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The following is the press release from The Center for Vigilant Freedom.

Vigilant Freedom Europa
PO Box 580
Wakefield WF1 9FR
United Kingdom

October 19, 2007

On October 18 and 19, over 70 organizations and individuals joined together in the European and Flemish Parliaments to create a European network of activists from 14 nations to resist the increasing Islamisation of their countries. Keynote speakers included Bat Ye’or, author of Eurabia and Dhimmitude and Robert Spencer, author of Religion of Peace, Why Christianity is and Islam Isn’t. Additional speakers included David Littman, Dr. Arieh Eldad, member of the Israeli Knesset, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, Sam Solomon, Director of Fellowship of Faith for Muslims and author of the Charter of Muslim Understanding, Dr. Marc Cogen, Ghent University, Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, and Laurent Artur du Plessis, author of a forthcoming book on shariah finance. Many participants worldwide also attended the first day of presentations online through webex conferencing.

Armando Manocchio of the Italian organization Una Via per Oriana (“A Way For Oriana”) presented an award to Bat Ye’or in honor of Oriana Fallaci, including a 5,000 Euro scholarship for young journalists.

Additional anti-islamisation experts and activists from the fourteen European countries presented reports on the current state of Islamisation and jihadism in their nations, and citizen efforts to mount a defense of constitutional liberties and national sovereignty, including:

Austria: Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Belgium: Filip Dewinter

Czech Republic: Matyas Zmo

Denmark: Lars Hedegaard

Finland: Not disclosed publicly

France: Nidra Poller

Germany: Stefan Herre

Italy: Adriana Bolchini Gaigher

Netherlands: Dr. Johannes J.G. Jansen

Norway: Jens Anfindsen

Romania: Traian Ungureanu

Sweden: Ted Ekeroth and Reinhard

Switzerland: Dr. Arnaud Dotezac

United Kingdom: Gerard Batten

Other countries represented included Canada, Israel and the United States.

The first day of the Counterjihad Brussels 2007 conference was held in the European Parliament, and the second day of working groups was held in the Flemish Parliament. Selected texts, videos and supplementary documents including charters, existing laws and draft legislation as well as country and issue updates will be posted in the coming week at the conference website at CounterJihad Europa.

Assistance was provided by many organizations and individuals over the last six months including David Littman, Bart Debie, Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna and Philip Claeys.

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atheling2 said...

Did Teddy tbe Mayor have a thousand police assemble as a show of force?

I hope this is going to be the beginning of something good!

Dymphna said... is just the beginning.

Profitsbeard said...

A journey to The Resistance begins with these single steps.

Kudos to all involved for showing that the survival instincts and natural foresight has not vanished from the EU.

We all need to work in our own regions for this same aim: freedom from theocratic tyranny.

atheling2 said...

"freedom from theocratic tyranny."

The only theocratic tyranny I see is Islam, with the occasional exception of atheism. Hence, they specify Islamization and Shariah.

TeachESL said...

You have to make sure, however, that you keep out those groups that are racist right-wing groups that are using this movement to 'piggy-back' on. You have to differentiate yourselves from those who hate Muslims as a group from yourselves who see the Islamization of Europe as a danger to freedom and democracy. It's going to be a tough thing to do as you are already being called 'racists.' So, to have outright racist right-wing groups with you will only give Muslims and radical left groups ammunition.

White Elefant said...

I am really happy and grateful to see that even some of our american friends made it across the Atlantic to meet with fellow europeans here.

It is also highly symbolic that the first day took place in Brussels in the EP, especially after the events of 9/11/07. Obviously the major could not keep you out of Brussels this time (probably because he didn't know you were coming?)

I haven't found a MSM bulletin on the event, no surprise there...

Many thanks to all the organisers and participants for this important first step. There are a lot of people out there willing to help and contribute somehow to the effort!

Dymphna said...


There will be some less-than-ideal people piggy-backing on this movement to save the various European states and cultures.

So what? Perfection is the enemy of good enough. If we have to wait until everything is "pure" then Europe will fall.

The multi-cultis will call us racist xenophobes anyway. I'm no longer concerned with their labels, nor do I have to prove to those accusers that I'm not what they say. How do you disprove a negative anyway? Just stand there saying "no, I'm not, no, I'm not, no, I'm not"?

I have relegated that defense to the school yard, where it belongs.
In truth, "racism" is hard-wired into the primate brain -- actually it's even lower than that. At any rate, people prefer their own and well they should. That's how the human race has survived.

