Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cool War — Warm War — Hot War: Part 2

This is the second part of a three-part essay by the British author Paul Weston. Click here for Part 1.

Cool War — Warm War — Hot War
Part 2

by Paul Weston

The second strand of the cool war is the political/propaganda war, which we are also losing. Whether this is this because our ruling elites are terrified of Islamic aggression, harbour a loathing of the West bordering on the suicidal, or exhibit ignorance verging on the criminally negligent is not completely clear at the present moment, but may yet be discovered at some future Nuremberg style war trials.

As “The Religion Of Peace” bombs, beheads, maims, murders and rapes its way around the globe, the citizens of the West find themselves inhabiting some sort of parallel universe where the daily evidence placed before their eyes is flatly contradicted by their own liberal ruling elites. Western politicians appear to have appraised the situation and made a decision, based on short-term political expediency, to side with an alien culture that promises violence rather than their own indigenous people, who peacefully — to date — accept pretty much anything.

The attempt by Western liberals to portray Islam as the religion of peace is nothing short of pathological. In a sane world this would not be possible, but the West is no longer sane, and this is the message promulgated by our political, media and educational establishments.

The Muslim radicals, acutely aware of what would happen if Christians emigrated en masse to say, Saudi Arabia, and behaved as they themselves do in the West, can only rub their eyes in amazed disbelief at not only what they are able to get away with, but the subsequent debased reaction from their victims, manifested in the cringing appeasement of Western elites as they apologise for their wicked existence and prostrate themselves before Allah.

Prostrate themselves before Allah! What a typical example of reactionary, right wing, racist hysteria the liberal/left will shriek, but how does one explain the following?

When Islamic terrorists blow us up in skyscrapers, trains, metros and buses, the ruling elites immediate response is to ask what wrongs the West must surely have perpetrated in order to attract such animosity. If no particular wrong can be found, our politicians will try to explain it away as the result of poverty and oppression, and should that prove to be false, then some past act of Christian aggression from the 11th century, or the full moon, or Europe’s dreary weather, or anything, simply anything, save the one simple, unpalatable truth: Jihad for the sake of Allah in pursuit of the Global Caliphate.

After 9/11, the FBI asked the terrorist linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to provide “sensitivity training” for their agents, whilst in the wake of the 7/7 transport bombings in London, leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood were asked to help draft the new anti-terror laws, which included the notification of Muslim communities prior to any police raids, the requirement by the police to remove their shoes and socks before entering a Muslim house, times when they could and could not carry out said raids, and the stipulation that police dogs were strictly “canina non grata.”

Clichy-Sous-BoisIn France, the Muslim street riots of 2005 led to French politicians promising more money for the banlieus and agreeing to turn a blind eye to the Sharia courts, the honour killings and the polygamy carried out within them. In Belgium, native socialist sympathisers have allied themselves with Islam and now politically dominate Brussels, where they use this political clout to ban demonstrations protesting Islam’s growing political control in Europe.

In Holland, 2006, the Dutch justice minister, Piet Hein Donner had no objection to Sharia law being imposed, providing it was done democratically, and in Sweden, integration minister Jens Orback declared: “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

In Spain the Madrid train bombings ushered in a new era of dhimmified government more in tune with Islam’s demands and in Britain, after yet another transit bombing by the religion of peace, Hazel Blears, the Home Office Minister, immediately set up a committee to advise and “reassure” Muslims on the “Islamophobic” backlash (which never materialised) and said: “What we have discussed today is the need to teach the true nature of Islam, which is about peace and love.”
- - - - - - - - -
Oriana FallaciThe legislation emanating from the European Court Of Human Rights has meant terrorists wanted for questioning in Egypt and Syria are allowed to remain free in Britain, lest they be tortured if their extradition were granted, whilst Oriana Fallaci, whose passionate love for Italy and democracy was proven in her resistance against Mussolini’s fascist state, was forced to die in exile in America, even as the Italian courts pressed for her extradition to face charges contravening EU laws on racism and xenophobia.

Her crime? She wrote two deeply moving books, The Rage And The Pride and The Force of Reason, lamenting the death of her beloved Italy and its replacement by resurgent Islam. If she had sought refuge in any EU country, she would have been forcibly extradited by Europol under another new EU law, The European Arrest Warrant, and tried by Eurojust, who along with Europol now possess powers that override those of nation states; their personnel are also covered by diplomatic immunity. These people were not fit to wait on her table; the idea that she had to flee them is obscene.

