Sunday, October 07, 2007

One Finn’s Odyssey: From Communist to Nazi to Muslim

Abdullah TammiA few weeks ago I reported on the formation of Finland’s first Islamic Party and its founder, Abdullah Tammi. Mr. Tammi is a person of Finnish background, and the country’s most famous “revert” to Islam.

Among other things he has indicated his preference for instituting shari’a in Finland, and declared that his party’s position is that Muslim children should be excused from music classes and mixed-sex swimming pools. So you can’t say you don’t know where he and his party stand on the important issues.

And now some new information about Mr. Tammi’s past has surfaced. It seems his pilgrimage to Islam has been quite a political odyssey. According to Tundra Tabloids:

Oh my how the circle completes itself. You just can’t make this up if you tried. Founder and spokesman for the Finnish Islamic Party, (FIP) Abdullah Tammi, is not only a former Social Democrat, he’s also a former Communist… and Nazi.

According to a Tundra Tabloid source, during the 60’s, Tammi was one of the more radicalized followers of Pekka Siitoin, a one time leader of Finland’s National Socialist Party (KDP), a fascist party that was never officially registered.
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According to the TT’s source: “he (Tammi) became convert fundamentalist Christian in 70’s. He also made his journey through Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon Church, before found the ‘Truth’.

“However, to excuse all this (at least in his own pov), he recently claimed that he was not really all that loony, but infiltrated those movements and churches because he was a Soviet spy. Sounds like he’s mentally sane and stable doesn’t it?”

A Soviet spy! Well, that reassures me. If I were a Finn, I’d be ready to hand the reins of government over to him. Wouldn’t you?

Communist… Nazi… Muslim… Hmm…

What do all those venerable political disciplines have in common?

Let’s put it this way: don’t expect the next stop in Mr. Tammi’s political odyssey to be the ADL.


kenprice said...

One really screw-up dude

Larry Sheldon said...

Sounds like a person liking even the fundamental directional control of a jelly fish.

Larry Sheldon said...

Heh...southern-western root showing!

Sounds like a person lacking even the fundamental directional control of a jelly fish.

Dymphna said...

Y'all are just failing to see this guy's sensitive spiritual journey...

How did he miss Scientology on the way? Or Eckancar? Or the new paganism?

I read that the pagans now make up 2% of Denmark's people of religious faith. No god like an old god. Yeah, I *know* the Finns and the Danes are two different countries...I'm just sayin'...

Scientology and Islam 2.0 have one thing in common: they take a distinct dislike to you if you leave the fold. Remember the guy (out in the southwest, I think) who had rattlesnakes put in his mailbox?

History Snark said...

Hmm. Not much of a journey- from one totalitarian ideology to another and so on.

I suspect this guy had real problems as a kid. Must not have fit in, and probably always looking for a big brother to back him up so he could "teach the bastards a lesson."

Anonymous said...

Funny he totes the dress as well..:-) Wouldn't be real without it,of course

Unknown said...

I don't really see how his "circle completes". Honestly. How? Where? He's been kissing up to totalitarian ideas all his life, so what's new?

Curious what he'll join next. Hmm, what's left, except Burma? Maybe North Korea, yep, that'd work, too.

I love how it says he fond the truth. Well, honestly, this guy wouldn't know the truth even if it would sneak up behind him and bite him in the ass.

Let's sacrifice him to Thor.

KGS said...

One more noteworthy observation.

Abdullah Tammi recently participated in a televised discussion/debate held last week (Oct 3rd 07)on YLE's Ajankohtainen Kakkonen program (Finnish state television channel).

The subject of the program was mostly about Finland's Gypsy (Romani) community and the discrimination they face as well as how their community is evolving in Finnish society.

Tammi repeatedly talked about "his culture" (Islam) as if he were a recent immigrant to Finland. One telling feature of just how far he has removed himself from Finnish culture is his rejection of Finland's "sauna culture", which all Finns identify with from cradle to grave.

He rejects the nudity involved, which in the context of sauna is an accepted Finnish practice. He calls for the right of Muslim children to wear bathing suits while with other children.

To an American of British ear, this might sound reasonable, but to a native Finn.....laughable and downright absurd.

He has totally divorced himself (literally)from a Finnish practice that he grew up with, who most likely was in a sauna with his parents when he was just a few months old. I'm am more than certain that before his journey into Islam, that he regularly sauna(ed) with his own family as well, according to Finnish cultural tradition/practices.

Another noteworthy observation is that his son, with whom he most certainly bathed (a synonymous word for sauna) with his family as a normal Finnish practice, works the pyrotechnics for the Finnish rock group "Lordi", the heavy metal rock group that won the Eurovision song contest last year. Interesting huh?

Finally, at the end of the discussion/debate, one of the hosts of the program (a female) tried to shake his hand as she did with the rest of the group (Romanis usually don't shake hands amongst themselves), all shook hands with her....except guess who?...Abdullah (Risto) Tammi the famous Finnish revert to Islam.

Risto A. said...

Abdullah Tammi is just another tinman looking for a throne. His history is well documented and speaks in volumes about a man who seeks as much power over people as possible. He knows that he can't have the power he is looking for via democratic system. Thus he goes elsewhere. Spy for soviet (treason perhaps? Oh no.. we have so many russian spies in our ranks at the moment in our parliament that it would reguire whole new prison island for the those. So I must husssh now from this subject, you see, finlandization hasn't ended.) then, the nazicamp with Pekka Siitoin. Siitoin wasn't any ordinary neo-nazi. He was down to the bone maniac-nazi with all the occultic religous crap involved..

I bet that abdullah Tammi didn't feel comfortable with these fellows, because all the seats for absolute power over the minions were already taken and were heavily protected. So Tammi went to lookj for his seat from other religious groups. Preferably, patriarcal systems where obedience is almost absolute. None of these were 'right ones'. Then Allah descents from heavens (I suppose on 11.9.2001, because he has been a converter for only few years, so I wouldn't be surprised if the actual date for his conversion is somewhere in the end of 2001, after 11.9). - There is no power like fanatical religious power and Tammi knows this. First he needs to establish the islamic throne for 'him' in finland, well before native muslims does it themselves. He doesn't want to be a number two or midleman anymore. He wants the throne and he wants it bad.

Good thing is, that because he is what he is, an idiot, native muslims just might eat him alive. Simply because he is a bad example for the cult and he just keeps on exposing the islamic mindset to the masses via accidental frogs coming out from his halal mouth. - Without a proper PC-doubletalk.

spackle said...

History is full of clowns like this guy. I hate to get Freudian here but I bet all his problems stem from being hung like a Chipmunk.

Simon de Montfort said...

As gun-totin wacko noted, this Pre-vert hasn't made much of a journey. No journey at all, really: from one manifestation of craziness to another

Like ALL of these types, he is mentally ill; political action is therapy for him, and power is like the meds he takes. Yesterday, nazism, today Islam--tomorrow don't be surprised to see him in a dress and pantyhose, fresh from surgery........