post a notice on your blogs, urging your readers to support The Religion of Peace by sending protest e-mails to the offending companies. Islam and the thought police are coming after all of us. Free speech is in jeopardy. We need to pull together into a strong and united force to combat those who intend to crush us.

Out of respect for others The Religion of Peace has avoided asking for assistance. They did not want to impose their problems onto anyone else. I have permission to make this appeal on their behalf.

Please ask your readers to contact the following companies with a short polite e-mail clearly stating that The Religion of Peace — (include the url in the e-mails) is against violence, not racist and should be categorized appropriately under labels such as General News, Politics and Religion.

To the best of our knowledge the e-mail addresses are correct. If anyone encounters problems please contact either myself or The Religion of Peace:

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Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

For more information visit this site.

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Morgan said...

I've sent e-mails to the companies who've labeled The Religion of Peace wrongly as a hate site and I've put a post on my own blog asking anybody who reads it to help. Hopefully that help will come quick. Thanks for the post.

USorThem said...

In the thread on an identical post at JW, a copy of Sonic Wall's email response to a plea for unblocking was made available. They will not change the designation.

Flanders Fields said...

Baron, A little info on Sutter:

Rev.Jim Sutter, from Lady Predator's info comment to FF.

From Augean Stables, islam v. judge....

The “rev” Sutter is a liar. He has claimed to have earned four Purple Hearts, one Bronze Star, and one Navy Cross.

He has also claimed to have 26 years in counter terrorism.

(26 years counter terrorism claim)

‘Rev Jim’s Profile’ (updated Dec 23, 2006) says he is 51.

Now reads what he wrote about himself sept 1995 bit.listserv.ada-law this doesn’t match this up with his claims of being in the navy for 26 years. Unless of course he was *disabled* while in the Navy.

“Most of you know I am quite ill, with cancer, Stage 4 congestive heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, incomplete SCI at
T-12, spinal arthritis, uncoordinated parastalsys, and a brain tumor. I am
not expected to make it to the end of this year. At first I said “Yeah, I’m too young and handsome to die”, but now I’m not so sure that I’m so young anymore. :>) It is taking a very long time to bounce back from my last heart attack, in August.”

This page especially funny look at what he claims to be a picture of himself

But one look in Sutter’s AOL image folder we see the real picture of Sutter called “me years ago”

It’s good match with the one on his yahoo profile today

BTW he paid for his ordination from The Universal Life Church but at one time he made the claim that he was a Catholic minister.
Modesto, CA is ULC headquarters and Bishop Kirby Hensley is a ULC bishop

Sutter is not capable to telling the truth about what he had for lunch

Comment by LadyLexington — April 7, 2007 @ 11:16 pm


(Partial copy)

8:41 AM
Lady Predator said...
The pseudo “rev” (he has a paid for “ordination” from the universal life church) is neither a neutral, impartial nor accurate source himself, but is in fact a liar, a libeler and a terrorist apologist. His “exposes” are the projections of a very delusional and sick mind. What he has written on Robert Spencer is mostly was work of fiction and so absurd as to be laughable.
One might note that *nothing* the “rev” says about himself is true, his “degrees” and his “military” service are also a work of fiction.
Sutter has been publicly exposed as a SEAL impostor
And here, go to the bottom of the page

There is no King's Word Seminary there is only an unaccredited Kings Word School of the Bible that give out certificates of completion run by Pastor Ernie Sanders of the Doers of The Word Baptist Church Sutter was once associated with that church and their prison ministry right after he was released from prison for credit card fraud ( Here is proof Sutter’s association with Pastor Ernie Sanders
At one time he has claimed to be an ordained Catholic minister, "higher than a Deacon, but slightly lower than a priest" -- a position that does not exist. There are three levels of the ordained ministry in the Catholic Church: deacons, priests, and bishops, with nothing in between.
He also claims that he served in the naval reserve as an officer. The Navy doesn’t used convicted “felons” as officers. Go to and put Sutter’s name in the criminal search he was convicted January 1982 of 2913.31 UTTERING and was order to pay restitution and put on two years probation. I guess that didn’t make much of an impact on him as ended up in jail a second time for credit card fraud January 1996. BTW the Navy also doesn’t have people who weigh over 550 pounds.

Sutter is unable to tell the truth about himself or others. He has a difficult time separating his delusions form reality.

8:22 PM
Rev. Jim Sutter said...
First, to Lady Predator, who writes in part "The pseudo “rev” (he has a paid for “ordination” from the universal life church) is neither a neutral, impartial nor accurate source himself, but is in fact a liar, a libeler and a terrorist apologist. His “exposes” are the projections of a very delusional and sick mind. What he has written on Robert Spencer is mostly was work of fiction and so absurd as to be laughable."

Once again, I strongly suggest that you consult an attorney about 42 US Code, section 223 As Amended. Your cyberstalking could be considered a federal felony.

Now, to others: Please remember from the introduction to facts-not-fear, that the site is not in any way meant to be a denial or minimalization of the threat of Muslim extremists, who "justify" their acts of violence with out of context Qur'anic verses and ahadiths, with using 1400 year old obscure legal rulings, with twised perversions of Islam. These practicies are all explained and condemned in detail by the Muslim leaders listed in the blog. Not every single one goes into every single detail; some just use a blanket condemnation, some use partial explanations, some use very detailed full explanations of why this practice of hatred is completely wrong in Islam. I have a different blog,, that concentrates on terrorist acts, without any Islamophobic exaggeration, myths or hate speech. I separated the two because the facts-not-fear fills the need for a compilation of Muslim condemnations that the Islamophobic sites continually claim are missing -- they either claim that Muslim leaders don't condemn terrorism at all, or that the condemnations are "weak", "taquiyya" or "not good enough."

