Thursday, November 15, 2007

She Wasn’t Talking Pancakes

Who knows why she did it?

One thing is certain, though: a seemingly suicidal Louisiana politician, Carla Blanchard Dartez, shot off her mouth and probably killed her chances in a local election runoff — it is a deserved death, an unmercy killing.
Carla Dartez Buckwheat
From the local media reports:

A Democrat who serves in the Louisiana legislature called a black supporter “Buckwheat” just days before the runoff election that will determine whether or not she returns to Baton Rouge.

[For our European readers, Buckwheat was a movie character from the 1930's. Definitely a racial slur, as you'd know if you heard him talk. No Eton vowels for Buckwheat. There was also Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Step 'n' Fetch It, just to recall a few icons from those days. Our American readers of a certain age can add their own remembered names]

The sheer stupidity of this woman’s behavior can be seen in the details:
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  • The woman she slurred, Hazel Boykin, is 75 years old. She’s been a civil rights worker for a long time and is highly respected in her community for her pioneering work for equality.
  • Mrs. Boykin’s son is president of the local NAACP. Thus, he has a lot of foot soldiers who can be called upon to urge voters to — *gasp* — vote for Dartez’ Republican rival. Which he has done, via his radio program.
  • Mrs. Dartez’ husband is a member of the Democrat Party’s State Central Committee.
  • Mrs. Dartez herself has additional image issues — e.g., her September citation for improper lane usage after hitting a pedestrian with her vehicle. She failed a field sobriety test but passed a later breathalyzer test.
  • Her husband, mentioned above, has been indicted for allegedly harboring illegal aliens through his construction business.

Initially this insensitive idiot politician proclaimed contrition for her little linguistic slip, but no one is buying it:

I made an insensitive comment, and I regret my choice of words,” Dartez said in a statement reported by The (Houma) Courier newspaper. “I have apologized to both Hazel and Jerome Boykin. The Boykin family has been a huge help in my campaign for re-election, and I did not mean to offend them.”

But Hazel Boykin disagreed and said Dartez still has not personally apologized to her.

I love it when (at least some) Democrats are held to the same standard as Republicans, even in Loosiana. It gives you renewed faith in the electoral process.

How you want them buckwheat pancakes, Miz Carla? With syrup, or sackcloth and ashes?


Homophobic Horse said...

Tawdry. Why the hell do they (foul) themselves up like this??

It gives me the feeling I got when I had to scrape (foul) off my dieing grandmothers genitals.

Elric66 said...

And you will see the hypcrisy of American politics. She will not step down and the democrats will not demand that she do so. Now if she was a Republican, the MSM and the Dems would be all over this.

Nyog of the Bog said...

-Even in Loosiana...

As I'm pretty sure Dymphna knows, until quite recently, Lousiana, like the rest of the deep south, in the fashion of Mexico, has been a one party state (and in the same fashion, corrupt) since the end of the Grant administration (1876) when reconstruction ended with black and white republicans forcibly removed from office at gunpoint and in many cases murdered singly or massacred together in groups.

Virtually the entire tortured legacy of racial oppression, (Jim Crow segregation, the KKK etc.) in the Deep South was always deeply bound up with the Democrat Party, as its means to attaining and maintaining power, one and the same. To make a comparison to something contemporarily European, Historically, The Democrat Party of the American South, has been to the KKK what Sinn Féin of Ireland has been to the IRA and visa, versa.

locomotivebreath1901 said...

It wasn't exactly a 'Michael Richards' moment, but definitely file this one under 'you're too freaking stoopid even for a politician'.

We had a similar incident just the other day from the wife of a local politico here in my home town. She referred to a black woman employed by the city as 'mammy', and not in any endearing way.

It must be something in the air that makes people such @sses.

And Richard nailed it:
Now if she was a Republican, the MSM and the Dems would be all over this.

Like sharks to chum....

Nyog of the Bog said...

Some related links of interest:

For all things Loosiana, Chad Rogers, a (Ron) Pauline Libertarian, has been running an excellent if very Drudge like web page ever since Katrina (when I found it) if not a little bit before.

The Dead Pelican

Louisiana is not the backwards bastion of racial oppression people, (northern liberals) would like (and you as well) to think it is!

Media Myths About The Jena 6

Louisiana politics is changing for the better!

The Face of Hope for Louisiana

Rebel Radius said...

Buckwheat, Buckwheat, Buckwheat.

And the rest of the world wonders why the media are not covering more serious issues.

I have to consider that the 50% of the human population who are below average, are in reality just mere peasants. What more can we expect.


Jungle Jim said...

I wonder what would happen if I were to call some white guy "Alfalfa" or "Spanky"? Let's see....

Homophobic Horse said...

Who was that university educated democrat who called Michelle Malkin a "ping pong ball queefing [something or other]"?

ic said...

Who was that politician who joked about certain people running the gas stations?

subtle sally said...

So typical. For all that the Dems protest their concern and deep caring for minorities, the scorn and disdain constantly filters through because it is such an integral part of their total psyche. Hilary's "plantation" quote, e.g.

Subvet said...

The head of a local chapter of the NAACP endorsing a Republican? Now THAT is an indication the world is truly turned upside down!

Nyog of the Bog said...


In response to your statement, the latter part first, Yes, the World is being turned upside down, thats what this blog among others specifically documents however, I would agree with your linkage to the former part, only in the broadest sense.

In short, it reflects something just short of revolutionary occurring in Louisiana which can only be positive and give hope to everyone connected to Louisiana. It was already underway prior, but there can be no doubt that Katrina has catalyzed and accelerated the process. From now on, there is a viable alternative to the old corrupt politics of the Democrat party. From Now on, Louisiana is a two party state with true and meaningful reform and renewal in the offing.

In that spirit and sense, a local endorsement of a republican by the NAACP ought be seen as far to long in coming.

Elric66 said...


Dick Durbin I believe. A Dem that experienced no consequences for it.

Nyog of the Bog said...

It was Hillary.

Homophobic Horse