Notice the PC crowd is most unaccepting of those who don't meet *their* criteria. They call names and spew vitriol with impunity.

To hell with trying to please the eternally, exquisitely offended. Let them stew in their own juices.

Basta! They don't own the game; we just let them take over because we couldn't believe their vile agenda. And now we are past the time to take it back.

Will it be ugly? Sure. As Queen Margrethe said, "we've been lazy." That lack of action has consequences and we're ready to deal with them...

If a few sleazeballs hang onto our coattails, it will be easier to deal with them than it will the despots we face now.

Conservative Swede said...


Since people of European heritage are the least racist on this planet, you would have to search really hard to find someone like that. (I do not know where you're coming from ideologically, so I certainly hope you are not referring to Filip Dewinter or Ted Ekeroth).

Where would they come from, these "racist right-wing groups"? Is it Le Pen you are thinking of? Well, duh! He's on the other side isn't he? With the leftists, multicultis, the bobo liberals and that kind of racists. Le Pen clearly differentiate himself from us by embracing the Muslims and Islam. As he did during the Motoon affair, as he did by standing up for Iran's "right" to build a nuke.

Instead we have exactly the opposite problem among us, that too many still see moderate conservative parties, such as Vlaams Belang, as being racist far-right parties who are "hijacking" the cause. It makes people refuse to cooperate, it makes people refuse to come, it makes people have their fear center (of the reptile brain) triggered so that they stop thinking and start sounding like a PC issuing warnings about the "racists right-wing".

Across the political map of Europe we have an excellent selection of parties and organizations in each country to cooperate with, that should all cooperate. But many of them are still missing and not doing it yet, precisely because they are paralyzed by this fear of those other "racist", "far-right" groups. Groups who are exactly like themselves. This is the tragic phenomenon of fear of your own brother. Look back to your school years and you remember the kind of phenomenon. Were the one bullied kid would despise the other one, harassed in the same way by the school yard bullies.

So the problem is exactly the opposite of the one you describe. So I ask you to please not contribute to this counterproductive fear the next time. I can see that you are a sensible guy, so I'm sure next time around you will help us warning about against the fear of seeing your brother as a far-right racist, instead.

We were compared with Jared Taylor recently (or more specifically Fjordman was), in a thread here. Nothing could be more wrong, which is so clearly shown by this conference. Jared Taylor is flirting with anti-Semitism (to say the least). Then you'll get David Duke coming. We are instead the staunchest opponents and revealers of anti-Semitism, because unlike others we oppose all sorts of anti-Semitism from all kind of sources: from the right, from the left, from the Muslism. No one else does that. They say they are anti-Semites, but they will only see certain anti-Semitism, and put blind eye to others because of their ideological blinkers. We are among the very few who take anti-Semitism fully seriously. So the anti-Semites are not the least interested in coming in the first place. And this shows all so clearly how perversely absurd that comparison with Jared Taylor was. These type of comparisons reflect perfectly how screwed up the minds of the Westerners generally are.

So no, Chaya, we do not need to fear that the David Dukes would piggy-back us. Instead we have the opposite problem, of the many parties/groups around Europe who fear to cooperate with each other, due to taking warnings, such as the one issued by you here, overly seriously. We are speaking of people who are overly decent; they even take the leftist/liberal propaganda (the sneers of the bullies) too seriously. And therefore they see their neighbour/brother/friend as a racist far-right ghost. Merely for just standing up for his rights, just as they are doing themselves.

The only group/party that I could think of that would potentially be interested in working with us, but where we would not be interested is the BNP. But, mind you, this situation appears exactly because BNP under Nick Griffin is decisively moving away from anti-Semitism. The old BNP would not have had any interest in us in the first place; but even the BNP is changing. Who else wouldn't we want to cooperate with? Jörg Haider of course; quite as David Duke fond of paying friendly visits to Middle Eastern dictator thugs (in Haider's case Saddam Hussein). But Jörg Haider is a nobody today, so this is not even an issue.

So who is it really that you want to warn us about Chaya? You will have to be specific! Are you thinking of fringe National Socialist mini-parties? If that was what you are referring to, then I must say that you have an exquisite talent for stating the blatantly obvious. Furthermore, they wouldn't want to rub with philo-Semites like us, and they wouldn't want to touch Arieh Eldad anymore than a Muslim would touch a dog.