As to a solution -- the best solution is going to be multi-tiered. Attack the terrorists by using law enforcement, military actions, intelligence ops, block their finances, continue to maintain our strong relations with Muslim allies, recruit additional Muslim allies, and educate the Muslim world through open and honest discussions that we are not their enemy, that we want to help them rid the Muslim world of those who pervert their religion.

But in order to accomplish this, all sides must be honest. Muslim leaders must continue to be willing to admit that there is an extremist element trying to claim the religion of Islam as their own, and the Western world must continue to stress that we have no grudges against the Muslim world, no intentions of working against the Muslim world, that our only concern is eliminating the extremists who resort to terrorism.

We (as a country) have been at war with terrorists of all ideologies, and we will continue to try to stop all terrorists, no matter what faith, politics, or agenda they may follow. Terrorism is terrorism, it doesn't make any difference who commits it in that all terrorism is wrong. Bombs and bullets don't care who their victims are and who their users are, they destroy innocent lives.

I'm told by friends in Europe that the media there regularly covers the condemnations of the Muslim leadership, and that Islamophobia is nowhere near the problem that it is in the USA.

If you (whoever) don't agree with the tenets of Islam (the real tenets, not the propaganda pushed by Islamophobes), then that is your right. It's also your right to express why you don't agree with it. But you (whoever) are abusing that right if you employ deception, lies, out of context verses, or any falsehoods. If we expect Muslims to be honest, then we must also be honest.

Demonizing an entire religion and all its adherants is what causes big trouble. It is generally considered bigotry. It is also the technique used by Hitler against the Jews, by Stalin against all religions, by Chinese leadership against Christianity. It's wrong when they did/do it, and it's just as wrong when Americans do it.

Bottom line - if we expect the Islamist terrorists to stop perverting the religion of Islam to justify their hatred, then we have to stop doing the same thing.

4:56 PM
Rev. Jim Sutter said...
Society writes: "SocietyVs said...
I thought about some of the things Sutter said in his comments - and he needs to learn more about conservative Islam and stories about people within the faith that are being tested on 'freedom of speech' - whether in Canada (Irshad Manji) or in Egypt (Nawal Al Saadawi). He makes a lot of claims about the Islam faith which, even if justified, one would have to wonder how certain fatwa's are weighed? No, violence will not be tolerated at all - that's my personal stand on religious faiths - and free speech is the route we need to pursue also (a discussion amongst each of our faiths)."

I am well aware of the many problems with extremists in Islam, even with the conservatives and ultra conservatives. The ultra conservatives even hate bin Laden because they believe he is not "pure" enough, he uses modern weapons, telephones, automobiles, computers - all of which the ultra conservatives do not want to pollute their idea od "purism." There are a lot of problems that must be addressed, but as long as those problems do not promote or create violence, then if they are in different countries, is it our right to order them around? IMO, education would work better in that particular situation. For those who insist on violence against America and her allies, we need to be very aggressive. Where there's no violence (in a big portion of the Muslim world) then we just need to improve relations, draw them in as allies, educate them that we are not their enemies and even offer some help if they need it.

As to the weight of fatwas, first it depends on who is issuing it. Some of the fatwas found on facts-not-fear are issued by recognized leaders of groups of Muslims numbering in the millions. Generally fatwas are most likely to be obeyed by the adherants who are followers of whoever issued it. Even then, in Islam there is an order of authority. The Qur'an is the ultimate authority. The ahadiths are the second most authoritative source. Current fatwas are the next, and some very few Muslims who are under Sharia law then look to the rulings of jurists. But the higher authority always overrules the lower authority where it speaks specifically to the matter. And before someone responds with out of context Qur'anic verses, I would observe that in general, Muslims know to take all of the Qur'an in context, just as Christians in general, should know to take the Bible in full context. That full context includes an understanding of the culture of the time in which they were written, and how culture, society, ethos, and laws have evolved since then.

Free speech should be encouraged wherever possible. One thing that keeps getting in the way is that America has the most liberal laws on free speech, and we Americans keep thinking that every other country has the exact same laws - and they don't. Speech is more limited in other countries, especially in Europe. European countries are much quicker to lock someone up for hate speech than we are. Hate speech shouldn't be used anyway, because by its nature it is dishonest speech. If we are going to engage in a discussion of issues relevant to today's world, then the discussion needs to be open and honest. Disagreement does not have to elevate to hate. Misunderstanding of tenets, principles, cultures or practices does not have to elevate to unreasoned hatred -- it should generate curiosity instead of anger.

Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as we love Him, and in today's global community that is more important than ever. If Christians want to live by the teachings of Jesus, then we have to actually do it, including the Great Commandment. If we don't do it, then aren't we hypocrites? If so, then how can we accuse those of any other religion of being hypocritical if we ourselves are hypocrites? I'm not saying "hug a terrorist", self-defense has always been approved by God. I'm saying practice what we preach.

5:15 PM
Lady Predator said...
The pseudo “Rev”'s page "facts not fear" is full of quotes from CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism funding case. And these condemnations are of Muslim-on-Muslim violence or vague condemnations of "terrorism" or attacks on "innocents" or "civilians" without defining those terms.

We all know that to a Muslim a non-Muslim is not an innocent.
His "pro-Islam" page is full of it is full of half-truths from deceivers.

As for cyberstalking you clearly don't understand the law. I've made no threats, (unlike you who has threaten to reveal my home address and has posted lies about me) I've merely expose what a liar, bully and poseur you are by using your own words. Usenet kooks like you just hate it when their lies are exposed to the light.

It seems the blogosphere has finally wised up to what a fraud you are.

8:25 AM
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Homophobic Horse said...

So what's more surprising, that facts are now anathema? or that I (among with others) greet this news with zero affect.