Jewish cemeteryWhen Jewish graveyards were desecrated in France and Germany a few years ago, the EU commissioned a report, assuming it was the work of the Neo-Nazi “right”. When it turned out, all too predictably, to be the work of the followers of Mohammed, the report was quietly shelved and replaced with one six months later, exonerating the Muslims. Or to use Oriana Fallaci’s words, “the sons of Allah.”

When investigations (Daily Mail, 23 Nov 2005. No link) suggested that some 2,000 young Muslims — annually — attend terrorist training camps in Britain for unarmed combat training, the politicians and media tell us that it is only a tiny minority of Muslims who wish us harm, a lie countered by Daniel Pipes who has a web page devoted to surveys revealing the true extent of support for radical Islam. The politicians and the media, who prefer to call Pipes an extremist, ignore this site.

Brussels 9-11The manipulative tactics of EU politicians do not stop at mere misrepresentation; they also use their new laws to curtail free speech. The rights of Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Expression, as ordained by the EU, do not hold up to close inspection. The attempt to hold a demonstration in Brussels on 9/11 2007 was thwarted lest our freedom of expression interfere with Islam’s freedom not hear it. Terry Davis, the socialist Secretary General of The Council of Europe, put out the following press release:

It is very important to remember that the freedom of assembly and expression can be restricted to protect the rights and freedoms of others, including the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This applies to everyone in Europe including the millions of Europeans of Islamic faith, who were the main target of today’s shameful display of bigotry and intolerance.”

One cannot pick and choose freedom of speech, it either exists, in which case one lives in a democracy, or it does not, and one does not. Islam is not simply a religion; it is also a political ideology. The EU has therefore made the protest of a political movement illegal. This is totalitarianism.

When Nick Griffin of the BNP predicted — before the London transport bombings of 7/7 — that Britain would be attacked, that the terrorists would be home grown “British boys” and that Islam was a “wicked, vicious faith,” he was prosecuted and tried not once but twice, in an attempt to jail him for inciting racial hatred. When he was found not guilty, the government’s response, at the behest of Muslim leaders, was to bring in a new law, The Racial and Religious Hatred Act under which they could be more confident of jailing him the next time he correctly predicted a terrorist attack and accused Islam of being wicked and nasty.

Undercover mosquesContrast this with the surreal antics of the British police when radical imams were exposed calling for the overthrow of the West in Channel 4’s undercover dispatches program. The immediate response of the police was not to prosecute the imams for sedition and incitement to racial hatred, but the makers of the program themselves! By drawing attention to genuine racial and religious hatred, Channel 4 was accused of inciting racial hatred. This is more than merely bizarre; this is insane.

To date, not one of the Islamic preachers has been tried and prosecuted, despite calling for the murder of Jews and homosexuals, the beating of women and the subjugation of the infidel kuffar. A BNP member calling for the death of “niggers” would quite rightly be arrested and prosecuted, whilst I, as a white European Christian “kafir,” can be abused in a similar vein with impunity. This situation is fast becoming intolerable.

When Muslim radicals see this craven appeasement they become, quite naturally, emboldened. Despite being a significant minority, they are aware that they can punch well above their weight, which in Britain now means pushing for Sharia schools and a semi Sharia state.

In February 2007, The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) issued a 72-page manifesto demanding that British schools adopt Islamic guidelines. These included pretty much everything you would expect of a school in Saudi Arabia, including veils for ALL female students, full-length swimming costumes for boys, and separate wash areas for Muslims. The report, which was available at the MCB website has since mysteriously disappeared.

Dr Bari, the Secretary General of the MCB, also thinks the British should adopt arranged marriage, recruit 3,000 Muslim policemen in London to “restore trust,” attend Muslim institutions, stop drinking and gambling and accept Muslim dress codes, saying: “That is another thing the British should learn from us, modesty is attractive.”

If Europeans try to resist further Muslim immigration, they are liable to fall foul of being labelled xenophobic, which under EU laws can carry a prison term of up to three years. If the native British resist the MCB’s ongoing Islamisation of their country then they could, in Bari’s words, only be compared to Nazi Germany. In other words: Peace On Our Terms, as prescribed by Islam and the EU.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Islamic movement banned in Middle-Eastern countries and dedicated to bringing about a global Islamic Caliphate, was supposed to be banned by the British government in the wake of the 7/7 bombings. It has not, and one if its leaders actually works in the Home Office’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate. Needless to say, membership of the BNP would preclude you from such a position.

