Friday, October 12, 2007

Outing Lars Vilks

Update: Larwyn has sent a follow-up email with more details; see the bottom of the post for an additional explanation of what was in the CNN report.

A Modoggie
CNN, ever-attentive to the “people’s right to know”, has apparently exposed the location of Lars Vilks’ safe house.

Mr. Vilks, as you may recall, is the artist behind the Modoggies, and has had a fatwa issued against him, death threats, and most notably a bounty put on his head by Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Larwyn keeps an eye on the TV news for us, and she just sent this email:

I’m really sick but have to get this out to you. CNN did a segment on Lars Vilks; they even interviewed the MUSLIM woman calling for his death.

He had a death threat phone call portrayed in the segment.

Now here’s the dreadful part, when you consider Google satellite maps: They show him walking along the path to his SAFE HOUSE, “going over fences and through backyards” she says. All along the way they are showing fences, particular fences, some with large planters, so easily identifiable right there.

But then they go even further: they show the front of the house, the door, and the light fixture. It’s a fairly wide shot of the front of the SAFE HOUSE, I’d estimate at a minimum ten feet of it. So those wanting to murder him know the colors of paint and even the style of the window, light fixture and door.

I am sure this will be broadcast on CNN International. Wolf Blitzer said they would follow up on the story. It was on during the 7PM [EDT] hour.

By the way, they reported that this artist makes fun of all religions and has portrayed Jesus as a paedophile. WOW! Where are the CHRISTIANISTS’ DEATH THREATS?

As I have been too sick to even read much on the blogs and too weak to do all the movements required to email out my collections.

Hope you can find it. Hope someone will call CNN ON THIS.
- - - - - - - - -
If anyone has any more to report on this latest travesty by CNN, please leave a note in the comments.

Larwyn sent this follow-up after the above was posted:

I just read your email and the post. And I should have made my description clearer regarding the SAFE HOUSE. He only goes there at night

Lars Vilks works at his studio, which they also filmed; I’m guessing it was also his former home. But since the location of that would be accessible public knowledge, I saw nothing wrong with that part of the report, as Vilks was a participant.

I was shocked by the camera work on the segment and what they “inadvertently????” revealed by including structures and decorative items he was passing on his way to the SAFE HOUSE.

Now, one might want to think that the home filmed was a ruse and the not the real safe house. But unless it is vacant, and it certainly did not appear to in be poor condition, if Lars Viks isn’t staying there at night, someone else lives there. Islamists aren’t known to be picky about their murder victims.

On Google satellite maps, it isn’t as if the area is immense that would have to be scrutinized. It is obviously a neighborhood. As he travels back and forth every day, they only have to work it out from the studio location.

He goes to the SAFE HOUSE at night.

Hope that answers your commenter’s thought. Hope someone finds the tape.

Trying to get some more chicken soup down. Will try to look in if I can stay awake.

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Profitsbeard said...

Hey, CNN probably has a lot of Muslim subscribers.

They need to know where the infidel dog is hiding, don't they?

Isn't that part of the self-eviscerating plan by the West's useful idiotocracy?

Help the enemy destroy any effective opposition so that more money flows into the dhimmi coffers in order to pay the Jizyah protection money to the new masters?


Caliphate Now Network.

Mad Fiddler said...

Everything you need to know to understand the duplicity and viciousness of CNN can be grasped from the Confession by Eason Jordan about the long coverup they swapped in shameful trade for access from Saddam.

They are a pack of grotesque cravens. In return for portraying the regime of Saddam Hussein as benign, they were allowed a front row seat for their cameras for the eventual invasion that was clearly coming.

Saddam had been provoking the West for a full decade since the armistice that halted combat in the first Gulf War; In that conflict the international press had seen that the U.S. armaments were as accurate as claimed; They could be expected to be even more precise a decade later. They knew that they could place themselves in downtown Baghdad and get Pulitzer-Prize-winning videos of Mean Old America's bullying attack on nice Mr.
Saddam, without any more risk than from taking a bus trip across the U.S.

It is extremely unlikely that CNN was the only "News" organization to reach that sort of advantageous accord with Saddam's people in the long run-up to the 2003 invasion. Consider how many journalists have made it clear they regard themselves to owe no allegiance whatsoever to the country that nurtured them, and which is after all the final guarantor of the Freedoms they enjoy.

God help us.

songdongnigh said...

Just some questions. How did CNN know where Vilks was, even in a general way? Did Vilks know he was being filmed as he moved to his no longer safe house? Does Vilks know this has been broadcast?

Ypp said...
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Mother Effingby said...

This is an unbelievable outrage. I don't know what to say. Do you think there will come a time, when we can consider certain journos as the enemy and actually take them out the way you would a sniper? What is this but an active assassination attempt orchestrated by the media. What will be the response when he is killed?

Panday said...

By the way, they reported that this artist makes fun of all religions and has portrayed Jesus as a paedophile. WOW! Where are the CHRISTIANISTS’ DEATH THREATS?

