Monday, November 26, 2007

Time to Go

Time to goWith regret, the Baron and I are withdrawing from participation in the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. This is a sad moment, because we enjoyed our time there; it was often rewarding to take part in a forum with other anti-jihad contributors.

Although we have had our disagreements of late, this is not the reason for our departure. Unfortunately, a very recent change in the rules regarding posting there has guaranteed that the administrators’ post-dating of particular articles would make then appear at the top — even if ours was a more recent post.

When someone changes the rules in the game without prior notice, it means it’s time to go, because the meta-rule of courtesy — i.e., no changes without notice — has been violated.

It’s understandable that the blog administrators wanted to guarantee prominence for certain posts. However, since we were not allowed to post-date our own essays, this meant that our freshly-posted material sometimes appeared far down the page. So what would be the point of anyone else posting at all?

The other day when the Baron put up a post at IBA it appeared as the fourth post, way down the page. It may not have been the intention of the administrators to punish unwelcome opinions by lowering their visibility, but it nevertheless had that effect. Just an unintended consequence, but not one I am willing to tolerate.

You know how it is: them what has the marbles calls the game, and if you don’t like it, go home. Amen, brother. That’s exactly what we’re doing. I just hope the door doesn’t hit us in the gluteus maximus on the way out.

IBA will remain on our blogroll. It is a comprehensive and informative site.

[The End]


Zonka said...

Never liked postdating blogposts, it's dishonest and it corrupts further downstream as aggregate readers and such are also affected, at best for a trivial effect at worst putting oneself in front of everyone else...

Instead bloggers should use either a splash page or put “important announcements” and other stuff deemed so important that it has to stay on top for a while into the header of the blogpage or including a static webpage using iframes or the like...

Panday said...

Editrix of "Roncesvalles" has decided to go into semiretirement. This isn't a good week for conservative bloggers.

Meanwhile the morlocks over at Daily Kos continue to chant "We are the center!"

Pastorius said...

Sorry to see you go.

Epaminondas said...

Baron, what you are objecting to is losing what other posters there never did.

Arrogate to themselves the top slot by post dating the post.

That is left to the admin, and as Connor McCloud knows, there can really be only one.

Just my $.02

If there are are objectively, temporally later posts, they go the top.

But never the less, sorry to see you go.

Ypp said...

At the Infidel blogger alliance they made a decent attempt to fight Islam with pornography. But I am afraid that won't work. Since 1001 Nights and god knows how many virgins expecting them in the Heaven, muslims are not afraid of pornography. They seem to go with it pretty well.

Conservative Swede said...

Ypp: "At the Infidel blogger alliance they made a decent attempt to fight Islam with pornography."

Have you noticed? Only white women.

Conservative Swede said...

2 years and 12 photos of "infidel babes", and only white women, all the way. I know some people that would say that this looks kind of racist. Isn't it said that the most widespread and effective racial discrimination is the deep structural one? How their preferences always make these people choose people like themselves when they employ someone, choose a friend or a date, etc. This makes IBA look like an echo chamber of white people, the kind who lives in bubbles of all-white communities. Of course I'm not saying that it is so, but it surely gives that impresion.

I'm sure the people at IBA will innocently say: "But we prefer white women". But you see, that's a racist argument.

A Freudian would surely say that the way the people at IBA are so quick at accusing other people of racism is a projection of their own guilt feelings. Now I do not care much for Freudians, but surely IBA would want to do something about this, to appear more serious and less hypocritical in the future. Let's say a black "babe" next time, and thereafter an Asian "babe". And from there on staying within reasonable quotas.

I think the problem for IBA is that if they do not repudiate this their obvious preference for whites, they will look just like Dewinter. He expressed a preference for whites back in 1991, and it's still haunting him. And unless IBA does something decisive about this, I think it will haunt them forever too. Actions speak louder than words. IBA will need to show actively in their "babe" page that they celebrate diversity.

Baron Bodissey said...

Epa --

I know my wife and I look alike, but this is actually a Dymphna post. ;)

Baron, what you are objecting to is losing what other posters there never did.

Arrogate to themselves the top slot by post dating the post.

Evidently Pastorius neglected to cc you on our email exchange.

The first time I that I put up an essay at IBA and found that it came up below the top post, I thought it was some Blogger malfunction, due to IBA being set to zulu time. So I changed the time on my post to correct what I thought was the problem.

Pastorius then informed me that only administrators were allowed to post-date.

OK, that's cool. Then the next post I put up a couple of days later came fourth in the list, with the top post (yours, actually) being dated a full 24 hours ahead.

I noticed that the three post-dated articles were all critical of Vlaams Belang, "neo-Nazis", etc.

Is that a coincidence? Hard to tell.

But it very conveniently hightlights the opinions of the blog administrator and buries any dissenting viewpoints.

I consider that tactic to be inhibiting of any useful discussion, and -- since my input was being effectively consigned to the memory hole by being pushed way down the page -- there was no option but to withdraw.