Whilst we are busy denying our culture, Islam is busy promoting theirs. If they run into difficulties, a simple accusation of racism tends to make any potential resistance disappear, whilst our appeasement, increasingly mandated by legal requirement, is one part of our culture that Islam has no problem interacting with. The result of their aggression, combined with their tactical awareness of how to use our appeasing liberalism against ourselves, has bought them a great many political concessions, where our culture and our civilisation are forced to bow to theirs.

Halal food is served in many public institutions, swimming baths have Muslim only sessions, crosses are removed from public areas, Christmas is downplayed lest it upset Muslim sensibilities, the Holocaust is dropped from school curricula, as it opposes the Holocaust denial that Muslim children are taught at home and in the mosques. The police drastically lower their entry standards in order to fill racial quotas and then stand idly by as street preaching imams promote death and destruction to the West, spurred into activity on occasion only to arrest members of the native population who heckle or attempt to take photographs.

The EUSSRThe EU passes laws criminalizing the indigenous population if they speak out, backed up by national governments that do the same. The police arrest us on the slightest pretext, yet ignore genuine hatred emanating from Islamic preachers, and our politicians appear to have tacitly accepted that peace can only be bought off via our appeasement. Living in Europe is becoming a wholly surreal experience that defies logic and reason as we slowly sink into state-enforced Dhimmitude.

The various councils, parliaments, brotherhoods and associations, all prefixed by “Muslim” are driven more by political ambition than religious empathy, and their advance is both remorseless and relentless. The political parties representing the indigenous peoples of the West are retreating, apologising, appeasing and betraying. We are not just losing the political war. We are being annihilated.

To be continued in part three: The Propaganda War.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find Part 1?

AngleofRepose said...

I'm depressed.

Here ya go, paardestaart.

R. Hartman said...


(Type "Paul Weston" in the search box and it'll show up below part 2)

Baron Bodissey said...

Sorry. I should have included that.

Part 1.

Ypp said...

Elites did their part, of course. But elites were not sent to us from Mars. They are elected or otherwise supported by majority of population. Look at ourselves, aren't we all 90% liberal (90% is my guess, no measurement was performed). Didn't majority of Europeans an Americans support Palestinian state, Chechen and Albanian independence, e.t.c.? How many of us want to go to war or ready to suffer for principles?

Of course, elites should be and will be changed. But what I see now in the conservative blogosphere, is the attempt to find a small guilty fraction. Such attempts to blame someone els are always popular. But we will not fix it untill look at ourselves. Maybe, for that we need much more suffering than we already had (not so much, actually).

Anonymous said...


The supranational EU is designed to insulate the eurocrats from election results, ensuring the perpetual dominance of a small group of elites. (Martians)

Juuso said...

I find it quite disturbing that sites like gatesofvienna (which I consider to be on the frontline of the muslim problem) blame muslims for 9/11. The evidence, backed up by everyone that knows the basics of controlled demolition, is clear.

No muslim group that didn't have close ties to the owners of WTC buildings and people responsible for its maintenance could ever have placed the shitload of charges needed to bring those buildings down. And of course no building collapses like that from fires, let alone from asymmetrical ones. I think anyone denying this is being intellectually dishonest.

Personally I even doubt that the perpetrators were terrorist muslims; they couldn't have pulled that off - let's face it: they're not really all that professional, which we could already see decades ago when the Israeli army literally crushed the poorly led attacking arabs. Anyone who thinks that USA wouldn't have crushed Iraq in a month if they really wanted to is intellectually dishonest too. The rotten leaders of USA have long ago grasped the idea that war (abroad, of course!) equals more profit for businesses intruding into the market of conquered countries and also supports the growth of (and keeps the jobs in) the domestic war/military industry.

Charlemagne said...

