Monday, October 08, 2007

A Danish Refuge for Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

The Danish daily Fyens Stiftstidende reports today that Odense’s deputy mayor, a memebr of the Dansk Folkeparti, has proposed that Ayaan Hirsi Ali should come to live in his town.

Our Swedish correspondent Carpenter has translated the article:

[Dansk Folkeparti:] Give Hirsi Ali refuge in Odense

Odense should be a haven for the persecuted author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Alex Ahrendtsen means.

Dutch-Somali author and debator Ayaan Hirsi Ali should have residence in Odense, proposes the deputy mayor Alex Ahrendtsen.

“The Dutch government no longer wants to pay for her stay in the U.S., where she lived in voluntary exile after Islamic death threats against her,” says Alex Ahrendtsen.

In April, Odense’s municipal committee of economic affairs agreed to support the idea of making Odense a haven for persecuted authors, and that idea the deputy mayor now follows with his proposal, since it emerged last week that Hirsi Ali no longer can be protected in the U.S.

“I’ve sent a letter to mayor Jan Boye on the proposal, and I hope there’s support for it,” says Alex Ahrendtsen, who hasn’t been in touch with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and thus don’t know if she is interested in residing in Odense.

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kepiblanc said...

Odense's offer is laudable, but I doubt she could live safely there what with its huge Muslim population. The suburb "Vollsmose" (Danish slang: "Voldsmose" means "moor of violence") is one of the most crime-ridden parts of the country.As is downtown Odense.
I have a better idea: Ayaan Hirsi Ali cannot live anywhere in or around major cities without bodyguards 24/7/365 anyhow. So what's left? - Well, why not invite her to live in our vast island archipelago? - We have thousands of little islands with cosy villages, nice people, all 100% Muslim-free. And remember the "global village" with internet all over. All islands have ferry-lines with honest skippers to alarm her and the police if some "culture-enrichers" try to embark. It would certainly not be Amsterdam or New York, but a helluvalot nicer.

Mother Effingby said...

Oh, great! Another foreign language for her to have to learn ;)

carpenter said...


First: is my translation correct enough?

Why not invite Hirsi Ali to Stockholm's, Gothenburg's or Blekinge's archipelago (or anywhere in Sweden, for that matter? Perhaps Haparanda?) In Denmark, you already have, for instance, Nasser Khader and Lars Hedegaard who are "pain in the ass" for radical Islam. And what do we Swedes have? Mahmoud "Sharia" Aldebe, Fredrik "Dialogue" Reinfeldt and Aftonbladet-columnist Jan "the taliban-movement is a liberation-movement" Guillou (yes, he has stated that!)
btw: the latter has recently released a dystopian futuristic book, Fienden inom oss - The enemy within us - on the rise of Islamophobia in Sweden, which will thrigger the new Islamophobes' holocaust on Muslims. Yeah, right...

kepiblanc said...

Carpenter, your translation is perfect. Still, I don't know about Sweden as a new home for Ayaan - too much political correctness? At least we Danes can freely speak out about Islam. You won't believe it: even the communist party ("Unity List") is falling apart now, because they realize that "most Danes hate Muslims" and hence they're trying to get rid of the infamous Asmaa Abdol Hamid as a candidate for parliament. But maybe she could live in "Ladonia"?

Yorkshireminer said...

Great Idea kepi, but which Island do we chose Sejerø Samsø, great places to live. She can only live there if she if she lives in anonymity. All you have done is to allow her to live in a larger prison, and who ever gets to know that she lives there will have no difficulty in getting too her. You are no longer than an hour with a fast boat from either Jutland or Sealand, in the dark with an Helicopter just a few minutes. Her safety will depend on them not knowing. She will have to keep her mouth shut. To keep herself safe she will have restricted her right of free expression. We could of course send her to live on Anholt. I can assure you it is one of my wishes if that after I die and if I am born again to come back as a Male Buck Rabbit on Anholt. Paradise on earth to me would be able to live on an island with plenty of Does around and no foxes or people the only building I think one lighthouse. The thugs will have won.

Here in Holland we make prisons for our dissidents Wilders has to have round the clock surveillance and has to have a bodyguard when he goes for a piss in the parliament buildings. The baboons who we have elected I am sure would like to deprive him of his protection as they have now deprived Hyran Hirshi Ali. It would be an effective way of shutting him up, and as they will effectively shut her up by depriving her of protection. They wont however deprive Wilders because they are intelligent enough to realize that if they shut him up they will have no good excuse to demand protection if the same happens to them. The only thing that is stopping them from doing it is unenlightened self interest, they have no higher motive. I think most of us have missed the point, that our right to free expression is dependent on our fellow man not depriving us of it by killing us, by saying that they will not kill us because of what we say they allow us to say it. What the Muslims say that they will kill us because they do not agree with us and what is more disgusting is that they also reserve the right to decide on what subject we must talk about then we are on the road to extinction. We have gone back to the times of the second world war of the kamikazes who were also willing to die for a religious cause, and don't let me hear from any of you on this thread that Hirohito wasn't worshiped as a God by the Japanese. Unfortunately the solution will have to be the same Kill them without trial and make sure that they do not enter the heavenly whore house by pouring pigs blood over them, this might discourage the others. In the end the West has to make a decision whether Islam rules or the the West rules and with that there can be no compromise making allowances for totalitarian doctrines lead to the Second world war. Compromising our right of freedom of speech by adding a clause that we should not insult anyones religion will lead to the next World War, what ever number you give it.

I agree with Kepi that the Danish Island are a great place to live but they are also great places to build a prison, Devils island comes to mind as well as Alcatraz but weren't the Danes the first to build a prison on Fredriksø to house its traitors. If I were to chose an island to be exiled too, which is what Kepi is advocating then I think I would chose Venn. I would never be more than a kilometer from Oraniaborg ruin where I could go on a cold clear Scandinavian winters evening, look up into the heavens and think to myself. No more than 50 yards away 500 years ago Tycho Braha looked up at the heavens and saw the great Super Nova. Here night after night resplendent with his gold nose he measured the orbit of Mars, the results of which allowed Kepler to devise his three laws. Here great questions were formulated, the answers to which changed our view of the Universe. There is nothing more humiliating to the earth bound ego to realize how insignificant you are. Then walking back, think to myself how could, so many Muslims be deluded by there religion into believing that when the sun went down it sank into a muddy pool that all that was needed to practice medicine was to mix up a concoction of camel piss cummin seed and dates and that God said it was fine to have sex with nine year olds. Finally as I walked through my door to go upstairs and climb into a warm bed why my politicians could be so f**king short sighted as to give in to these Barbarians, thinking that compromise works and sacrificing my right to free speech will appease them. Not realizing that by restricting my right they are automatically restricting there own. Not realizing that in 15 years time I might be down at the docks welcoming them to my island sanctuary

kepiblanc said...

Well said, Yorkshire !