Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now Even Four Year Olds are Racists

What will it be next? Newborns are xenophobes for preferring their mothers?

This is hard to believe…

A headteacher has defended her decision to investigate an allegation that a four-year-old boy was guilty of racism during a game of chase.

Anne Phipps acted after Rocky Smith [a 4 year-old] spat at a 10-year-old black boy on the school’s playing field. She said she had no choice but to pursue the accusation, despite the child’s age.

The investigation, at Bedenham Primary School in Gosport, Hants, has angered Rocky’s parents.

Well, duh. What parent wouldn’t be angry at this extremist, reactive, knee-jerk behavior on the part of school authorities?

The latter are purportedly educated adults. As such they surely have studied child development? No psychologist on God’s green earth is going to consider a four year-old as a free moral agent, able to make racist judgments.

You know what his sin was? He spit at a ten year-old black boy he was chasing. He got excited - probably couldn’t outrun him but figured the trajectory of his saliva might catch up with the older kid. That’s not racist, it’s smart.

He didn’t call names, he simply did what little boys do the world over: he spit. This is so over the top I’m about to spit in frustration myself.

Here’s the exchange when his mother asked the child if he knew what a racist was:
- - - - - - - - -
Mrs Smith said: “After it happened, I said to Rocky ‘what is a racist?’ and he said ‘it’s when you have races with your friends and the person who wins is it’. I can’t believe they even called me. Rocky was wrong for lashing out and I’ve spoken to him about that, but how can a four-year-old be racist?

“His best friend at nursery was a boy of Indian background - colour doesn’t mean anything to him. I think my four-year-old deserves an apology.”

That’s the least he deserves.

Meanwhile, the school deserves a king-sized dunce cap for sheer ignorance. Even the law doesn’t believe a child is capable of reason until the age of seven.

So what do they teach these so-called “educators” in preparation for brain washing instructing children?

I mean besides the endless classes they must have to attend on how to keep an eagle eye out for the least little offensive behavior that might lead to racism, xenophobia, etc., ad nauseam.

Weep, Jerusalem, for your children.

Better yet, if you have any possible way to do it, get them out of government schools while they are still able to think and their critical faculties have not atrophied completely.

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History Snark said...

Unbelievable. This sounds like a sure winner for this week's "WTF were they thinking?" award.

Dymphna said...

It's right up there, isn't it? Even the Jesuits give kids a break until they're seven.

nimbus said...

Meanwhile, over in the school which my children attend, a friend's son (white) was threatened with murder and rape by another boy (black), and nothing was done. I guess it's only racism if it's white on black? said...

See the bright part of this:
the teachers are so inept that they will not be able to brainwash any child.

atheling2 said...

I remember when a teacher accused a four year old of sexual harassment at some daycare.

Apparently the little boy "nuzzled" her breasts when she picked him up.

Of course, it never crossed her mind that he might have been responding to her maternalism.

Well, we live in a society where small children have been sexualized - whether they know it or not.

Dymphna said...

atheling2 --

He may have just assumed the position young primates use to receive comfort. It's a frontal holding on which you can see in young children and monkeys.

Sounds like the teacher had "issues."

Dymphna said...

OTOH, dimorphism definitely means that we have two sexes which act differently and this woman obviously hadn't any child psych classes...jeez...

atheling2 said...


"He may have just assumed the position young primates use to receive comfort. It's a frontal holding on which you can see in young children and monkeys."

Exactly. I've had young children behave that way with me; no way is it a "sexual" behavior.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Racism is a religion, a very strict and fundamentalist one compared to Christianity, the former religion of Europe. In the long gone Christian days, a four year old could be scolded if he or she uttered a blasphemous word, nowadays even a suspected sin committed by a little child can lead to persecution. Next they start accusing babies. At the same time, juvenile delinquents get nominal or minimal sentences and generally walk free. This what our new Religion does to society. Give me back Christianity any day.

FluffResponse said...

Am reminded that when my kids were young, they heard the usual description of dark-skinned people and said, "But they're not black. They're brown!"

To ensure that my children gained the appropriate consciousness, I did what must be done with the boy described in this article: I locked them in the basement.

What kind of morons are looking after our children?

Anonymous said...

"What kind of morons are looking after our children?"

Teachers. Worse, in these days of anti-pedophile hysteria, probably female teachers who were so useless that they couldn't qualify for any other job.

This is just another example of why, if we're ever to take back our societies, one of the most important goals is the elimination of compulsory, state-run schooling. The multicultis have infested state-run schools from top to bottom, and turned them into decades-long indoctrination centers.

Captain USpace said...

Fascist School teachers and administrators who abuse kids like this are insane and deserve to be fired and given 50 lashes of the cane...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
abuse little kids

treat them like criminals
for acting like children

absurd thought -
God of the Universe likes
insane prosecutors

go arrest little boys
on some trumped-up charges

Cops & Teachers Abusing Kids Deserve Prison