The same madness is happening her in the US as well. US businesses can b sued for insisting that their employees speak English. The racist Hispanic lobby has even held up critical legislation in an attempt to defeat a law protecting US businesses from being sued for insisting on English. The Hispanic lobby has power beyond its percentage of the US and Congress. And the Liberals/Dems go right along with them. We can't even pass legislation that would make English, the language of our Constitution, the official language of the nation because somehow it's "racist". it's madnes sis what it is.
Our Lefty politicians in the most despicable form of vote seeking ever want to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens so they can get their votes no matter what the majority of Americans think.
Teh European left doesn't have a lock on white guilt driven lunacy.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Osama tells Europeans to leave Afghanistan, takes credit for 9-11 US attacks

Holger said...

aspartaami, You're an idiot.

2) Where are we white English speaking people going to live?

Charlemagne said...

Holger, not just English speakers.

AngleofRepose said...

It must be nice to be perpetually stuck in 9/10/2001.

Aspartaami, if you're doing a parody, well done!

If not, FO.

Juuso said...

It's always nice to get intelligent replies that try to debate on the subject. Thanks, Holger and angelofrepose! How about NOT resorting to ad hominem "arguments" and trying to actually add something valuable to this conversation?

It's funny how you blindly trust the US government even though it has greatly restricted civil liberties in the name of battling terrorism, even though you, at the same time, (rightfully) accuse European governments for doing the same with a different excuse.

Refusing to try your own opinions/impressions is an extremely easy way to go. However, if you think outside the scope of pro-Bush, pro-war Fox News coverage, you could even see something that's not totally distorted. But that's scary, right? It could even CHANGE your initial opinion! From what I've seen, it seems that everyone is trying to win the ongoing propaganda war by preaching lies and more lies. I would really much like to see even ONE site, that didn't have a bias towards one end or the other. By this I mean that submission to the muslim agenda but also submission to the US government agenda should be avoided carefully. I would very much like to see dedication to truth instead of this lying competition.

Accusing muslims for things they are really guilty of (like rape, "honor" killings and depriving women from their human rights) would perhaps be taken more seriously, if our side wouldn't have degenerated into gullible idiots that blindly believe lies told by war-mongering governments. Addressing the muslim problem in our homelands would be priority number one and the wars fought (with terrorism as the excuse) would be stopped. I say let them (Iraqi and Afghan people) handle their own shit. What's it in for the American people to send their sons to die in the hands of some medieval barbarians that can't (and won't) ever grasp the concept of democracy?

God bless you all.

Profitsbeard said...

If you don't teach an enobling form of History, initially, and build up an immune-system level of basic, instinctual self-defense in your children, they will be easily led astray into delusional dead ends.

While the more determined, and cunningly simple-minded (and still-instinctually-strong) alien colonizers from the Islamic world will gladly take advantage of this self-sown chaos.

And will spread more of this divisiveness, maliciously, and will thereby pluck Western Civilization -that is too blinded by its own grotesquely-inflated guilt feelings- like an over-ripe fruit.

The West has its share of historical crimes, of course.

But the general populace now seems to fail to realize that EVERY country and EVERY people have even greater crimes and more brutal follies on their national and cultural and religious tally sheets.

Islam, especially.

With 1350 years of imperialistic and terroristic expansion, that laid waste to North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, Turkey, Afghanistan, Persia, India, and slaughtered uncountered millions of "infidels" as it marched under the shadow of the Sword of Allah.

Without a properly-balanced view of human history being taught to our kids, our side's will shall naturally falter.

Kids need to see heroic examples, first, of those who brought the West from barbarism to the stars. From Spartacus to Charles Martel, Sappho to Mary Wollstonecraft, Hero of Alexandria to Richard Feynman, Praxiteles to Rodin, Epictetus to Deitrich Bonhoeffer.

The junior college level is where the "debunking" and political cynicism can be introduced into the syllabus as a leaven for too sweet and patriotic and simplistic a view of our past.

But you have to first teach the fundamental nutrients, and convey that we have a system and culture worth defending, by wisely downplaying its flaws.

Just as you don't teach the horrors of STD's in a Romantic Poetry course, you don't need to point out the human-all-too-human warts on all leaders and cultural figures in our history until the intellectual bones of the students are stong enough to handle such weight.

We are suffering from giving adult-level kinds of skeptical information about our Civilization to children, who can't handle it.

And who become juvenile disillusionist, before they ever had any decent 'illusions' (necessarily romanticized truths) to warm them.

Thomas Jefferson may have had an affair with his dead wife's mulatto half-sister, the slave Sally Hemmings.

But that tawdry detail should be the last thing that young students learn about him.

