Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More on Bat Ye’or at the Counterjihad Summit

I reported last night on the Oriana Award, which was given to Bat Ye’or during Counterjihad Brussels 2007 by the Italian delegation. Since then Steen has sent me photos of the presentation; one of them is shown below:

The Oriana Award

Armando Manocchia (on the left) is presenting the award to Bat Ye’or (in the center), with Adriana Bolchini Gaigher looking on (at the right). It was a memorable moment.

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Bat Ye’or gave a sobering keynote address at the conference, describing in some detail the process that has created Eurabia, and outlining the ongoing efforts by the EU, the OIC, and various NGOs that are leading inexorably towards the full Islamization of Europe.

The “Eurabia” process is a not a secret one; however, it is not well-known to the general public, because it is buried under cubic acres of official EU working documents, treaties, and declarations of intent. Consider the Islamization of Europe a purloined letter, lying in full view of anyone willing to overcome an aversion to mind-numbing bureauspeak and take a serious look.

Ms. Ye’or has done all the requisite work, and has laid out all the details of what has become known as Eurabia.

Her speech, along with other materials from Brussels, has been posted at Counterjihad Europa. Others will become available as the transcription and conversion of documents is completed. Here is an excerpt:

I will start by a warning: have no illusions. The Eurabia in which we live is solidly established although there are some improvements since the election of Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy, and also the realization by more and more people that things cannot go on like this. For 40 years Eurabia has built its networks, its finance, its hegemonous power, its totalitarian control over the media, the universities, the culture and the mind of people. If one wants to end this system, one will have to reverse decades of policy…

Eurabia grew within the growth of the European Community (EC) and then the European Union (EU). It was conceived and planned by the European Council and implemented by the European Commission as a supranational policy, linked to the European Community interests and immediate security concerns over terror and energy supplies. The EC correlated a massive Muslim immigration to a strategy of peace and stability in the Mediterranean, hoping that the Euro-Arab symbiosis through economic development, soft diplomacy and multiculturalism would guarantee peace, markets and oil. In the Euro-Arab policy, Muslim immigration is welcomed as an element of a Mediterranean geo-strategy conducted as a partnership with the Arab-Muslim world on the base of pacifism and continual funding and services provided to the Arab world, similar to the subsidies given to the economically underdeveloped EU member-states. The European Investing Bank is the model for the Mediterranean Investing Bank.

This strategy had also an ideological perspective: the refusal of any more war — peace at last by resorting to economic agreements and mutual concessions. However this laudable formula, which succeeded for the integration of Europe, was not adapted to deal with a Muslim world that conceived its international relations only in the framework of jihad. Worst, the Nazi evils came back with a vengeance in the Euro-Arab alliance so similar to the Vichy-Berlin-Arab and Palestinian Nazi and Fascist axis of the thirties and forties against Jews, democracies and America. These evils had not died after World War II, and they reemerged within the Eurabian-Arab Palestinian jihad against Israel.
- - - - - - - - -
Let us see how the secret Arafat-EC alliance has transformed Europe. Threatened by Palestinian terrorism in the late 1960s and the 1970s, and by an oil boycott, Europe searched for protection under the wings of those who threatened her. The conditions were: oil and peace for Europe in exchange for a hostile policy toward America and Israel, and most important, European support for Arafat and the PLO, a jihadist and international terrorist movement. Since that moment, Europe entered into the vicious cycle of dhimmitude and self-destruction by justifying jihadism. It developed a culture of hate against America and Israel and paid billions as a security ransom to the Palestinians. Likewise, it opened its gates to massive Muslim immigration according to agreements with the Arab League countries.

This choice of a policy based on fear, ransom and surrender, and on the justification of jihad has blinded Europe to its dangers. Allied with the PLO and the Arab League, the EC denied the threat of global jihadism. This denial, fundamental to Eurabian policy, motivated the appeasement and peaceful surrender to jihadists while pretending that Europe’s enemies were American, but above all, Israel’s policies of resistance to jihad. Hence, Europe transferred onto Israel and America the threat of a terrorist war to which it had already capitulated.

It is “Palestinianism” — the most cherished European ideology because it is the very guaranty of its security against terror — that has determined European support for jihadist tactics. And jihad is not like any war, it represents a whole theological corpus of war, with its holy strategy and ritual tactics of air piracy, terrorism, abductions, beheadings and killings of civilians.

For the Arab and Muslim world, Palestinianism embodies the ideology and aims of jihad against a rebellious dhimmi people. Based on a Muslim culture, history and theology, it denies territorial independence and sovereignty to any non-Muslim people. Such a position is self-defeating for all non-Muslim states, and particularly Europe. Palestinianism is at the root of Europe’s self-destruction. [emphasis added]

The full text of Bat Ye’or’s keynote speech is available here (in pdf format). I recommend that you print and distribute it to anyone you know who thinks “Eurabia” is a paranoid fantasy.