You can put all the lipstick and rouge that you want on this particular infidel pig, but it won't disguise an obvious illiberal ploy to keep alternative viewpoints from being seen at the Infidel Blogger's Alliance.

It's very sad, because it used to be a great place.

ziontruth said...

How pathetic these petty cyberfeuds look when compared to the weight and magnitude of the matter in the real world.

Just sayin'.

Conservative Swede said...


The very source of this feud is the immense gravity of the political correctness meme. It's worthwhile having it rendered harmless. Especially since it's the same phenomenon that keeps people in paralysis in the real world.

Otherwise I completely agree with you. We could have done much better and more important things.

The counterjihad conference in Brussels was such a thing. Read what Tundra Tabloid has to say about it:

"As I have stated before, I was one of the speakers there, and I was very much impressed by ALL who participated at the two day conference. One is rarely (if ever) given a chance to participate is something so grand and so monumental, that to be a part of it, is to be a part of history. It was something I'll never forget.

The reason I bring this up again, is due to the fact that because of the LGF's continued sniping at both the GOV and the CVF, the Baron has recently took to highlighting the sillyness of the charges being leveled at the Vlaams Belang. So the head of the VB, Filip Dewinter has a Celtic or Odin cross on his bookshelf. If one is ignorant of the local culture involved, they could be lead to believe all kinds of unfactual things about someone or an entire culture for that matter."

Read the whole thing. It builds up to an interesting story about Finnish swastikas.

However, the conference, which was a working meeting, and involved those who take real action against Jihad, was attacked -- as you have noticed -- by those who only operate on the Internet.

I think the time for just talking about and describing Islam on the Internet is over, and it's important to take real action. I'm glad to see that we seem to be in agreement about this.

ziontruth said...


I closed my blog because I thought I'd reached the absolute limit as to the good I could do by means of words posted online. Apart from repeating myself on my blog, it dawned on me that many of my suggestions were calls for me, not just for others, to take steps in real life.

For example, I talked of the need to replace the functions of our traitorous, ineffective governments by local efforts of our own. (The Baron graciously put up one of my summations of that idea as a GoV post.) I could still talk about the crisis of democracy, of how the true, direct democracy of Athens gave way to the problematic representative democracy of our times owing to population growth, and the resultant lack of reflection of the will of the people, but that would only lead to the same conclusion as before: our political salvation lies in Hayekian localization, in mutual aid given by people who truly know each other. You can only write about that so much. You soon realize it's something to act upon. Especially so for me when, after having a bout of flu for a few days, I suddenly get a load of calls from people I pray with at the synagogue. It may sound like a small thing, but there is more power here than all the online bitchings and rantings in the world.

Which is why I got fed up with LGF. Besides its role as a newswire (it's still quite good at that, though the Nazimania threads have now cut down on the good stuff), LGF is a bitchingblog. Charles posts some horror-story about the Muslims, and the comments below just go on in the vein of, "Islam is a sick religion", "ROPMA!" and all that. Alright. But when it comes to doing something about it? No, you're not allowed to even discuss deportation. As someone who delivers those stories like on an assembly line, Charles ought to know best that the "hearts and minds" approach is bogus, that certain harsh measures are going to, regrettably, be our only way out, yet he decided to ban any discussion of such measures. So LGF is doomed to stay a Bitchingblog. It is destined to be a gathering-place for bored people. Except for the news and debunking the MSM's lies, LGF has nothing to offer in this real-world matter.

Just think: If, for example, the Annapolis conference ends in the decision of the Israeli government to expel Jews from Judea and Samaria (as was done for Gaza), what will be there to stop them? Blog posts?! You gotta be kidding--even demonstrations aren't enough to stop it, not with today's politicians, who don't give a damn about the will of the people. It'll have to be a nationwide strike, like the one that stopped the Spartacists in Germany after World War I. That requires organization--not an online get-together where everyone boo-hoos about the current woes but does nothing, nay, is not even allowed to discussion what can be done, about them.

Thank you for your comment, my kafircon friend, which got out of me what was too late for the recent 200-comment-long thread below. The differences we have are by far offset by the similarities. I used to think of the Israeli Jewish situation as being comparable to the USA's and not to Europe's, but after all this hullabaloo I've come to realize that there is a great point of similarity my situation has with Europe and not with the USA (except for US-Mexico border issue): the struggle of nations to keep their identities in the face of the treasonous PC Left's push for uncontrolled immigration. In that, there is no difference between the "Palestinian Right of Return" and the calls to admit Muslims to Europe unrestrictedly, both in the name of "peace", "goodwill gestures" and "securing trust and a future vision".

God bless.

Conservative Swede said...


Dear kafircon friend. How could we ever have disagreed? It's interesting what you say about localization, because this is exactly my conclusion too. We do not need a grand concerted civilizational approach to this problem. This is 4GW. Hundreds of local approaches work fine, each in their way. I would even go as far as saying that it is the large-scale common approach that is hampering us here. Break away from the world community, as they are doing in Flanders!

CVF speaks of networks of networks. I like that very much. It fits this view.

May the force be with you,

Ypp said...
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