See, here we Christians go again: acting as useful idiots for Lars Viks, now, who maligns our religion.

This "enemy of my enemy" mentality is not good, and I'm decidedly unsympathetic toward him now- just as I was toward the opera which wanted the severed head of Christ displayed along with that of Mohammed.

Profitsbeard said...

stephen renico-

Christianity is secure enough in its own beliefs to laugh off Vilks' silliness about it.

Islam is not.

He is an equal opportunity 'gadfly'.

Christians say "Shoo."

Muslims say "Death!"

Vilks' use is in illuminating this crucial difference.

He may not be a "friend" but he helps focus the polarity of the two faiths.

Especially for those who remain fatally naive about Islam.

Panday said...

Christianity is secure enough in its own beliefs to laugh off Vilks' silliness about it.

On the other hand, I attribute the mentality which Vilks helps to spread about Christianity for Christianity's decline and the rise of secularism in Europe- both of which have eroded Europe's resolve to fight against the rise of Islamic extremism.

Conservative Swede said...

Lars Vilks commented upon this himself today:

"Det har också yttrats oro om att mitt hemliga gömställe kan röjas genom de bilder som tagits [i CNN-intervjun] när jag följer min listiga flyktväg. Jag tror inte det eftersom filmsekvensen innehåller flera villospår."

"Worries have been expressed that my secret safe house could be revealed by the pictures taken [in the CNN interview] when I follow my cunning escape way. I do not think so because the film sequence contains many wrong tracks."

Lars Vilks is not worried. But then again, he never expresses worries. At least he's not unaware of the issue, in the event that it's an issue at all.

Conservative Swede said...

Lars Vilks further reports:
»I have worked out part of Prime Minister Reinfeldt's aria in the coming musical. He'll be singing "I will whisper in your ears words of dialogue, sweet words of living together etc". I'm happy to receive suggestions for lyrics also for the Sionist Song by the President of Iran.»

Currently, exchanges in the GoV comments section makes depressing reading. But Lars Vilks always puts me back in a good mood! This is a guy who understands the need of bringing things to the surface (the same as I am always trying to do too), while the majority of people (even too many people in the GoV comments section!) prefer to cover things up or screen them off.

In Lars Vilks I feel that I have a soul mate. We are just using different forms of expression.

George said...

All I can say is, thank God for Fox News ...

Zerosumgame said...

mad fiddler said

Everything you need to know to understand the duplicity and viciousness of CNN can be grasped from the Confession by Eason Jordan about the long coverup they swapped in shameful trade for access from Saddam.

Given that Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of people in that time when CNN covered this up, it is no exaggeration to say that CNN is guilty of being complicit in genocide.

Republicans should point this out everytime they go on CNN - if they even think it's worth the effort, given the network's shrinking and increasingly radicalized audience.

Unknown said...

ProfitsBeard: Christians say "Shoo."

Christians aren't saying "Shoo", their following their beliefs laid out by the bible "love your enemy as yourself." So the guy has different views and is quite offensive. Does that mean we should get angry enough to kill him? Yes, his depictions anger me, but Christian beliefs call for peace. If this is the reaction of Muslims, what is their religion teaching them?

Unknown said...

I know personally Lars for Several years.

I would like to clarify a few things.

1. The drawing of "Jesus as a Pedophile" was the title of a drawing. The drawing wasn't showing Jesus as a pedophile at all, instead the drawing showed a kid with his head on the knees of Jesus. This might have been interpreted by some twisted minds that Jesus was a pedophile because a kid had his head on Jesus's knees, but in fact the drawing was not intended to show him as a pedophile. The imagination or perception of the public, depending on his own interpretation and the way you look at the drawing will allow to decide if the drawing is representing what the drawing's title is saying. In fact the drawing is not Jesus as a pedophile. The drawing is an act of tenderness (no sex at all) between Jesus and a child and vice versa.

Curiously, the Swedish Christian community found the drawing very nice, and it is a fine drawing. The only thing "offensive" for certain persons was the title. which was in contrast with the drawing was showing.

2. Lars also painted Jesus as an elephant. The comments by the christian vicar of Lars's town was "this is a sweet drawing".

3. Lars painted a Jew as a pig. The Hebrew community found the drawing funny.

4. Lars painted for the contest that President of Iran offered, regarding the holocaust, a NAZI watching how a muslim cut the throat of a jew who is eating a child. Of course Lars didn't won the contest.

5. My favorite drawing is Hans Christian Anderson and Muhammed going to visit the Carlsberg's brewery together in Danmark.

So please, don't believe what was said by CNN. It is exaggerated and out of context concerning Jesus' drawing, it was not made to offend Christians, rather mark the differences between the different religions' reactions.

I am the person who suggested Lars to get a dog for protection, and I suggested not to use that name :). I didn't suggest the gender of the dog.

Lars is doing well with his new friend.

El Cid Campeador de Castilla