And for those who think America is exempt from all this, bear in mind the “North American Union”. The NAU is also considered a paranoid fantasy by most people, but it is being constructed in the same manner, piecemeal, boring document by boring document. Agreements, protocols, joint understandings, etc. — none of them requires the consent of Congress. They are not secret, but they are never noticed by the public at large, and so never generate any popular counter-pressure on our elected representatives.

Imagine a European Rip Van Winkle, who went to sleep in the 1950s, during the heady days of the “Common Market”, when removing trade barriers was supposedly the only issue. Waking up fifty years later, he discovers that a totalitarian European regime has been imposed from Brussels, without so much as a by-your-leave from the citizens of the nations of Europe.

O Brave New World, indeed!

It begins with the removal of trade barriers. Then comes the talk about “the free flow of goods and people”. Then the “harmonization of laws within the Community”. With PC-Multicultural indoctrination to grease the skids, no one notices until it’s too late. They wake up and find that their God-given rights have evaporated, and decisions are made on their behalf and without their consent by a distant and unaccountable corps of bureaucratic mandarins.

Watch Europe closely: its present is America’s future.


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PRCalDude --

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Upgrading to Layouts would take time, and I would have to be careful not to screw up our template, which I have spent 3 years fine-tuning.

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Homophobic Horse said...

Maybe it's better if I say this rather then a critic but.

Is Bat Ye'or a Zionist?

"Palestinianism is at the root of Europe’s self-destruction."

It's such a convenient conclusion.

Dr.D said...

All the while that Europe was turning their backs on the USA and Israel, the US was defending Europe from Communism from the end of WWII until the fall in the early 1990s. This really makes me less and less inclined to worry about Europe, although of course we need to see what happens to them as a caution to avoid the same mistakes in the US (something we are not doing very well right now).

Unknown said...

Dr d - Don't confuse Europeans with their elites.

Zonka said...

Dr. d,
First of all I agree with stv, that what you hear about Europe from traditional sources are very onesides the view of the elites, not the view of the common people. This is certainly true for both European and US MSM...

Secondly, if Europe falls how long do you think that it will take before the US does as well? You may turn your blind eye to the fact, but at your own peril.

heroyalwhyness said...

As off the wall as this will appear, I see more than similarities between the foundations of Eurabia and the foundations of a North American Union. The language used in some of the documents certainly raises an eyebrow. For example, take a look at the OSCE Website here
take particular note of the specific regions they serve:
South Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe
Central Asia
Western Europe and North America

North America? That designation would imply their organizational structure covers the United States with interests including preventative diplomacy, partnering with organizations, institutions and NGO's for security and co-operation, election monitoring, media affairs and gender issues.

This gives me the creeps.

Pastorius said...

Her Royal Whyness,

Wow, good find.


VinceP1974 said...

For more on Ye'or's theme about the self-destruction of Europe in service to the Palestinians, check out her interview with Atlas Shrugs.

One of the most profound interviews I've ever read:

Dymphna said...


Read "Eurabia" and you'll see the extraordinarily well-developed ties between Palestine and Europe. Where was ol' Yasser holed up during his exile?

Who gave Khomeini refuge?

Who let many of the Sunni generals fleeing Iraq into their country?

The whole concept of Eurabia was developed, nurtured and matured in France, beginning with de Gaulle.

Robohobo said...


You said: "Is Bat Ye'or a Zionist?"

What is wrong with that? This Irish Catholic is also. Your question hides SO many prejudices I bet you do not see them.

Oscar in Kansas said...

Freedom Is Slavery.
Ignorance Is Strength.
Islam Is Peace.

I don't have anything important to add. I just want to get the email of this thread. Good night all.

Homophobic Horse said...

"What is wrong with that? This Irish Catholic is also. Your question hides SO many prejudices I bet you do not see them."

I would say the same thing in your position but it still crossed my mind.

Everybody always comes to conclusions that are so convenient with regards to their libidinal essence.

Like the battle of Tours. European historians say it was a great victory. Muslim historians respond with sour grapes.

How convenient is that?

Take Philo-Semitism. People are only supporting Israel now because it can be useful for refuting accusations of Nazism. Convenient.

I also think ConSwede is an anti-semite and believes that Jews, along with the foreign 'Jewish God', control the world. But instead of wanting to kill the Jews, he seeks to curry favour with them instead. So he delcares himself a "Philo-Semite".

ConSwede also called the Jewish Lawrence Auster the best writer of English since Winston Churchill. ConSwede felt himself being absorbed into Auster and he didn't like it, so he snapped back with a load of criticism and then had his mental breakdown.