Thursday, October 18, 2007

Portrait of an Artist with Mohammed

Portrait of an Artist and Mohammed

Mohammed, Lars Vilks’ new body guard, is said to be a better image of a dog than the ones Mr. Vilks has been drawing.

From, someone translated the following for Charles at LGF:

The artist Vilks has gotten himself a specially trained guard dog, the dog Muhammed is watching each and every movement 24 hours a day.

When you first get to know Muhammad she sure is likeable, yes it is a she, but the genus perspective is just a mark. For those who does not know Muhammad, getting close should only be done taking a lot of precaution.

Seems as she is like every other dog with the bone on its favourite carpet. But nothing is as it appears.

With Lars Vilks, nothing is ever as it appears.

Hat tip: PG, from Little Green Footballs

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Fellow Peacekeeper said...

He doesn't let up, does he? Another brilliant low blow. Vilks is an artistic genius.

Dymphna said...

Yes. He's got the patent on annoying Them.

I think it's a very good approach.