Friday, October 12, 2007

U.S. Ambassador to Denmark is a “Useful Idiot”

That’s according to the Danish Muslim politician, Naser Khader.

When taking an overseas posting, a State Department stalwart usually pack a dhimmi attitude in his gladstone bag along with his cummerbund and striped pants. It appears that the United States ambassador to Denmark, Mr. James P. Cain, is no exception.

According to, as translated by our Danish correspondent CG:

Khader calls US ambassador ‘useful idiot’

Two controversial Muslims were invited for dinner at the residence of the American ambassador James P. Cain. “Completely ridiculous,” says the Danish Peoples Party, while Naser Khader rages.

James P. Cain Naser Khader

The American ambassador in Denmark, James P. Cain, is a “useful idiot” for Muslim extremists. That’s the accusation, after he invited two controversial Muslims to a private dinner.

This is the second year in a row that the American embassy has invited Danish Muslims to the so-called “iftar” — the dinner that breaks with the Muslim fast during the Ramadan. Among those invited this year was the imam Mohammed Albarazi, who participated in the delegation of Danish muslims travelling to the Middle East during the Cartoon crisis that incurred the violent reactions against Denmark and Jyllands-Posten. Also the chairman of Muslims in Dialog [love that — translator’s comment], the schoolteacher Safia Aoude, was invited. She caused a stir when she listed on the sidebar of her homepage the holocaust denier David Irving with other historians.

Democracy weakens
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Thereby the American ambassador fails to support the majority of Muslims and their fight against Islamism, says Khader, the front figure for the New Alliance and the founder of Democratic Muslims.

“I am speechless. I can only describe him as a useful idiot, if I have to be a little diplomatic,” Khader says about James P. Cain.

“Our fight for democracy is weakened, when the ambassador invites these guys home and thereby make them ‘good company’”, Naser Khader says.

Also, Søren Espersen from the Danish Peoples Party is deeply disturbed about the ambassador’s dinner invitation. Especially because the arrangement took place, not in the embassy, but in the ambassador’s private home in Charlottenlund.

“James P. Cain is a nice guy, but here he has simply acted too naïve. It is completely ridiculous, in this way trying to make a good impression on these guys,” Espersen says.

Religious dialogue

It has not been possible to get a comment from the American embassy, but according to the ambassador’s spokesman the whole idea of the dinner was to create dialogue with the religious minority.

“We have invited a broad section of the Muslim society in Denmark. It should be a dialogue about integration. It does not make any sense to exclude people just because someone has written something bad about them. We do not see them as extremists” spokesman Tom Leary says. The Democratic Muslims were not invited, and the ambassador will not say who else attended the dinner.


falcon_01 said...

Ah, if only I could be an ambassador... I'd go and encourage the deportation of the islamofascists if they wanted to improve relations with the US. :-)

Of course, that would require whoever was president having the guts to back me up... oh well...

Conservative Swede said...

The ambassador’s spokesman said:
"It does not make any sense to exclude people just because someone has written something bad about them."

With such standards the American embassy will be equally happy to invite Osama bin Laden for a dialog on integration.

Idiots indeed!

kepiblanc said...

There must be someting more to this story than meets the eye. James P. Cain is a very fine fellow, one of the best US ambassadors we've ever had. He likes to mingle with ordinary Danes and take part in whatever we primitives like to do. I'm not very familiar with diplomacy, but my best guess is as follows:
Mr. Cain doesn't care for those savages any more than the rest of us, but he's a diplomat. Accordingly he has advisors, like the lokal CIA guys, the Danish Foreign Ministry and its 'public relations' branch. Neither of those are known for extraordinary intelligence, to say it in diplo-speak. Especially not the latter. Our Foreign Minister is nothing but a EU puppet-on-a-string and if I ever took any advice from his department I'll probably wind up dead as a lutefish. If you ever want a unique collection of 'useful idiots' - well, look no further.

Conservative Swede said...

I cannot say what made Mr. Cain gain this in blanco confidence with Kepiblanc, but apparently it involved the consumption of smørrebrød and gammeldansk. Officials such as Cain can go on like this because people like Kepiblanc continue cheering for them, and strain themselves to find another scapegoat. In the case of Kepiblanc's "creative" mind, this whole affair shows how bad the Danish Foreign Ministry is, while ambassador Cain is still all fine.

We see this pattern at a larger scale every day e.g. regarding President Bush. Weak minds, who look for fairy tales instead of opening their eyes, are not going to change the world. Wake up and see things for what they are! And in this case there is quite an abundance of things that meets the eye, Just listen to Cain's spokesman. There's plenty and more right there. Or do you imagine that Per Stig Møller fed him with those quotes?

"It does not make any sense to exclude people just because someone has written something bad about them."

"We do not see them as extremists."

And the Democratic Muslims were not invited in this "broad section of the Muslim society".

Naser Khader got it right. "Completely ridiculous" said the Danish Peoples Party.

Bush and Cain invite the Religion of Peace for official dinners in abhorrent ways, but even among the too few that object to this, there are too many who are prepared to excuse them for this. And thusly nothing will change. Shape it up, Kepiblanc!

Profitsbeard said...

I prefer James M. Cain.

The "Double Indemnity"/"The Postman Always Rings Twice" author was at least aware of the nature of criminality and deception.