So congratulations counterjihadists! The fear expressed by Chaya here is a non-issue. Instead we are facing the very opposite problem. This is good news, because this is an easier problem to deal with. We just need to leave our fear of ghosts.

Conservative Swede said...

Cheers Dymphna,

I didn't see your answer until I had posted mine. And there's no surprise that we react in the same kind of way. I subscribe to everything you wrote. What I think I added, in my answer, is that apart from this attitude of simply ignoring the ostracism by the school yard bullies, and start seeing the other bullied ones as our friends and brothers, that the very fear of the wrong groups joining our ranks is actually a non-issue. So it's not only right to leave this fear of ghosts, it's safe to do it. Nothing bad will happen.

The only party I could see as a potential issue here is the BNP. But this is also exactly because they are moving into the right direction. As I wrote in my last comment, people of European heritage are the least racist among the people of this planet. So for a party such as BNP to being able to grow, they will have to leave the caricature image a nationalism (shared by the leftists/liberals), i.e. the nazoid idea of nationalism that has been prevailing since WWII (Hitler's secret revenge against us).

We have seen in Sweden how Sverigedemokraterna broke up into two parties, with the anti-Semites going to Nationaldemokraterna, and the remaining party now being the most philo-Semitic party in all of Sweden. I predict the same development for BNP, and that day we could cooperate with the good part after a break-up. But, nevertheless, in Britain we already have UKIP to cooperate with.

The anti-Semitic parties with the nazoid idea of nationalism (a world view they fully share with the leftists/liberals) are not interested in coming to us, they are more interested in going to Mad Jad's Holocaust deniers conference.

The reason for why such opposites can for a period of time co-exists in the same party, as they once did in the Sweden Democrats, and are still doing in BNP, is because the true model of left/right in politics is actually circular. No, not the old circular line cliché, a full circle with the left at the center and the right is the whole periphery, the circumference, of the circle. But in our terminology the whole thing gets projected into a linear scale, i.e. the whole circumference of the circle, the right, being collapsed into a single point. No wonder than that we find blatant opposites there. Opposites that are far more different from each other than from the central, and normative, left point.

But during the last decade these opposites have sorted themselves out and divided across Europe, with a few exceptions such as the BNP. Which leaves us with a much easier landscape to operate in than ten years ago.

I meant for a long time to write a post about this circle model of the left/right. An important insight here is that the linear model is only interested in measuring the distance of a position from the normative left point. It's a leftist paradigm, there no symmetry between left and right in the model of thinking that we are so deeply indoctrinated with. The left position is always right, and the right position is always wrong. And this is the simple reason why the left always wins in the long run, and the right always backs off. This is also the background for my concept "the all-encompassing Left". The self-described right-wing completely share this world view with the left, and this is why they can never win. To be right-wing simply means having adapted the world view of the all-encompassing Left. It means being without the intellectual means to seriously oppose the left, and only left with the ability to temporarily resist the permanent radicalism of the current paradigm.

So leave the right-wing, it's the dhimmi position of the circle model; and right-wing never ever meant anything else. Come join the kafir-wing instead!

Dymphna said...

Conservative Swede--

Thanks for your clarification of this issue. It is a hard one to talk about without being accused of being one of David Duke's best friends. That's how the left closes the conversation: by calling names which shut up any opponents.

Another interesting method they use, should you disagree with them, is to tell you that "consensus has already been reached" and the conversation is therefore closed. This has been done repeatedly with global cooling...umm, I mean warming. See, I remember when we weren't allowed to discuss global cooling and how we were running out of oil and there would be famines and we'd all freeze to death. When that fantasy just kind of vanished with the end of the Soviet Union and all the true believers were left without a religion...along came the Green party, refuge of Marxists. In fact, they drove out the co-founder of Greenpeace.

Do me a a favor: go over to LGF and read the comment thread on the post which discusses the meeting in Brussels. Here is what Little Green Footballs put up to announce the close of the meeting:
Organizing to Resist the Islamization of Europe
Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 12:39:30 pm PDT

A coalition of Europeans and Americans is organizing to resist Islamization.

UPDATE at 10/19/07 2:06:09 pm:

It’s important to note that not all the people who are hitching a ride on the anti-Islamization movement are doing it for honorable reasons. There are serious issues around the participation of Filip Dewinter (of the ultra-nationalist Vlaams Belang party, successor to Vlaams Blok). And LGF reader “Dave of Sweden” points out another problematic member:

Unfortunately, the Swedish representative Ekeroth is a member of a pretty vile party called Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden democrats), which was originally an openly racist organization. Recently they’ve tried to put up a different facade, but I’m not convinced.

