Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Freedom of Speech

As the Danes prepare to go to the polls…

Here is a video of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, speaking at the 2007 congress of the ELDR Liberal party on October 18, 2007, about freedom of speech and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, among other things

When Anders Fogh Rasmussen refers to “liberalism”, it’s important to remember that he means what we call “Classical Liberalism”. In other words, conservatism.

I notice he’s harder on the UN than any of our leaders (with the exception of John Bolton) will ever be. It tells you why Denmark is the leader in the struggle against the Great Jihad.

I wish I could vote in the Danish election today!

Hat tip: PN

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Vol-in-Law said...

While most American 'conservatives' are actually classical liberals, it's important I think to remember that conservatism per se is not the same as classical liberalism. Classical liberalism is Locke, Liberty, and Limited Government, and is embodied in the US Bill of Rights. Conservatism is Burke, Hearth & Home, tradition, & preservation of the good - in US referred to as Paleo- or Traditional conservatism. IMO a healthy society needs both. Much of the West's ills lie in the abandonment of all traditional conservatism by the Right.

Kafir Canada said...

I've used your post, and Rasmussen's speech, to talk about freedom of expression further, here.