His brilliance, in the writing of The Declaration of Independence, his many inventions, and his philosophical central view that he opposed all forms of tyranny over the mind of man, have to be transmitted, first.

Otherwise we allow a generation of intellectually-rickety kids to hobble forth, crippled by the inability of their undiscriminating teachers to uplift their spirits before they bring them down to a harder realism.

Unless we teach the children to defend their inheritence, flawed as it is, we stand to lose it to those who do not doubt their vision of the world.

Even if they are the ones who most need to skeptically examine their own past and premises.

It will be a ridiculous epitaph for our Civilization to have:

"Taught things backwards, and thereby lost everything to those who were backwards."

Cobra said...

Hey, guys!
It is time to fight back.
One good starting point is to stand for Michael Savage who is attacked by CAIR.
Michael will file a lawsuit in the Federal Court on Monday.
It is time to put our time, money and effort to push back the radical islamic agenda.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Fire doesn't have to melt steel. Fire only has to soften steel, to about half its normal strength, in a building already badly damaged.

Get a clue, doofus.

R. Hartman said...

@ ed mahmoud

I suggest you redo your physics (if you ever made them) and explain what 'softened the steel' way below the fires, apart from how the steel around the too-low-temperature fires got softened...

Follow the money!

Charlemagne said...

This is not the place for a "truther" debate. There are plenty of other blogs on that topic, please find one.

Nyog of the Bog said...

Yet does freedom of speech thrive on this oasis of the blogosphere called Gates of Vienna! As all can plainly read, truthers are not banned here. No one is banned here, unlike in the EU, as noted, sadly, and on certain other blogs I shall not name.

Thank you GoV! And as well for exposing me to Weston. Yet another very fine writer I would not have known about if not for GoV. I anxiously await the next installment.

Whiskey said...

Machiavelli wrote that the elites/nobles always hate the people and always seek allies against them.

The elites (who are very cut off from the people, and form a hereditary noble class) seek allies among Muslims in Europe, and Mexican immigrants in the US, to push down the people. This is clear.

The people and populism represent a clear and direct threat to the elites. Better to seek allies anywhere.

So too with Trutherism. To really understand 9/11 (after failing in 1993, Muslims under Osama hit it again) would be to cast aside the dogma and religion that informs Trutherism and require ceding of power -- from Liberal hereditary elites to populist military (and those boring old engineers who make weapons systems). No need for the tragically hip and trendy autonomer. Or Paulbots, Kunich nuts.

Some people would rather surrender to Islam because it's all about power.

TonyGuitar said...

One has to wonder at how so many *bright and informed* pundits such as we manage to hold totally opposite opinions.

My opinions are only valid until someone better informed corrects them. Then I offer thanks, not curses.

Consider that ExxonMiobile Chevron and Shell are the most powerful of corporations.

They contribute to ALL political parties and so have great lobby power.

They have a few multi-Billion$ refineries in place and aside from some loose talk about a new one in Alberta, have not built a new one since the eighties.

There is no shortage of oil, only a mildly limited refining capacity.

We have mining claims with tags carrying the name * Standard Oil* here on Vancouver Island. There are oil slicks in the swampy tundra like areas here.

With gas and diesel pumps from coast to coast in North America laying golden eggs in the Billion$ every day and every bomb or busted pipe line swelling the price of gas, one can understand how electric and compressed air vehicles are advancing so slowly.

This is only one facet. I did say the picture was vastly complex.. eh? = TG

PS Brazil is 70 - 80% on cane, [ high-efficiency], bio-fuel. Which is the banana republic?

Kiddo said...

Defining any religion as a "religion of peace" is completely idiotic, and a feel-good exercise in simplification. Of course, so is the idea that ALL Muslims are adhering strictly to Salafi theology and are all anti-Western. But never mind that school of simplification, let's just mock liberals. They, of course, all think alike too.

npabga said...

Lex, please post evidence that somebody thinks ALL Muslims are adhering stictly to Salafi theology and are all anti-Western.

I expect to see ALL before MUSLIMS.

RanDomino said...


you are crazy.

you need to get a grip. you've traded sanity for nationalism.

Engineer-Poet said...

Quoth TonyGuitar:

"PS Brazil is 70 - 80% on cane"

BZZZT!  Wrong, but thanks for playing.  Brazil's success is 90% Petrobras and only 10% ethanol, and Brazil's per-capita consumption is only a small fraction of the US figure.