UPDATE at 10/19/07 4:04:49 pm:

Some readers are taking issue with “Dave of Sweden’s” characterization of Sverigedemokraterna. In the interest of fairness, here’s their website so readers can investigate their current policies for themselves:

Here's the link to that post at LGF: Organizing to Resist the Islamization of Europe

It's important to go through the comment thread so you can see how difficult it is to make any headway in this. This guy, "Dave of Sweden," and many others have taken a tar brush to the issue. I finally gave up.

Notice how little the commenters really know about it. And these are people that are not at all leftist here. It is simply that Europe is a black box to them -- they don't understand it, they think it's doomed, and they don't realize how trained they are to avoid the no-go areas of conversation. In fact, we're trained just the way Swedes in Malmo don't go to certain parts of the city.

That experience of attempting to explain was a real eye-opener. While there were a few people who seemed to understand, The US has even deeper problems than I thought.


Ypp said...

I would really love muslims, especially women, if they were not muslims. But how is it possible to oppose Islam without opposing muslims? Does Islam exist separately from muslims? Or it is brought about without muslims. I really cannot get it.

Conservative Swede said...

That experience of attempting to explain was a real eye-opener. While there were a few people who seemed to understand, The US has even deeper problems than I thought.

Welcome to the club!


Just go a little deeper and then the only way is up ;-)

Do me a a favor: go over to LGF and read the comment thread on the post which discusses the meeting in Brussels.

I never took any interest in LGF. I always found it a boring site. I will of course be met in the same way as at the Brussels Journal. A debate climate that I describe as entering a bar fight, where the low-IQ people must frame you into something they can grasp, such as "socialist", "coward", "anti-American", etc., so they kan set themselves in the right sort of bar bully mode.

It's like I've written about other things, my main purpose in these discussion is to bring to the surface, what I already know is latent in so many Americans. It didn't take more than two rounds until Amsterdamsky at BJ wrote to me:

"Oh how scandinavian. No wonder my ancesters left your shithole for the "culturally devoid and shallow" USA. We will all be laughing when your Nazi gold runs out and you wake up to the hangover of a muslim majority and Sharia law."

So what did I write to get this response. Not much actually, I just know what buttons to push. And pay attention to what he's writing. He expresses, with pleasure, the idea of having Europe wiped out. The problem is not mainly the disproportionate response, but that he's got this idea, these emotions latently within him. And I can bring this out of many many Americans.

I will certainly go the LGF and bring this up. But it's now 4 AM in the morning here. So it might have to wait.

Conservative Swede said...

Well, freedom of speech is circumscribed in more and more places. In spite of the late hour I decided to post a comment at LGF immediately. But to do that I first had to register, and when intending to do so I was met with the following message:
LGF registration is temporarily closed. Please try again later. (We occasionally open registration during weekend afternoons, Pacific time.)

What I intended to post was first a link to Diana West's article at Washington Times. Highlighting this part:

The assembly, sponsored by Stop the Islamization of Europe, was wholly peaceful — at least until Belgian police showed up. With a chopper above, water cannon nearby, they didn't break heads, exactly — nothing so kind as that. In a photo that should be titled The New Face of Fascism (, we see black-clad Belgian policemen brutalizing a man in a light-colored suit and tie. His hands are cuffed behind his back, his right elbow is clasped in what is known as an arm-bar hold, and he is also being subjected to a genital hold — a vicious grip that, a retired cop friend of mine tells me, would get any American policeman thrown off the force.

The man under arrest was Frank Vanhecke, president of the Flemish secessionist party Vlaams Belang and a member of European Parliament. Also arrested and beaten was Filip Dewinter, who, as the leading politician of Vlaams Belang, Belgium's largest opposition party, has personally garnered 25 percent of the electorate ( These men are invariably described as "far-right" politicians, as though "far-right"-ness alone (whatever that means when totalitarian police tactics are considered tolerant left) is rationale enough for harsh treatment. I've met both men and know them as free-market, small-government conservatives who deeply believe Western civilization is worth defending against the Islamization that occurs with the entrenchment of Shariah. Indeed, they are bravely trying to prevent Europe's Islamization, practically by themselves. I say "bravely" because in Europe these days, as we know from the Islamically motivated murders of Pim Fortyun and Theo van Gogh, such beliefs can get you killed.

