Sunday, October 21, 2007

Those Kafircons* in Sweden

The Local has some reports on what it terms the “far-right” Sweden Democrats. It seems that they are about to become the third most popular party among Swedish men.

Nearly six percent of men support the Sweden Democrats, according to the unreleased poll by polling institute Sifo…

Of those questioned, 3.6 percent said they supported the Sweden Democrats, but among men 5.9 percent said they supported the party. This put them ahead of the Christian Democrats (4.4 percent), the Left Party (4.7), the Green Party (5.0), the Centre Party (5.6) and almost level with the Liberal Party (6.0).

Evidently there is a gender gap here, since only 1.4 percent of women find Sverigedemokraterna congenial.

...“I have not previously seen such a big gap between men and women. It is remarkably big,” said political expert Anders Sannerstedt at Lund University…

Sannerstedt said he expected the party to continue winning ground from the other parties.

“In the 2010 election it is quite possible that they exceed the four percent threshold needed to win seats in the Riksdag. Of course, things can change quickly, but it’s heading in that direction,” he said.

Sannerstedt says the party has become more house-trained of late, toning down links to neo-Nazis and racism.

So is The Local saying that they still have links to neo-Nazis and racism?

Just wondering…

…After all, these newly “house-trained” people are “launching an “anti-immigration” campaign, says The Local.

The far right Sweden Democrats party is to unleash a new national campaign attacking ‘mass immigration’, reports Sydsvenskan.

ethnic Swedes setting fire to thingsThe publicity drive will include up to half a million newspapers, public meetings and a synchronised series of motions in the councils where the party has representatives.

There’s that “far right” designation again. In the US, that’s code for “extremists” and “fundamentalists.” On the other hand, in the MSM here, the left is never extreme. They are called “activists,” which automatically means “involved, caring citizens.”

But how are we to understand this campaign attacking ‘mass migration’? Sounds racist, doesn’t it?

Press spokesman Mattias Karlsson told Sydsvenskan that the point of the campaign against immigration is twofold: first to remind the public of the “enormous problem” and secondly to present a “more toned down” image of the party.

“People still think that we want to throw out all immigrants,” said Karlsson.

In fact, he pointed out, the party merely wants “a massive reduction” in the number of immigrants coming to Sweden.

Oh. Is that all? Well, many Americans feel the same way about our flood of immigrants. Does that mean we’re “attacking” also?

I don’t know, let me just ask this illegal alien passing by…I’m sure I’ll get an objective opinion…
- - - - - - - - -
Additionally, the party is calling for local councils to ditch their diversity policies and for a block on funding of immigrant organisations. The use of other languages in schools should also be banned, says the party.

That’s pretty extreme by our multi culti standards. Why don’t they make all these people learn Spanish? Now there’s a solution for you. Instead of an indigenous language or an immigrant language, everybody - ethnic Swedes and immigrants - could learn some new language. Maybe Italian. Italian is so wonderful for yelling.

And here we go again, in case you missed it:

A recent poll revealed that the Sweden Democrats could soon be the third most popular party among Swedish men, with nearly six percent saying they support the far right organisation.

Is that good news or a warning? Let’s see who the Local quotes as an authority:

Speaking to Dagens Nyheter, Ulla Ekström von Essen, historian and contributor to a Board of Integration report on the Sweden Democrats, warned that the party is using its council representation as a springboard for spreading its anti-immigration message.

“For the first time in Sweden we have a populist xenophobic political movement in the local councils, built on the premise that the municipalities’ problems are immigrants’ fault,” she said.

But of course we know it’s the ethnic Swedes who are attacking Jews, raping women, burning things down, and just having regular old fun…those naughty Swedish “youths”…

That’s no example to set for the immigrants. For shame…

Hat tip: The Bulldog

*Credit goes to Conservative Swede for the neologism, “kafircon.” I only wish I’d thought of it first.


Anonymous said...

Sverigedemokraterne is probably the only sane element in Swedish politics right now.
Sadly enough though, the rise in popularity is comming too late to make any difference.

By the way. Nice work in Bruxelles, Baron (and all the rest of you magnificent people).
Well done!

Conservative Swede said...

Sadly enough though, the rise in popularity is coming too late to make any difference.

Nevertheless, Charles of LGF puts his whole weight behind trying to hinder them. And as Dymphna has pointed out "he has amazing resources". The PC tyranny goes very deep indeed and has many powerful friends.

Maybe we should take the cues from Charles of LGF and just lie down and die? At least Amsterdamsky would be very pleased.

Zarxos said...

Speaking of immigration in Europe...

Stanford University presents the "Ethnicity in Today's Europe" conference, November 7-9.

From the official website:
Headlines today blaze with stories about the fate of Europe. There is a sense, both in Europe and around the world, that a sort of "tipping point" has been reached. A recurrent theme is the question of demographics. For instance, how are European social welfare systems going to cope with an aging population? What role will immigrants from outside Europe's borders, both recent and less recent, play in European society? What will be the impact of immigration between the member states of the European Union? What place will Europe's growing population of Muslims have in twenty-first century Europe?

Sounds very interesting, and I will try to attend and report on it. Quick Google searches of the panelists didn't yield anything outrageous, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

atheling2 said...

Goodness, Conservative Swede, now LGF has offended you...

First Brussels Journal, now LGF...

And of course, it's all their fault.

Conservative Swede said...

Brussels Journal???

I have a close and friendly relation to Paul Belien and Luc Van Brakel. And when I met them at the Counterjihad conference they expressed their regrets over comments at their site from people such as you.

Furthermore: "has offended you", "it's all their fault"... This what I'm talking about. Your just have to frame everything into a bar fight discourse, don't you? I have no idea of whether you're actually dumb, but it's clear that you have a talent and a preference for dumbing things down to simplistic supporter chants.

However, personally I think your comments are great, such as this one. These are wonderful contributions to my art project. But I'm not equally sure that Dymphna and the Baron appreciate you turning also their blog's comments section into a shitfest.

atheling2 said...

Funny, however you say nothing about how your calls to have me and others who disagreed with you banned... because you cannot handle anyone who calls on your game...

BTW, your link doesn't work... or is that your "art project"?

atheling2 said...

"I have a close and friendly relation to Paul Belien and Luc Van Brakel. And when I met them at the Counterjihad conference they expressed their regrets over comments at their site from people such as you."

Riiiigggtttt. Sure they did.

You really are childish, you know? And that's what we at the BJ were calling you.

Dymphna said...

Conservative Swede said:

Nevertheless, Charles of LGF puts his whole weight behind trying to hinder them. And as Dymphna has pointed out "he has amazing resources". The PC tyranny goes very deep indeed and has many powerful friends.

Yes, Charles does have amazing resources. And he has built them over time. He gets more traffic than almost anyone. For a good reason: he's strongly anti-jihad.

LGF cannot accurately be termed PC...the lizardoids are anything but. They are irreverent, irascible, and indefatigable.

Besides, Fjordman comments there regularly and is much admired by the others. If that's not an imprimatur, nothing is.

Anonymous said...

"Far Right" is not a legitimate term, but something as stupid sounding as "Islamofascism" is?

Anonymous said...

Some info about Sverigesdemokraterne in english:
I've tried hard, but it sure is a big asignment to turn these guys into xenophobic freaks......!

Dymphna said...

Lauri Olavi --

You have a point. That's why I like the more positive label, Kafircon. A nice neologism.