And then linking to my own blog post: The fear of ghosts, and how to resist it

Highlighting some sections of that. But now I can't do it. But the issue of understanding how the Sweden Democrats has developed into the most philo-Semitic party of Sweden, and what's behind it, is more complex than seeing how Vlaams Belang is an ordinary conservative party. And the LGF people doesn't even get that.

We should also mention how Ted Ekeroth has been a board member of the Zionist Federation of Sweden. How he as the first Swede who got the Herzl Award, a prestigious Zionist award, in 2006. Ted Ekeroth says "The Sweden Democrats are the most Israel-friendly party that I can think of". And "If you are a Zionist, then you are a Jewish nationalist, then you must also respect the Swedish nationalism."

It's takes some understanding of the smoke and mirrors of the political theater of Europe to understand how a party which was once a quarters for anti-Semites has developed into the only clearly philo-Semitic party in Sweden. My circle model of left/right, and its consequences, is one main key in order to understand this. Another is the immense oppressive power structure of political correctness. In 1998 a new anti-establishment party was started in Sweden. In a real democracy this would have been the real anti-Jihad and anti-mass-immigration party. But media had the power to silence it completely. And every public meeting they intended to hold was thoroughly sabotaged by the leftist stormtroopers. I actually never heard of this party until four years later. And still it had all the best possible people behind it; it was not a small thing. So effective are the PC power structures in Sweden. Now after 2001 when awakening Swedes need to gather around a party, there was only the Sweden Democrats left for them.

So the bad things in the distant history of the Sweden Democrats does not reflect upon the ordinary people who have joined the party and now fully transformed it (with the bad eggs leaving it and having formed the National Democrats), it reflect upon Sweden as PC tyranny. If we would take cues from the LGF people, it would be a perfectly sealed system with no openings whatsoever, and with the only remaining option to lie down and die. Luckily more and more Swedes are ignoring the tone deaf PC sensibilities of people such as the ones at LGF; LGF a site deeply entrenched into the all-encompassing Left.

Conservative Swede said...

I forgot to add that I'm not at all offended by the comments as the one from Amsterdamsky at the Brussels Journal, but consider it part of my art project. And I'm happy that Amsterdamsky and his kind are so willing to participate to make the art project so much more interesting.

The bar fight climate among the Americans at the Brussels Journal comments section. The hyper-nervous and tone deaf political correctness of Charles and the others at LGF. The way I'm blocked from making comments at LGF. It all makes a perfect art project, and I'm very satisfied of how it develops.

TeachESL said...

Conservative Swede:

Thank you for your lengthy response to me (but I'm not a 'guy!' LOL). I am not familiar with the majority of groups you mentioned except for David Duke. I certainly hope that what I was referring to is a 'non-issue' as you said. I just hope and pray that your efforts work. There are a number of Muslims/ex-Muslims - for example I just read about someone named Ehsan Jami - who should be gotten onboard who could give this movement more strength. What do you think?

atheling2 said...

conservative Swede's lengthy 3 posts demonstrate that the incident at the Brussels Journal really stuck in his craw.

For the record, not all those who slammed on his anti American remarks were Americans. Some were Dutch!

And you were slammed because you were chanting the same "blame America for Europe's woes" that the Left do. Hence your moniker was questioned.

But of course, you had to resort to ad hominems by calling Americans "too stupid" to "comprehend" your posts. Naturally. You also called upon Paul Belien to ban those "stupid" Americans because they weren't nice to you and didn't kowtow to your superior mental abilities, which resulted in more umbrage against your anti Democratic tendencies.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Dymphna said...

...But of course, you had to resort to ad hominems by calling Americans "too stupid" to "comprehend" your posts...

Conservative Swede??? Nah...

Dymphna said...

BTW, Conservative Swede, Charles opens the comments for new registrations periodically. I just happened to be reading him when they opened one time...hard to get into.

While l don't agree with him on everything, he certainly reports on more Islamicification and left wing nuttiness than anyone else in the blogosphere...he has amazing resources.

He also has people who threaten him on a regular basis. There's even a lefty blog devoted just to watching lgf. It's called, I think, lgfwatch...Gates of Vienna makes it to their potty pary sometimes -- I can see them in the referrals, though I never visit.

You might enjoy commenting *there* -- and causing mayhem and bottle throwing...